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The Potential Energy Source of the Future?

from DAHBOO77:

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  • videoctr I have mentioned a few times here already. Glad to see it come up again.

    As I understand it, the new form of hydrogen Dahboo stated, is a by product of the ignition reaction. CEO, Dr. Mills, calls it a hydrino, the characteristic of which, is having to do with the closer orbit of the electron to the proton vs a regular hydrogen molecule. It is created as a result of the ignition process that uses water and hydrogen, and I believe Argon gas. Explosive input energy is required in order to make light. The goal is to ignite two terminals, i.e., filaments of silver, one positive the other negatively charged. The silver actually melts, and when the two silver streams meet, a circuit is completed and then light is generated. The silver streams runs like a tornado when you watch the demo videos on the website. Resulting in huge, high frequency light that is generated as well as visible light. The light that is created gets converted by photovoltaic cells to electricity. Up to 5000 to 10,000 mega watts of electricity have been demonstrated. 3500 degrees Calvin is the light they want to achieve. When they look at the spectrograph of the ignition process, they can analyze the kind of light that is created. They noticed a new form of hydrogen is formed in the ignition process, which has similar characteristics as demonstrated in the galaxy containing dark matter dispersion. But the goal is not to make dark matter, the goal is to generate light that gets converted to electricity. The hydrino is a by product.

    Dr. Mills has gone trough multiple independent validation test demonstrations. Production goal for commercialization 2018. We will be watching.

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