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Will Obama Pardon Hillary at 11:59 PM? Media Silent About Clinton TREASON

from C. Ervana, via The PHASER:

Yes, Obama can pardon Hillary BEFORE an indictment:

Based on the testimony of Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for Attorney General of the United States, an investigation of Hillary’s emails and/or the Clinton Foundation could result in an indictment. If this happens, MANY OTHER PEOPLE/ENTITIES could be implicated, including Barack Obama himself, in Hillary’s crimes.

Hillary is guilty, already, of numerous crimes including harboring classified information on an undesignated, non-governmental server. Several brave military men in the U.S. have been convicted with FAR LESS evidence, and some of these people are facing lengthy prison sentences. James Comey of the FBI, however, decided to ignore Hillary’s obvious crimes and not indict. This was purely political and will tarnish his reputation.

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5 comments to Will Obama Pardon Hillary at 11:59 PM? Media Silent About Clinton TREASON

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Pardon Hillary? In “Craig’s playbook”, a pardon won’t do her any good, because I’d “extradite” her to any of the other nations where she has broken the laws.

    Haiti (child trafficking)
    and how many OTHER places can put her on trial?

    Come on guys, add to the list.

  • Ed_B

    How can someone who admits to no crime and has neither been chzrged, arrested, tried, or convicted be pardoned? Will some attorney in the audience please answer this? Throw in an ipsofacto too. lol

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      @Ed, back when President Gerald Ford “pardoned” Nixon, that pardon covered not just Watergate, but covered YEARS and years of things that were not even being investigated.

      Gerald Ford, I think he was a 33rd degree Mason. That’s sure to get a few people into a lather.

  • anon

    “Media Silent About Clinton TREASON”?

    The Western MSM is also silent on “Jew”-ish Supremacism. (Extremist Zionism)

  • Rdawg

    “…a 33rd degree Mason”.

    Oh snap Craig, now you’ve done it.

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