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Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With The Threat Of A Catastrophic Meteor Impact?

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Does the White House know something that the rest of us do not? As the Obama administration draws to a close, the White House has suddenly released a major document that details a multi-pronged strategy for dealing with the threat of a catastrophic meteor impact. Most of us remember movies such as “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon” that attempted to depict what such a crisis would look like, but up until fairly recently the U.S. government has never seemed to take this kind of threat very seriously.

So what has changed?

Of all the things that the White House could be focusing on, why this?

And this new report is just the latest in a series of measures that the government has taken over the past couple of years to help prepare us for incoming meteors and asteroids. The following is an excerpt from a recent Gizmodo article

Concern over an apocalyptic asteroid strike has risen all the way to the top: The White House released a document this week detailing a strategy for National Near Earth Object (NEO) preparedness. Morgan Freeman would no doubt be proud, although honestly, the nation might have more pressing apocalypse concerns closer to home.

Last year brought renewed interest in handling humanity-ending impact events. After a 2014 audit showed that NASA had a cruddy NEO preparedness system, the agency founded a new Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) last year to detect all of our potentially nasty NEO neighbors. The office quickly escalated talk to action, running preparedness drills with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), launching spacecraft to gather asteroid information, and even drawing up plans to nuke the bad boys out of the sky if things get dicey.

NASA continues to assure us that no threat is imminent, so why spend so much time, energy and resources on a non-existent crisis?

If you want to read the 25 page document that the White House just released, it is entitled “National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy” and you can read it for yourself right here.

The document was put together by the Interagency Working Group for Detecting and Mitigating the Impact of Earth-bound Near-Earth Objects, and it outlined seven key objectives that the authors believe are important…

1. Enhance NEO detection, tracking, and characterization capabilities
2. Develop methods for NEO deflection and disruption
3. Improve modelling, predictions, and information integration
4. Develop emergency procedures for NEO impact scenarios
5. Establish NEO impact response and recovery procedures
6. Leverage and support international cooperation
7. Establish coordination and communications protocols and thresholds for taking action

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15 comments to Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With The Threat Of A Catastrophic Meteor Impact?

  • Rdawg

    Because Jesus is coming back. Shemitah. Blood Moon. Splitting up Israel.

    Maybe, just maybe, they’ve released the report because it’s finished.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit


      +1000 !!! Bravo.

      • Rdawg



        I have a feeling Snyder sees signs and omens under every bush, around every corner. Probably finds that Cheeto that looks like Jesus every other day or so.

        Sometimes, almost all of the time in fact, shit happens. No supernatural explanation required.

        But you knew that.

        How’s tricks in FL? Snow up to my knees here in UT.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          This part of Florida, (most people may not consider my area to be the “real” Florida because it’s closer to New Orleans than it is to Orlando). I’m only about 10 miles south of Alabama border.

          But we are having a nice warm spell. The last couple days, and the coming week, will be about 72F. I spent some time in the most northern parts of Michigan during the winter, where the temps were sometimes as low as negative 25F or lower. Far too cold for my old ass today.

          All those “northern tier” states? Too cold in the winter. I’ve got plenty of isolation and rural living right here in the “panhandle” AND still have 3 growing seasons, good rainfall, and winters that can be survived with just using half a dozen kerosene lamps to keep a couple rooms warm enough (I’ve been testing that theory), and it’s “workable”…even though I have to sleep with socks, T-shirt & hooded sweatshirt & cotton gloves at night, I have proven to myself that I can live OK without any grid power or even a wood stove during the winter.

          Outside, we’ve dipped as low as +23F so far, and inside, with “lamp heating”, it got as cold as about 55F at night. But when the sun comes out, it goes up between 45F to 72F. That’s the range.
          It’s almost time to plant potatoes!!!

          I never liked “Florida” because I never liked FLAT land, but THIS area, has ROLLING hills and thousands of acres of pine & oak forests, farms, AND, my specific area, (all around me), is 220ft to 340ft above sea level. We’ve got white tailed deer, coyotes, fox, plenty of rabbits, and even a few armadillos and other varmints. The “water table” is about 40-60ft deep, water quality is considered very good.

          And lastly, there are NO valuable minerals, or oil, coal, etc, that makes it profitable for companies to strip mine you out of your homestead. And since they don’t typically make floating nuclear power plants (not counting the nuclear navy), there are none of them “up wind” from me.

          There is a wonderful “rugged” beauty in the northern states, but as we “humans” get older, it gets harder to live when it’s colder. AND, Florida has NO state income tax. My silly older brother, does NOT live in MY area. He chose the Tampa region, and pays outrageous taxes on his home (over $5k per year). And he’s living in a subdivision on a single lot and only 8ft above sea level.

          I’ve got 5 acres, 300ft above sea level, and I pay only $250 / year. I am very happy with this rural life and cheap living and easy winters.

          If you guys want to “zero in” on this “perfect zone” in Florida, all you gotta do is find the ONLY place that is more than 250ft above sea level, and that’s it. ALL the rest of Florida is lower.

  • KRELL427

    Could be code for;Brace yourself Manchelle is going to do a nude photo shoot.😂

  • Sayldog

    Reminds me of the alleged Von Braun deathbed confession, generating the hype to procure public support for the expenditure of what are in effect outward pointing space weapons systems. Maybe it would all be just for shearing the public wealth by the military-industrial complex, or maybe they know or suspect something that they aren’t going to come right out and tell the public for it’s own good. Like we aren’t alone, or something.

  • AgShaman

    This is just another example of Obama creating jobs all the way thru his 8 year term. People are just so unappreciative I guess. Hopefully, in the near future, Hollywood will make a teevee show about PDCO, heck, maybe even a reality series. Thanks to Obama, these guys will have our backs and save us from any big rocks happenings. Obama is really putting the cherries on top with cementing his legacy. America will forever be in a debt of gratitude.

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