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Urgent Note on Bitcoin Derivatives and Exchanges

by Bix Weir, via SGT Report:

For those of you sweating this latest Bitcoin move down to $800… WELCOME TO BITCOIN! The mini-bubble has now been popped and we are near the trend line for all you “Bitcoin traders” out there. I wish you the best but if you keep your BTC in an exchange or online wallet you will soon kiss it all goodbye no matter where the price is!

This is how the game is played in the Bitcoin Derivative Exchanges.

Yes, ALL Bitcoin exchanges are Derivatives of Bitcoin transactions as was seen in the Mt. Gox implosion. The way it works is that the Exchanges hold a pool of Bitcoin and cash then allows the participants to trade back and forth in quantities that they wish according to their holdings. These trades are NOT Bitcoin transactions on the Blockchain. They are only transactions within the Exchange’s Pool. Actual Bitcoin transactions happen only when BTC is brought into the pool or paid out to the investors from the pool when they remove themselves from the exchange.

Clearly, there is a lot of room for rehypothication by those that operate the exchange and the larger players in that exchange.

The reason for the latest Bitcoin slam is that China is investigating the shenanigans of the Chinese BTC exchanges that report massive volumes. Note, this is not to shut them down or curb capital flight out of China as many have proposed, but rather to ensure the validity and trustworthiness of Bitcoin operations in the future as China will soon EMBRACE Bitcoin in the very near future.

Your Bitcoin should be treated just like your silver investments…Physical Bitcoin in your own possession.

Physical Bitcoin is BTC that has been transferred out of the online wallets and exchanges and onto either a hard drive or a Paper Wallet and stored in your own possession with no 3rd party between you and your Bitcoin.

For more info on Paper BTC Wallets see these videos.

Now is the time to Brace Yourself for the crash. There will be no pricing for any assets, including Bitcoin, during this period as ALL exchanges and 3rd party dealers will go under because they ALL require fiat money to run their businesses.

Protect yourself from this eventual occurrence.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


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5 comments to Urgent Note on Bitcoin Derivatives and Exchanges

  • fonestar

    Awesome advice Bix and I love your channel too!

    I have always held PHYSICAL Bitcoin in my own possession and have never left any significant amount of Bitcoin in an exchange. If I do leave anything at an exchange, I do so with the expectation that it may not be there tomorrow!

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