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What To Do When You Have to Prep on the Fly

by Joshua Krause, readynutrition:

Preppers who are truly diligent and committed have little to fear. They’re ready to tackle almost any disaster you can think of, be it natural or man-made. Truth be told, the only thing a dedicated prepper is really afraid of, is not being prepared. Unfortunately it can it happen to the best of us.

There are plenty of reasons why you, a person who is otherwise fully aware of how fragile society is, might not be prepared when a disaster strikes. Maybe you’re new to prepping and simply haven’t had the time to get started. Or perhaps you used to be well prepared, but haven’t been able to maintain your preps for financial reasons (here are 30 prepper items you can find at the Dollar Store). Or you might just be out-of-town and away from your preps when disaster strikes. Whatever the case may be, you need to know what to do when you have to prep on the fly. By that I mean you’re going to have to race over to the nearest stores in your neighborhood and buy up everything you need, as fast as you can (which is pretty a much a prepper’s worst nightmare).

Start Pooling Resources With Family and Neighbors

If you’re completely unprepared for an impending disaster, your highest priority will be finding other people who are in a similar predicament, such as friends, family, and neighbors. The more people you have working together, the more successful you will all be. As well, by combining forces, you can also combine supplies to help see each other though. As a side note, depending on what type of disaster you’re dealing with, it will probably be a good idea to start pulling cash out of your bank account, if that’s still possible.

Next, you will all need to start gathering supplies. Preppers do what they do to avoid this exact situation, but you won’t have a choice. You’ll have to wade through the mob of anxious people who are also trying to gather supplies at the last-minute. Plan for a worst-case scenario and concentrate your efforts on finding shelf stable foods.

Societal breakdowns can quickly occur and happen when you least expect – even in a grocery store full of unprepared individuals – so know what you’re walking into. Before you read any further, I’d suggest you look up how to escape mob violence, how to blend in, and how to spot people who may be concealing a weapon.

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12 comments to What To Do When You Have to Prep on the Fly

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I like the information-suggestion that city streets in many places, can get too congested for getting out by car, but a motor-bike (or even a pedal bike) will be better than sitting in traffic until you’re dead.

    Motor scooter, motor cycles, or even a motorized bicycle will allow you to travel dozens of miles if and when cars cannot get thru.

    Another GREAT item, is one of those Bicycle TRAILERS (and they sell “road legal” motor-cycle trailers too.) You don’t want to carry all your preps in your backpack or on the handlebars, saddle bags, etc.

    It’s not too hard to DIY bicycle trailer. Look at photos of them on google, find plans how to make one. Looking around the neighborhoods, on garbage day, you can often find people who are throwing away old bikes. There are frames, wheels & tires, etc, that you can cannibalize those parts to make a bike trailer.

    Racing bike tires are too skinny for rough riding. Fatter width tires are harder to pedal, but they work very well when you have to get off the paved roads, pedaling over lawns, dirt, etc, AND the bigger tires will carry more weight. (my older brother, loves his super skinny tired “recumbent bike” and rides it regularly on long bike trips, but he also has to deal with more than his fair share of FLAT tires.)

    But I don’t think we will end up in a “bikes only” escape mode (but for the densely packed cities like NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, LA, etc.) motorized transport is still used today, even in Venezuela.

    Heck, even in Japan, Hong Kong, etc, with all those densely packed tens of millions, there are still cars on the roads. But it’s true that the MAIN transport in many of those areas is motor bikes and bicycles.

    Keep your mind actively considering all the different situations that can happen, and you’ll be clever enough to survive just about anything.

  • joey

    Tagging on to what Craig mentioned: my neighbors with small children threw away a perfectly usable bike trailer used to tote the kids along on rides. They apparently outgrew it. I stripped it down, did the necessary bearing maintenance, put puncture-resistant tires on it and trued the wheels up. A quick, lightweight platform and tie-down points were added, and I strapped two lidded totes on it. I also made the hitch assemble (that fits on the bike’s rear axle) quick-release so I can leave the mount on the bike when not using the trailer.

    I’ve seen these trailers for pennies at garage sales, Goodwill stores and the like. They can even be pulled easily by hand while walking; much more easily than balancing a wheelbarrow or trying to push a cart ahead of you (always pull when you can, don’t push). Don’t pass up the opportunity to grab one. They’re durable, easy to modify, and even if you never have the opportunity to use it, it’s better to have it available than to be scrambling to figure out how to lug all your stuff with you at the last moment.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      @Joey, don’t give up yet Joey… I also have experienced some of the “spam bot auto-censorship”… as well as, “time out” faults, where I have to “reload my comment” and then at the last moment, I REFRESH the “CAPTCHA” numbers and then hit enter.

      ALWAYS COPY your entire Post BEFORE you hit “SEND”, just in case there is any kind of “hiccup” that loses your post. This technique has saved me lots of headaches. When it’s the auto-spam-bot stopper…I’ve had to re PASTE my comment into the field, but delete some of my stuff,, delete this or that, until I finally make it past the “censor-formula”. I don’t know what triggers the “forbidden” bot…but after altering my post, I can always get back in there.

      Thanks for your story about finding and modding a bike trailer. I think they’re a GREAT little prep to have around. I have a bike motor kit just waiting to be installed on a worthy bike.
      I’ll use the trailer for hauling groceries and extra fuel, rain gear, and snacks/water for the road. If the weather gets too hot or too cold, I can toss my coat in the trailer, or grab a coat and wear it.

      If I had an electric motor kit on a ‘bug out bike’, I could carry some solar panels and extra battery in the trailer for recharging on long trips. Tent, ground tarp, cooking gear, etc. Cross country, leisurely bike trips are possible with a trailer. Spare tires, tubes, chain, tools, tire pump, etc.

      Then, as you say, it can be used as a GARDEN CART with a few mods.

      I’d actually like to have a TRIKE instead of relying on a 2 wheel bike. Easier to carry more cargo from the grocery store, more stable with a heavy load and for when the driver gets fatigued.

  • joey

    I’ve been a reader of SGT for a long time- years, in fact. Every single time I post a comment, it gets removed. Have I made snarky comments at time? Of course. Yet today, I posted a response to Craig’s bicycle comment elaborating on bike trailers and what I did to construct one. It was promptly removed. Hence, I’m done with SGT Report. There are other news aggregators out there; I won’t read or recommend this site any longer.

    If you’re the moderator who keeps censoring me for no legitimate reason, let me give you one now: FUCK YOU.

    • SGT

      Hey Joey, honestly NO ONE is removing your comments. There are only three of us who rum this site, me, Matt and Peter. Sometimes comments get stuck in the pending approval folder due to our spam filter. But more often people can’t get their comments past the stupid spam filter – it’s a HUGE ongoing problem and one that we want to fix when we upgrade the site over the next year. We truly value ALL comments and we are well aware that the spam filter we use is only good for filtering out 1,000’s of bot spams weekly, but it’s terrible at dealing with REAL people. Our apologies.

  • joey

    I owe you an apology. I was ignorant of the mechanics of the filtering process and in a bad mood and jumped to conclusions. Please accept my apologies. You really do have a fine site, one that I recommend to everyone interested above all others. Not only do you do an incredible job of dredging up relevant and pertinent articles, but some of the commentators (like Craig Escaped Detroit) are gems in and of themselves, with tons of useful and potentially life-saving ideas and information. I’m sure you’re aware of your impact, but I’m guessing you can’t really imagine the extent of the huge impact you’ve had on the war for people’s minds against the Globalists and other trash in the recent war. Without this site, the info war would be woefully at a disadvantage and the good people of this country would be far less informed and awake.

    Again, please accept my apologies for jumping the gun and assuming I was being censored- I’m suitably humbled and chagrined and will endeavor to have my facts in order before I run my mouth next time!

    • KRELL427

      The Democrats would have spun it around and blamed Putin instead of apologizing. 😀

    • PTS

      Joey, we are HONORED that you are sticking around 😉

      If you want to see some examples of what DOES get filtered out so that you don’t have to sift through them as you are searching for helpful and insightful comments, have a look at what I pulled out of today’s SPAM Filter:

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      There are literally HUNDREDS of comments like that weekly that never see the light of day

  • joey

    Yeah, that’s it! The friggin’ Russkies hijacked my email and wrote that nasty comment and claimed it came from me! Thank God someone understands! Damn mono-brow Russians! Those Dems really have their fingers on the pulse, eh?

  • joey

    Having never had to use or maintain a spam filter, I’m shocked at the kind of crap it catches. Again, I had no idea and stand corrected.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Hey Sean!
    Thanks for sharing some of your “Spam-filter” garbage. It was very interesting to see a few bits of the krappolla that you have to deal with every hour.

    Thanks for doing an even BETTER JOB than any of us realized. Those sparkling Nike shoes would have started riots in the ghetto.

    • PTS

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