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Uncertain In 2017? Analysts Expect “Silver and Gold Rally Under Trump”

by Steven Maxwell, SHTFPlan:

Unstable economic conditions and a Trump presidency may cause a rally in precious metals.

Trump’s protectionist policies and his support for auditing the Federal Reserve could make silver and gold an attractive hedge in 2017. Couple that with a bubble economy that has many bloated sectors ready to be pricked, sending capital flooding out of paper assets into safer places.

Under Obama, silver hit a low of $9.46/ounce on November 6th 2008, a mere two days after Obama was elected as the 44th US president. After an epic real estate and stock market meltdown led to an unprecedented Fed bailout, a rally for paper assets and metals ensued. Silver hit highs above $50/ounce in April of 2011. While Obama readies his exit from the White House, the stock market continues to ride the stimulus bubble, but silver has substantially retreated to near its lowest price under his Administration – $16.80/ounce.

Although silver may seem to be a cheap and boring investment compared to the prospect of 20,000 Dow, had you bought it during those early days following Obama’s election, your investment would have still gained about 70 percent with a future that appears to be even shinier.

The price in precious metals swung a bit on election night – up when a Hillary win was expected, down after it was clear Trump would be victorious. Apparently a lot of people were rage dialing their brokers late into election night resulting a near five percent plunge in the Dow Jones in after-hours trading.

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