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Things You Can Do For Prepping While Spending Little Money

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

Yes indeed, prepping can get mighty expensive if you let it. There is a seemingly endless array of products to acquire for preparedness – some of which are quite useful. That said, there are LOTS of other preparedness related products that sure are “nice to have’s”, while still others are merely gimmicks and not so useful or practical.

For those who don’t have much money or for those whose budget may be extremely unforgiving, the question is “What can you do for prepping and preparedness without spending any money, or spending very little money?”

I will begin with the following suggestion… Find a way to acquire extra money.

Lets face it, that’s how the system works. Money (currency) is the temporary storage medium of our work which is then used to exchange for goods and services. To get more of it, you must either work for more of it or trim the outflow from your existing budget. Don’t have a budget? Make one… Get out the knife. Look for areas to cut.

Now that ‘that’ is out of the way, let’s continue…

Not all preps need be expensive! While you might say “I don’t have any money”, you can still acquire things on the cheap which are geared towards prepping and preparedness!

How? Here are a few ideas:

Go to a garage sale or estate sale. You may be quite surprised to find out what you can get for pennies on the dollar. And some of these sales have some great old stuff that may be especially useful for preparedness.

A packet of seeds is cheap! You can literally grow a garden for a few bucks worth of seeds. Spend ten dollars and you’ll have quite a variety. Spend twenty and you will have the opportunity to harvest quite a crop indeed.

Educate yourself. We are living in amazing times with the wealth of information at our fingertips on the internet. Can you read? Then you can acquire knowledge for free. Go after your interests and figure out how those interests might crossover into prepping and preparedness.

Basic survival skills (e.g. bushcraft skills) can be fairly inexpensive to acquire. You might think that it’s easy to build a fire from scratch but have you actually ever done it?

Discount grocery stores dot the countryside. There’s one about 30 minutes from where we live that we visit from time to time looking for deals. It is not uncommon to find cans of vegetables for 49-cents or thereabouts. You’re telling me you don’t have a few extra dollars to start building up a food storage inventory? Do you know how cheap it is to buy a 10 pound bag of white rice? (Etc…)

Mindset. You might not have much or any extra money, but you sure can adjust your mindset towards preparedness – and it’s free. The more that you think about something, the more that it will come to you. It’s true…

Okay, your turn for continuing this list of advice.
What do you recommend for others to do who say they don’t have any money to prep?

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3 comments to Things You Can Do For Prepping While Spending Little Money

  • Ed_B

    If you have access to a Costo type store, you can find 25# bags of rice, flour, sugar, and oats at very reasonable prices. These staples can be fortified with canned meats, gravies, and cream soups that can be used to make delicious meals and not all that much money. They also store well when kept cool and dry. Adding some canned veggies and fruit is also good. By them when they are on sale. It isn’t long before buying just 2-3 cans of food per week can amount to a pretty decent pantry.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Dumpster Diving for PREPS.

    People, stores and restaurants throw away (fresh) vegetables that are no longer “good for sale”.

    As well as in your own home, here’s what you do.

    cut off the end(s) of some veggies, and put them part way into a dish of water, to RESPROUT them… and then you can plant them. Somethings, will sprout in different ways, and then you can plant them. Celery, Onions, carrot-tops, old potatoes, spouting new “slips” from sweet potatoes, turnips, etc.

    Dumpster diving, you can get lucky, finding “corn on the cob”, and many other outdated veggies you can use for replanting. I’ve taken store bought corn, and hung it up to dry, and later, planted those dehydrated kernels and got myself a good harvest.

    Even those things that are NOT good to grow, you can THROW it all onto your COMPOST PILE for FREE fertilizer.

    Rake leaves, grass, twigs for your compost pile or till them into your garden soil.
    In ditches along roadways, runoff from forests (perhaps avoiding farm runoff that will contain many bad chemicals), you can dig or collect a lot of RICH BLACK SILT.

    Dredged up lake, pond or stream bottom MUCK is usually going to be great stuff for enriching your garden (unless of course, it was treated with chemicals to kill all the weeds in the lake.)

    You’ve got brains, USE them. Open your eyes, look around. What is up-stream, what is nearby? Is it someplace that was likely to be treated badly?

    Cat shit and kitty litter, will OFTEN have dangerous toxic organisms and do NOT try to compost this or add it to your soil. Stick with real livestock. (Of course, the PERMACULTURE system, handles things differently.)

    Even before you COOK your fresh / store bought veggies, look to see which ones you can properly cut off some useful part of it for RE-sprouting. Cut off a bit of fresh corn, for drying so you can plant those kernels later.

    Cut off some fresh “twigs” from fruit & nut trees, and SPROUT new ROOTS from the cuttings!!! Then you can plant them and have FREE fruit & nut trees. (you don’t always have to grow things from seeds!!!)

    Don’t forget, you can make FREE solar ovens from reflective foil (aluminum or inside of empty potato chip bags, cardboard, glass, etc (check google images for ideas).
    You can make FREE food dehydrator that works from the sunshine! Mother Earth News is often carrying these kinds of stories.

    Empty glass jars, make great containers for dehydrated beans, peas,dried corn, etc. IT’s good because you can see what’s inside, and it prevents any rodents, roaches, ants from chewing into it.
    There are so many useful things that get thrown away, but if you’ve got “imagination” you can “re-purpose” so many things for a useful project.

    OK, I hope this helps to get you EXCITED and thinking about how YOU can add to your preps without even having to spend any money.

    I LOVE you guys!!!

    • mike

      Craig aquaponics is amazing..You might want to look into it. You can produce mass quantities of fish and veggies in a very small area. It is the best solution especially for those limited in space…When I was a kid we used to dumpster dive construction dumpsters for wood and nails for our forts and every now and then we would find a good porno mag!The workers always said if it was in the dumpster we could have it.

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