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THEY ARE SATANISTS — Sofia Smallstorm

from SGT

Sofia Smallstorm is back to help break down the deep darkness behind Pizzagate and the global elite’s obsession with pedophilia. It’s becoming increasingly clear, they are Satanists. “I’ve come to believe now that the world we live is way darker than I ever thought it was,” says Smallstorm. Support Sofia by visiting her online store: Avatar Products

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66 comments to THEY ARE SATANISTS — Sofia Smallstorm

  • mike

    I think the only explanation for the gub to want to legalize sex with boys and animals etc. is for the Muslim population. You keep saying that you have to be brought up in that culture and Muslim men are homosexual. They seem to love sex with little boys.Somehow rationalizing since a boy has no pubic hair they are not homosexuals for having sex with boys? I suspect the gub might push this as some type of freedom of religion.If they are successful in legalizing the perversions then Sharia Law is just around the corner.

    • KRELL427

      Fuck are you ever a dumb shit. Every time your mouth opens.

      • mike

        Whats dumb about that krell?..Makes a lot more sense than satanist, jews or aliens. Is this stuff a real problem or not? Why would the gub push for “perversions” that are 100% anti christian and anti normal human behavior but perfectly normal and accepted behavior in Islam? Is there not unchecked immigration in the Euland? Why? How many have been relocated into the Us and Canada? Why? Have not the clerics themselves pushed for religious autonomy and stria law??Is not John Brennan the head on the Cia a Muslim? …Think you need to think about it. Its not satanism it’s Islam

        • Eric

          I noticed the same thing Krell. However, a lot of it is just willful ignorance on mike’s part. He asks questions but has no real interest in learning the answer. I’m sure it mostly comes from a lack of schooling into the basics of math, reading, and history. I knew more about the world and how the universe operates by the time I was 13 years old than mike knows today.

          His parents must have abandoned him in the swamp somewhere when he was young. It’s not difficult to understand why.

          • Eric

            He has the attention span of a turtle too.

            • mike

              So there is not forced migration in every western country even flown under the cover or darkness for no apparent reason other than true destruction of western civilization?…Sweden’s not the rape capital of Europe? Guess there was no brexit as well and Trump wasn’t elected either right?? Iran is not extorting the Us for billions in cash and gold? There are not 1 billion zombies that are forced to follow gods perfect example and have sex with children and deceive and murder non Muslim?? 1BILLION? There was no one that said the justice dept wants to legalize perversions that are all encouraged by Islam? Geeze, Us gub being extorted by Iran and obviously Saudi Arabia? Of course none of that could be even though it is? Has to be the Jews and Satanist right?

              • Eric

                What Krell said.

                You are a total dumb shit who has no clue.

                All you can see is what is obvious in front of your face.

                Shut up and listen and stop ruining every comments section with your big mouth and small brain.

                We have serious problems here!

                • mike

                  Eric your stupid for ignoring what is really happening right before your eyes and going on about nothing crap like the illuminate. I suspect the real illuminate is long gone replaced by space cadets that like to play dress up just like the shell of what was once the KKK. The KKK has probably 20 members and they are 100% inconsequential but you have people today that think they’re a relevant force to be reckoned with? It is you that can not see the orest for trees…Just trees. You can see a problem and even if the answers is in black and white in front of you, you choose a hobgoblin rather than simple explanation.Either you just like what if games or you are retarded. Educate yourself, this will help you out…

                • Eric

                  “I suspect…,” “has probably…”

                  mike…you’re a dumbshit.

                  How many times have you read the Quran? And what does anything you said have to do with satanism or this interview? How many times were you dropped on your head as a child? How many islamic central bankers do you know? What do you know about sacred geometry? Numerology? Astrology? history? freemasonry? Theology? Do you know anything or have anything valuable to contribute? Oh there’s that word… value. Something you have none of and know nothing about.

                • mike

                  Eric what other group of REAL people living today have the money,power,political influence, own the CIA and other parts of the gub and RELIGIOUS MANDATE to finance and consume children? Satanist? The only real life satanist I know is styxhexenhammer666 and he isnt a pedolover and he looks poor..He was pushing for trump hard.
                  You love central bankers moron you support them everyday when you deny the destroyer Btc.
                  I suspect because i can not prove but i do know it is far more likely to be the Muslims pushing for the invasion than some frumpy freemason boysclub guy..Have you ever met a freemason? l have a few and they are just goofballs like you. Im looking at a real problem with my feet in reality not illuminate,numerology,astrology antichrist crap.Dont believe that garbage, just individuals with their own agendas except in the case of Islam..The Muslims are the only group capable and more than willing.Watch the vid with the chick, she will enlighten you on Islam.

                • Eric

                  Oh well if dumbshit doesn’t know something it must not be happening.

                  Do you even listen to yourself?

                  Why Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme by Gary North


                  mike, how many times did you read the quran?

                  How many islamic countries have Rothschild controlled central banks?

                • KRELL427

                  The needle just broke off the dumb shit gauge.

                • mike

                  You are such a space cadet. Here is something else you add to you bag of nonsense…

                • Eric

                  Like I said… he doesn’t know anything, doesn’t want to know anything, and couldn’t learn anything if his life depended on it. Which it does.

                  mike has to suspect because he can’t prove anything. And I love central bankers so much that I keep 99% of my wealth in physical Gold and Silver. lol.

                  It sure must suck to be stupid and not know it.

                • Eric

                  I used to have a crown royal bag somewhere but haven’t been able to find it in a while. Might have given it away which is a bummer because it would be a good bag to hold SOUND money in.

                  But I doubt mike knew that.

                • mike

                  Sorry Eric you lost this attack..You provide nothing except Illuminati conspiracy garbage. I know you believe it because you have an undiagnosed case of syphilis rotting your brain. Few cyphro should start to clear it up but damage has already been done.

                • Eric

                  mike, more opinion and non arguments from you which is all any of us can expect from you. I haven’t lost anything. Everything is accounted for. I don’t have to believe because unlike you I read and do my homework so that I know a helluva lot more than you do.

                  Of course I can’t expect you to know anything since you don’t do any serious study or research.

                  That’s why it is so much fun for me to expose you and fonestar’s bullshit. The world is tired of bullshit. Didn’t you get the memo?

                  Do you even know what the illuminati is? Or what a conspiracy is? Who do you think is the most powerful person or organization on the planet? muslims? lol.

                • KRELL427

                  Don’t forget high ranking Muslims carry box cutters. 😂

                • mike

                  I think it’s the Saudi Royal family that are the most powerful individuals and yes they are muslims.The Rothschild are nothing compared them.They control 1 billion brain dead Muslim zealot zombies, massive oil reserves and Isis the true keepers of the Muslim faith.
                  They are not more powerful than the collective force of the us but as individuals they are the most powerful people on earth
                  I agree you know a heeuva lot more than me about nothing of consequence.
                  If you travel the world you might start to clue yourself in..
                  You lost as always..Try a little substance next time.

                • mike

                  Krell crawl back under Eric…Bottom b*tches are to been seen not heard…Zip it.

                • Eric

                  lol. Saudi Arabia was established in 1932. Who was it before that then? Who will it be after the house of Saud falls? You have a lot of work to do if you want to stop being a dumbshit.


                  Islam is a political ideology posing as a religion. All religions are a form of controlling the masses just like government because people are incapable of self-rule.

                  “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” -Mayer Amschel Rothschild

                  I’ve traveled the world some. But I have more important things to do right now. Ask yourself this, what is the oldest religion? ISIS is an intelligence operation. Even the brain dead can see that.

                  You are being played. And that’s how the powers that be like it.

                • Eric

                  Why isn’t global trade settled in Saudi rials? Or why isn’t the rial a reserve currency held by central banks?

                  Come on dude. THINK! You’re still in denial and haven’t woken up to anything.

                • mike

                  Islam is a political ideology posing as a religion. All religions are a form of controlling the masses just like government because people are incapable of self-rule.

                  Regardless of your opinion it is a religion that allows for actually demands pedophilia, torture,murder. And has a billion devoted followers.
                  Saudi royal family roots do not matter, they call the shots now.

                  Rothchilads world does not function at all without Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia controls the oil and ISIS.You have it almost correct just backwards. Saudis call the shots.

                • Eric

                  If you don’t know history and you don’t know your enemy, you are in more trouble than you know. If they controlled all the oil and energy, a barrel of oil would be $500/barrel and denominated in rials, not US dollars. And if they controlled ISIS, you’d be dead already.

                  Rothschild’s “world” has been around a lot longer than the Saudi kingdom.

                • mike

                  No it would not be 500 a bbl lol..It would be cheap to kill any competition.
                  By your logic since pms are controlled by western powers they would be 10k an oz.
                  You keep talking about opinions and all of this is just opinion.If you were correct about the central bank conspiracy it would be easy to predict markets ..Its your opinion based on the parrots you believe. We agree generally there are serious structural problems.When I form my opinions I use use the best current evidence and real world experience.You like astrology and other mumbo jumbo. Your opinions are just opinions like everyone else.

                • Eric

                  I never said they weren’t. That’s why I usually distinguish between fact and opinion. I have to since you never do and instead blow chunks out of your butt.

                  Now please explain your OPINION on why oil would be cheap for Americans if the rial was a world reserve currency and the US Dollar wasn’t. lol. Talk about having it exactly backwards.

                  I don’t expect you to know anything about the stars above your head. It’s not surprising you call something you don’t know anything about “mumbo jumbo.” You don’t know who you are, you don’t know who your enemy is. You don’t know anything about the world. You can’t do simple math. You don’t know anything about history.

                  I must go be productive now. Talking to you is a total waste of my valuable time. Why don’t you pick up a book instead of waste everyone else’s here? You might actually learn something and that would be AMAZING!

                • Ed_B

                  lol @Eric

                  “It sure must suck to be stupid and not know it.”

                  No doubt. But maybe it would be worse to be stupid AND know it? 😉

                • fonestar

                  Stupid as in believing we are going back to payment systems from the 19th and early 20th Century? That kind of stupid? Or maybe the kind of stupid that believes an EMP will happen all over the entire Earth? And nobody sees any point in rebuilding anything? That kind of stupid? Or the kind of stupid that believes the Internet can be “turned off”? That kind of stupid?

                • mike

                  Eric facts would be nice from please present any undisputed facts how your astrologist,nuemerialogly applies to any of this. Ill bet the video of the girl throwing bones is just as accurate.
                  Your opinion based on mumbo jumbo is just your opinion, and extremely ignorant. My opinions are based on absolute real world fact.
                  Why would western civilizations accept immigrants that are homosexual, pedophile throw backs?Why would western nations be fighting the royal family’s wars an financing their terrorist army’s with dollars and gold? Oh yeah must be the ROTHSCHILD? That makes no sense. You have it ass backwards…Your researching involving untold hours of youtube links of parrots has not enlightened to any truth, just delusion.Because you think something is fact and post a link to a parrot it is still just speculation and opinion. The CIA Even has you parroting btc was made by the Cia? You are a controlled lemming. If you didnt believe every conspiracy I would value your opinion but you do so you are whats called a nutter. There has been a long line of nutters, was even on a bus trip (one time)and there was a nutter going off about scientist and the tv people, it was hilarious/So you do have some entertainment value, i’ll give you that. There are no Muslims under my bed and that is how I would like it to stay..There are however bats in your brain.You need to get off the information grid for your own mental health. You dont have the ability to process the information your being fed by parrots properly..

                • Eric

                  fonetard… I’d rather talk about sound HONEST money than “payment systems.”

                  How much crap do you buy?


                  mike… you know nothing. What books are you reading?

          • fonestar

            That’s pretty funny. Mike is one of the few intelligent posters here, I doubt we have much to “learn” from the rest of you and your answers. I hope the rest of you get a calendar next year for Christmas. HINT: The year isn’t 1913 or 1971 anymore.

            • Eric

              Like you have any clue how time functions in the universe.

              You and mike are the 2 biggest trolls and dumb shits here. You’re just too dumb to know it.

              • fonestar

                …yes, this coming from a guy who loves his Bankster credit cards, doesn’t think we should buy anything online and thinks transferring digital money should be a crime. You’re fully retarded… go back to Zerohedge. “Retards Unite!”

                • mike

                  Eric is a gatekeeper of the Rothchild order. Even if he thinks btc is nothing but digital blips then why not use it? Instead of purchasing pms with a bank account? True you have to buy btc fist but that is the last time that $ is used in a transaction and subject to fees. For instance you have 1k in a bank account and buy 20 different things of your choice.That is 20 times you just fed the banksters.If you take that same 1k and buy and use btc there is only 1 transaction with the banks. If you use btc the price is irrelevant since your disposing of it quickly by transactions.You’re also saying no to banks,middlemen and gubs.
                  Eric is just retarded and fights tooth and nail to defend this paradigm. This is just a what if game to him,nothing more.He would actually do something concrete to hit the banksters where it hurt if he believed just 1/100th of total crap that spews from his monkey bird brain.

                • fonestar

                  You probably notice the amount of time and energy the powers put into their anti-BTC bullshit here and on other “alternative” sites? I guess nobody told them it’s all useless and time wasted. Bitcoin is bigger than a few English language geezers in the continental USA. The new economy will flourish and be created by people who never heard of any of these websites and probably own no gold as well.

                • mike

                  I have lived it, yeah he is willing to go to the ends of the internet to find a link to some parrot that hates btc lol.CIA,JEWS,SPACE ALIENS ,ILLUMINATI are all behind btc? Well i guess in that case these people are good for creating something that is 100% out of their reach.If I was in the CIA i would claim i created it to enforce dolts like Eric to preach against it.Btc is the true stake in the heart of the squid…And the CIA has Eric preaching against.Got to give the spooks some credit they got their lemming hahaha.

                • Eric

                  Bitcoin is a lot of things but digital money is not one of them.

                  Try to get all of them and buy more consumer crap. I hope it works out for you two. Then you can get a room in a cheap sleezy motel and wank each off every time you add a satoshi to your paper wallet.

                • Eric

                  “Risks include hacking thefts, Chinese government crackdown”

                  “It’s the golden age to be in the bitcoin market, because it’s imperfect,”

                  “Zhou Shuoji is not a bitcoin believer. He says the cryptocurrency will never replace its traditional forebears, and he calls most of its proponents fanatics.”

                  “To them, bitcoin is just the latest asset class ripe for conquering with machines.”


              • mike

                Eric you are the troll for perpetually shutting down discussion because it doesn’t fit your limited views? Instant monkey troop attack by you and your bottom bi*ch Krell every time, guaranteed.
                You are the parrot, although I prefer to call you Monkey brain now.Just seems like a better fit, you know what I mean?

                • fonestar

                  …and sadly Sean seems to think these people are his friends.

                • mike

                  Does he? I would hate to have a website with a comment section and have 1 entity perpetually insulting and dominating the board. I would want real discussion and points of view that run counter to mine.Might be something I have never considered and could point me in the right direction.
                  Did Franklin discover electricity? Yes and no…It was something that could change the world forever right in front of the masses since the beginning of all mankind. Franklin just brought into understanding.
                  Eric is just a virus so wrapped up in his own delusion he hears the thunder when it’s storming and determines the gods are angry and cowers..He like most others fail to see the gift of lightning.

                • Eric

                  fonescam… strawman arguments. bitcoin is not digital money. Nobody accepts it unless they are trying to unload drugs, weapons, or more consumer crap from china which nobody needs or wants. How many hours have you put into pumping up your ponzi scheme?


                  dumbshit… which books are you currently reading? Obviously you don’t read or study anything. No wonder you are a dumbshit.

                • Eric

                  bitcoin is stuck in the same place that it was 3 years ago.

                  mike and fonestar are stuck on stupid.

                • mike

                  Sorry Eric lots of people take Btc including your favorite pm dealer JM. Terrorist love the gold and your precious FRNs more.The CIA that controls you paid Iran over 11 billion in gold and FRNs? This is how I know the Eric entity is more than 1 person taking shifts.You all are really stupid and say the dumbest things like btc funds terrorism but every now and then you guys are exceptionally stupid..Distinctly different personalty’s…Dont really care guys make new name and put Eric to rest.Btc stuck? 850 is stuck?

                • Eric


                  Terrorism is funded a number of ways. But blipcoin is the most convenient way because it is used by dishonest people and fools already.

                  Here is an economic fact: The number of fools is limited.

                  Bitcoins are not illegal. They should not be made illegal. They should merely be avoided.

                  Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme and the CIA that has you mk-ultra mind controlled owns your mind.

                  Who’s the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him.

                  Haha! I hope when the next scam comes along you’ll listen. Can’t wait for the next 80% bitcoin crash.


                • Eric

                  mike = IQ 70 (mentally inadequate). Less than 1 out of 100,000.

                • mike

                  mentally inadequate? Iq of 70 is more than mentally inadequate, it’s retarded retard.
                  That would make me legendary as far retards go.I would stand head and shoulders above all you lower retards.I would be king retard!
                  I dont want or need your platitudes.I dont need or want any subjects.

                • Eric

                  “retarded retard” is not a scientific term.

                  IQ of 70 is borderline impaired or well below average intelligence. But at least you qualify for disability benefits. 🙂

                  Borderline intellectual functioning is a cognitive impairment that applies to people who have lower than average intelligence but do not have intellectual developmental disorder or mental retardation. Borderline intellectual functioning is diagnosed by IQ test scores that are between 71 and 84.


                • mike

                  Eric please stop take the loss and let Krell take the top tonight..IQ 70 is retarded..I can copy and paste as well..

                  V62.89 Borderline Intellectual Functioning IQ 71-84
                  317 Mild Mental Retardation IQ 50-55 to approximately 70
                  318.0 Moderate Retardation IQ 35-40 to 50-55
                  318.1 Severe Mental Retardation IQ 20-25 to 35-40
                  318.2 Profound Mental Retardation IQ below 20 or 2

                • Eric

                  That’s good. That should help you qualify when you apply for disability benefits.

                  Don’t forget to tell them about the muslims under your bed.

  • Sayldog

    Just to be clear, that bill DOES NOT make child prostitution LEGAL. As Sofia says. the child prostitute will be treated as a victim, and who is going to argue that a child who finds themselves in the position of having to rely on selling their body in order to survive is not a victim? The bill most certainly does NOT decriminalize the adult buyer of such services.

  • willygroper

    love SS!

    gotta disagree on the heart being a pump. it is. how does a motor work? electricity…that’s where she’s spot on.

    FWIW, my BiL died fri. retired hand surgeon who helped me connect the dots on EHS…1 of 3 that helped me. he’d had 2 major heart attacks, ablation & an implanted defibrillator.
    the irony here is sickening, but it shows you how entrenched the education system is. he became diabetic & chalked it up to genetics. his defib was wifi. died of kidney failure.

    SS is also spot on re: SH. brucegender makes more sense now, eh? Wolfgang Halbig is moving there. tried to warn him thru CTM on the satanic churches. have no idea if he got the warning from JBW. my guess, he’ll end up dead.

  • willygroper

    a little trivia via italian translation of “podesta.”

    invariable masculine noun

    (nel fascismo) “mayor”, “podestà”

  • Jeff

    Very powerful interview. I will check out Sofia’s website and buy some of her products.

  • glitter 1

    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” – Aleister Crowley

    Basically it’s stating that “Anything Goes” i.e. “If it feels it”,etc.

    Alot of water under the bridge since Crowley in the early 1900’s.Multiple generations to subvert and mislead since then.

    Depravity has many faces and forms:

    moral corruption; wickedness.
    “a tale of wickedness and depravity”
    synonyms: corruption, vice, perversion, deviance, degeneracy, immorality, debauchery, dissipation, profligacy, licentiousness, lechery, prurience, obscenity, indecency; More
    a wicked or morally corrupt act.
    the innate corruption of human nature, due to original sin.

    It has been present for many millennium,however in these last days it’s acceptance is being unleashed in society.

    Perhaps an excellent new book by best selling author Texe Marrs titled: “The Destroyer”
    will help shed some light on the issue(s) we are witness to today.It’s all by design and proceeding as planned.
    A treasure trove of insights.

  • Eric

    Finally getting through this interview. Sofia is spot on. The power is with the people! And most people keep giving their power away. They don’t want ANY responsibility!

    If I had kids, or a pregnant wife, we would be out of California and probably the US so fast people would think the wind blew us away. It’s not all bad here. But the school system sucks and is a shithole because the people are dumb and ignorant, don’t get involved, and the teachers are progressive commie assholes.

    There is no reason to submit your children to public school any longer. Outside of basic math, reading, and motor skills, they can learn everything they need to know from the internet and a whole lot more. I learned more useful information through the internet and books than 18 years of public, private, and graduate school. I also learned more about the true version of history, theology, astronomy, astrology, astro-theology, physics, chemistry, biology, and a million other things.

    Public school is for mind controlled suckers and state controlled debt slaves. DROP OUT and pursue your dreams. Find a mentor. Ask good questions.

    Parents… GET INVOLVED! Having children is the ultimate form of creation so take care of your creation. Don’t just drop them off with the state or the nanny. They are YOUR responsibility.

    (1) California is one of twelve states in which “home schooling” is accomplished under a private school exemption. Home educators may establish a private school, based in their home, and must file a private school affidavit with the Superintendent of Public Instruction of California (normally between October 1st and 15th every school year). On August 8, 2008, the California Court of Appeals for the Second Appellate District confirmed in their In re Jonathan L. ruling (formerly In re Rachel L.) that “California statutes permit homeschooling as a species of private school education.” Children enrolled in a private school are exempt from attendance in a public school. Under this provision [E.C. §§48222 and 33190], the following requirements apply to all private schools:

  • KRELL427

    Fritz Springmeier explaining adrenochrome and how it is extracted and sold on the illuminati black market, Al gore was busted with a suitcase of blood. Hillary also admitted that she always carries a bottle of hot sauce in her purse, I will bet it is adrenochrome blood.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Here is another great interview that many of you will enjoy… Graham Hancock discussing how the evidence of ancient history back beyond 10,000 BC is revealing to be totally wrong.

    Also discussed was so many very interesting topics, including spiritual psychedelic experiences of the ancient shamans, and even about the scientist who was instrumental in the discovery of our DNA double helix structure, he made his discovery or figured it out-“wa hoo” moment while HIGH on psychedelics. They never tell us these things in MSM or school.

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