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Trump Can’t Stop Market Crash Predicts Reagan’s Budget Director, David Stockman

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1 comment to Trump Can’t Stop Market Crash Predicts Reagan’s Budget Director, David Stockman

  • Ed_B

    I agree that Yellen and her allies on the FOMC need to go. They are Keynesians, which is to say that they believe in socialist economics, even though it has failed in every place that has been dumb enough to try it. If socialist economics worked, the USSR would still be an intact super-power, Japan would be tremendously successful, and Venezuela would be prosperous. Since none of those is even remotely true, it is clear that Keynesian / socialist economics is a dismal failure. Rational people recognize success and failure whenever they see it. They don’t need to do the same things over and over again while expecting different results. Apparently, Keynesians do.

    Cash is king? Have physical cash on hand for protection during a reset? WTF? While this is good for some scenarios, it is possible that a genuine “reset” will involve a devaluation of the current crop of fiat currencies. Since gold remains THE monetary standard in the world, all of these currencies would have to be devalued against gold and not against the US$, which also floats against the other fiat currencies. I can see having some physical cash on hand, such as during a bank holiday or other financial problem but only gold and silver will retain and perhaps even increase their value during a mass fiat devaluation.

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