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The Truth About Esteban Santiago and the Fort Lauderdale Shooting

from Stefan Molyneux:

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2 comments to The Truth About Esteban Santiago and the Fort Lauderdale Shooting

  • anon

    In related news:

    Czech government tells its citizens how to fight terrorists: Shoot them yourselves

    • Ed_B

      Sounds like a plan. A lot of Americans who “carry” will do just that, when necessary. But the libtards are on their own. If they want protection, they can arrange for it themselves. I won’t be doing that for them after all the crap that they have foisted onto gun-owning patriots.

      Speaking of which, my wife and I went out to a seafood restaurant that proudly had one of those pictures on their front door of a handgun inside a red circle with a red bar across it. My 9 mm Ruger LC9 was tucked away under my coat in an inside the waistband paddle holster. If anyone comes in the place and threatens either my wife or myself, I will deal with them as necessary. The restaurant and its staff, however, can deal with it as best they can on their own. Perhaps the person coming in to rob or worse will be impressed by their little sign and will run away at the mere sight of it?

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