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Update On India’s War On Cash From Jayant Bhandari

from Financial Repression Authority:

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2 comments to Update On India’s War On Cash From Jayant Bhandari

  • Windrunner58

    Excellent interview!! The Guest makes a very good point in why going cashless in India will NOT work. No one has internet connection. No one has education on dealing with banks. Some have phones and it begs the question to me: when to Samsung, Apple et al. give free phones to those in undeveloped countries? That will tell me when they are making big push to go cashless. Because they cannot go cashless if no one has access.

    So….good luck to the pirates of the NWO. Not going to happen

    • Allender

      Not going to happen?

      Already has; see “Federal Reserve System”—yeah, that “Creature from Jekyll Island”.

      1913…’till death do us part.

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