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Trump Drops New Millitary Executive Orders Bombshell

from Jonathan Schwartz:

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2 comments to Trump Drops New Millitary Executive Orders Bombshell

  • Guido

    A BOMBSHELL? Trump had been discussing these plans in detail throughout his entire campaign. There’s nothing at all surprising here, as the title suggests. The person that penned the title is clearly attempting to provoke more anti-Trump hysteria by suggesting that we’ve all been blindsided by this.

    Other than the romantic drivel in the beginning, and the inference that the 911 attacks were committed by Islamic terrorists (rather than the neocons who were REALLY responsible), there’s nothing here that I take exception to because I knew it was coming. We all should have if we were paying attention.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    We could build our military really well with that 3-10 trillion dollars that went missing and no accounting for it…use THAT money before we give them another cent.

    No accounting? No moolah.

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