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Will Trump Fire 20% of Federal Government Workers? Insider Reveals Details

from The Money GPS:

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2 comments to Will Trump Fire 20% of Federal Government Workers? Insider Reveals Details

  • Steelerdude

    Hell, Trumph ought to ask for 20% reduction from every govt worker!! Then let them get
    pissed off and go and try to find a job with the rest of the 95.5 million not in the work force.

    You want to save the budget? Even a 10% would work! when you see how much those
    govt workers make, it is no wonder our deficit continues to climb…

    Of course, the 55 chefs, $9000 dresses, 1.5 million dollar vacations from Michelle arent
    helping either!

    • Ed_B

      Actually, an across the board 15% pay reduction for ALL government workers, including those in congress, the executive, and judicial branches should be one of the 1st steps toward getting out of control government spending under some semblance of control. IMO, the US Gov should be about 1/3 of its current size. It does too much that it should not be doing at all. It spends way too much. It needs to be efficient and affordable and it will be neither so long as we continue to enable it with ever more money.

      They should also implement a hiring freeze and allow attrition to reduce the size of the gov’s workforce. A few exceptions for critical highly skilled workers should be made and figured out in advance. Other than that, it is more than time to reduce the size of government. It has become a cancer that is consuming its host, which would be us, with its insatiable desire for ever more money. We need to choose between growing the government and growing the economy that pays for all this government. We’ve chosen poorly so far but now may be the time when we can rectify that error. If not now, then when?

      Count me among those who hope that the gov is shut-down for a while when there are spending fights in congress and not among those who recoil in wide-eyed terror at the mere thought of the nipple being withdrawn for even a short time.

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