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When Silver Breaks $50, that’s when Bull Market Begins! – James Turk Interview

from Wealth Research Group:

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6 comments to When Silver Breaks $50, that’s when Bull Market Begins! – James Turk Interview

  • ecobel

    same bullshit as in his past. He sells PM what do you expect? Silver to be $50 again and then the explosion?? in 2011, it went up and then screwed everybody. Why not criticize his facts??

    • Millicent

      It is much easier to fool people than get them to admit that they have been fooled…

      There are a lot of prideful people out there who refuse to admit that they have suckered on PM’s.

      • mike

        Millicent per Eric based on his exhaustive youtube research and Economic clifff notes Silver in a month will be $150. That is his prediction based on his wealth of knowledge, he even outlines why..Eric’s research showed him clearly at 20 trillion in national debt which is in a few weeks, 36 billion to go silver will easily rise to $150 implying it is likely to go much higher. $150 is the base.So why would you doubt Eric he can read 4 books at the same time..Eric knows.Turk is one of Erics parrots.
        Anyway minimum $150 silver just a few weeks.

    • Troy

      Didn’t screw me, I sold about 80% or my silver in 2011, 2012. When silver was in the high $13’s, and low $14’s, I bought a bunch more waiting for the next run up. Silver might get close to $30 this year, thats what I’m feeling.

  • Guest

    And what if it doesn’t? I’m very concerned about the possibility of losing a lot of money on my PMs. My dollar cost average for silver is about $30/oz. If, and that’s a big if, silver gets back to $30 I will seriously consider selling a portion of my position.

    Will the manipulation end now that Trump is president? I hope so, but I’m not optimistic that it will.

    • mike

      No it wont end.Trunp will never risk his billions,businesses and legacy. I understand why people didn’t like Clinton but Trump is a business man and the only thing you can count on him believing in is the bottom line.He is more interested in a strong dollar that translate in the real world as much lower pm prices.Btc will go up but pms will stagnate.

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