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Trump War On Media: “What They’re Saying is That I’m a Racist”

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

President Trump and his new administration have hit back hard at the corporate media campaign to delegitimize the office, with Trump himself declaring that the press is obsessed with painting him up as a racist, and chief strategist Stephen Bannon exclaiming that biased reporters need to ‘shut up and listen’.

In an interview with Hannity Thursday night, Trump addressed the issue of the media’s ongoing coordinated effort to delegitimize him, referring to the recent TIME report that falsely suggested he had removed a Martin Luther King bust from the Oval Office.

Trump described the incident as a “very serious charge” and that the focus was not on where the bust had been moved to, but “what they’re saying is that I’m a racist.”

Trump added that “when it was revealed that they were very wrong, nobody even talks about it.”

The President noted that he has “great respect for Dr. Martin Luther King.”

Hannity went on to ask Trump if he would consider changing the way his administration deals with the media in the face of such blatant attacks.

“Some of these networks were colluding with Hillary’s campaign to defeat you,” Hannity stated, adding “I’ve seen major newspapers to cable networks that use the word liar. And my question to you is, does that make you want to rethink entirely how this administration will deal with the media?”

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