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YouTuber Claims That His Life, & Lives of Loved Ones, Was “Threatened” by Comet Ping Pong Owner James Alefantis After Exposing Pizzagate “Pegasus Kill Room”

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Did Pizzagate researchers just turn over a new leaf in the investigation?

Note: I would like to preface this article by saying that I, nor the agency publishing this article, are in any way implying that anyone included or any entity mentioned within this article are either guilty or innocent of any crime. Furthermore, the information contained herein does not imply anything. As a journalist exercising my First Amendment Rights, under the freedom of the press, I am merely reporting on information obtained from the public domain and what one Youtuber has claimed in a few recent videos posted on the Internet. With that said, where do I start?

(INTELLIHUB) — Pizzagate investigator and Youtuber Ryan O’Neal posted several shocking videos over the past week wherein he claims that he has discovered what he calls the “Pegasus kill room” before he and his family were allegedly threatened a day later by Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis, the man in which the alleged ‘Pizzagate conspiracy’ surrounds.

If you have not yet heard about the ‘Pizzagate conspiracy’ I suggest that you brush up on the topic online as I am not going to detail the full spectrum of it in this article. With that being said, let’s focus on the topic at hand which is known as the “kill room.”

“We are ninety-nine percent sure where it is,” Ryan O’Neal stated in a recent video which has been reuploaded and mirrored on several other channels after James Alefantis allegedly “threatened” O’Neal over the phone in an alleged series of text messages and voice calls, also allegedly telling O’Neal to remove the original “Pegasus video.”

In the video, O’Neal identifies a room, “the kill room,” which has a specific wall and brick pattern tracing back to an original post on the “jimmycomet” Instagram page, which has now been made private by James Alefantis. The exact room and brick wall match up perfectly to an image found on a “website called,” according to O’Neal.

O’Neal also claims that the man who is featured in the picture, holding a blowtorch, allegedly “Joe Wills,” is “one of the guys who helped design Comet Ping Pong” and also states that the building in question, containing the “kill room” is actually the “Pegasus Museum,” located at 3518 11th St. R NW. The museum is “completely surrounded by other buildings” and even a “playground,” O’Neal says in the video.

O’Neal goes on to talk about a new roof design that Alefantis contacted Joe Wills about via Instagram in which Alefantis asks Wills about his “thoughts” on the design. The design looks more like a watchtower of some sort and will be constructed from metal.

In the video O’Neal attempts to connect the dots and proves that James Aleefantis is, in fact, the C.E.O. of Castellum Achilles LLC, a company registered in the District of Columbia. This connection also demonstrates that Alefantis is not just a simple ‘pizza shop owner’ as he has claimed in the mainstream media on at least one occasion. Moreover, it is also important to point out that the definition of “castellum,” according to Wikipedia, is: “A castellum in ancient Latin is usually either: a small Roman fortlet or tower, a diminutive of castrum, often used as a watchtower or signal station e.g. on Hadrian’s Wall,” which is an interesting caveat with a cherry on top, if I may add.

The building itself and the property in which the Pegasus Museum is situated on are located in the “Columbia Heights” neighborhood. Assessed at a value $325,560, the museum is owned by Castellum Achilles LLC.

According to public records, the museum has previously had building permits issued for construction which seem to match up closely to a timeframe semi-consistent with photos that Alefantis himself posted on Instagram that show open trenches in what is believed by O’Neal to be the “Pegasus kill room.”

Additionally, the open trenches, which can be seen in several photos, appear to be for some type of future plumbing installation, possibly floor drains, as allegedly confirmed by Alefantis himself via text message to O’Neal.

O’Neal also found that a google listing, crafted for Pegasus and ‘added to the Internet by Alefantis,’ was in fact deleted and removed “around mid-December” along with a Google marker when savy Pizzagate researchers started posting the information online.

Questioning all of this O’Neal said in his video:

“So he [Alefantis] reviewed the Pegasus. He added the Pegasus. He owns Pegasus. He’s very heavily involved in Pegasus, but you don’t hear much about it.”

Strangely, it has also been discovered that within a close proximity of the Pegasus Museum several ominous markings, graffiti taggings, can be found. One of the tags, spray painted on a concrete wall, clearly says “kids” and has an arrow pointing downward.

All of this information can be found in the following “mirrored” video, originally produced and narrated by Ryan O’Neal.

But unfortunately, according to O’Neal, after releasing his original “Pegasus Museum video,” his life and the lives of close family members were threatened by James Alefantis himself.

O’Neal, who also appears to have filed a police report with the Galveston Police Department, has now come forth with a follow-up video after removing his first video allegedly per the request of Alefantis himself.

A nervous looking O’Neal stated in the follow-up video:

“A few days ago I contacted James Alefantis via Facebook Messenger and I asked him if I could do a user submitted interview with him, based on user submitted questions. So I was going to go to Voat and ask you guys for questions you would like Alefantis to answer. He told me there was like a zero percent chance this would happen, but I figured I would ask. He also asked for like my YouTube channel and all this stuff, which I gave him because I wanted him to feel comfortable and agree to the interview.”

O’Neal said within two hours of him uploading the original “Pegasus video” Alefantis contacted him again “via Facebook Messenger” and allegedly chatted with O’Neail briefly.

O’Neal alleges that after he uploaded the “Pegasus video” Alefantis came back via messenger and responded, “Ok man, you win.”

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