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Filmmaker & researcher Gonz Shimura from the facelikethesun you Tube channel is back to discuss the elite agenda for the total technological enslavement of humankind in the New World Order’s beast system. Subscribe to Gonz’s YT channel: facelikethesun  And visit Canary Cry Radio for his excellent podcasts.

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  • KRELL427

    Speed up your enslavement, Buy Bitcoin.

    • mike

      What happened to all our comments?..Think I burned the Eric too bad and he cried to Sean? Took a long time to write out those comments.
      Interesting the only time I have had something censored was not by TPTB or the gubberment but only by “Truth Tellers”?
      Remember when I was a kid had my boss go out to my truck and he took some tools out to teach me a lesson about locking up my Truck (It was in a Gated yard)..Arrived at my first job and noticed tools were gone. I knew it was my Boss so on the way back I called the police. Didn’t end up pressing charges but that taught him a good lesson about trying to teach others lessons.
      Point is I never had anything stolen up to that point until a “Good” guy stole from me? For my own good? hahaha
      Anyway Buy BTC and USE IT anytime you can. Starve the Banksters anytime you can. If for instance Krell or Eric could think they would see the divinity that is the BTC 🙂
      The Elite just told you the Internet is never blowing up since they can control people that use bank accounts and Credit cards. So no worry s on the EMPs or Gubberment internet switch.

        • willygroper

          i call bs. not that rs is not a maggot of the highest order, but because brietbart exposed it first. at that time pizza had nothing to do with it. add the false flag to clean up the joint as with every other ff, and i think the above link is nothing more than infiltration.

      • fonestar

        True words Mike, true words. There is nothing that can stop Bitcoin. The real terror will set in when all the dolts realize that I wasn’t joking when I said Bitcoin is invincible! There is no upper bounds in Bitcoin, there is no way for “them” to corner and short the market.

        $890 is nothing, peanuts compared to where we are going.

        I hope the PM bugs are ready for another year of being ass-raped and made fun of by us Bitcoiners!

        • Eric

          No upper bounds. lol. That must be why when blipcoin crashes, it crashes by 80%.

          I hope the blipcoin idiots are ready to watch First Majestic Silver outperform blipcoin again this year.

          • fonestar

            Has Bitcoin outperformed Silver in the past 8 years?

            Yes… MASSIVELY. And if Sean had brains, he would dedicate this site to Bitcoin and Satoshi Consciousness.

            • Eric


              Since Sean does have brains, he doesn’t need your nintendo virtual worthlessness. Can you buy 6 months of groceries when the SHTF with bitcoin?

              Don’t care about past performance. Can’t change that. Care about future trends.

              • fonestar

                Nobody gives a shit about your SHTFantasies. And if/when that does happen you boneheads will be the first to go!

                • Eric

                  First Majestic Silver YTD 2017 performance up 3.18% 🙂
                  Bitcoin 2017 YTD performance down 10.47% 🙁

                • fonestar

                  Again you’re too stupid to understand Bitcoin or the most basic market functions. Anyone can pick random points on a chart and say “look my asset is winning!”

                  You people are an embarrassment.

                • Eric

                  Is that why my Silver stocks are outperforming your mariocoin for the 2nd year in a row?

         just doesn’t have the kind of patio furniture I like.

                  Don’t forget to take some of your winnings off the table on the next parabolic move before it falls off a cliff again.

    • Eric

      It takes mike a long time to blow gibberish out of his cornhole.

      It takes him even longer to pump back up a failed experiment like Bitcoin.

      Like I said, it’s easy to buy and difficult to sell because it’s not a long term store of value.

      He lost his tools and soon he will lose his savings on Bitcoin. Except there won’t be any police he can call because it’s unregulated.

      He will have nobody to blame except himself.

      • mike

        Its easy to buy even easier to spend and sell? Seriously are you retarded? I dont mean that as a derogatory statement..I really want to know so I am not so hard on a retard. IQ maybe 70?
        How has BTC failed? Everyday more and more business and individuals accept it? Interested on how you can to that conclusion please enlighten me.

        You never answered my question on how a BTC ETF that tracks BTC price and holds BTC not traded on the BTC pricing exchange would effect the price? Since you know everything please go into detail on the mechanics of it all? You can only manipulate the price of BTC with BTC. Meaning it cost real BTC to do it not just paper like PMs.

        • Eric

          Glitter covers it below if it’s not too complicated for you.

          Retards don’t have large stacks of Gold and Silver and retire at age 35.

          They do however dig around in the muck and try to force a Ponzi scheme onto others as the price is falling.

          Hardly anybody accepts Bitcoin.

          • mike

            I was going to retire myself at 40 but waited another 3 years to cover all the money I put into PMs.
            I have tons of the garbage literally tons, more than your 30k oz lol poor fella… It is hilarious when you speak from your high mental mountain top down on me! Yes I am pissed I wasted 3 years of my life covering what I put into PMs. I understand PMs after all not rare at all. It took me a while to understand the real story behind PMs. I have not sold because there is no point right now and I dont need the $$. I do take some every time I go sailing and offer it to Poseidon…Chuck a handful into the ocean..Its a fun game, maybe Poseidon likes the Silver? Dont want my boat to sink. I am able to understand there is indeed a huge problem and it does stem from the money. The dollar is impressive and can not hyper inflate due to the debt backing it. That doesn’t mean people cant lose the perception of value but even that is far fetched but still possible. PMs were a massive mistake fortunately I made an incredible amount of money so no real loss on my part other than time. I am surprised since your retired in your Kingdom by the Sea that you decided to turn the thinking cap off? I am not fully invested in BTC. I just see its incredible potential and I do not think there is any conspiracy surrounding it. I leave the conspiracy stuff to space cadets like you.
            Yes Eric you are retarded on an epic scale. Your not better off than me and you are not morally superior to me. You are an asshole.

            • Eric

              “The dollar is impressive and can not hyper inflate due to the debt backing it.”

              Reason #6 why mike is an idiot.


              It takes a long time for mike to understand anything because he doesn’t do his due diligence and he doesn’t read anything or study anything. He guesses.

              Bitcoin will never be a currency.


            • Eric

              mike, I don’t have to call others an asshole to prove a point. That makes me morally superior.

              Have a nice day. 🙂

              • mike

                Whatever Dildo Baggins.

                Hey do want to buy my silver? Will sell it to you for $300 an oz..Since you dont look at silver in dollar terms it’s a steal..Have lots of the really good stuff…You want 1000 perth tigers, great year! How about 1000 Canadian wildlife Timber wolves? Maybe you want 1000’s of 2004-2014 Britannia’s? I have Just about anything you could want in large quantity.. I got you covered.
                Yes you can use your BTC..Just say yes and I will send you my BTC address and it will be in the mail in the morning..Easy peasy 🙂

                • Eric

                  Oh good one. Did you come up with that all by yourself or did someone help you?

                  I’d rather purchase Silver from honest retailers like SD Bullion.

                  Funny thing about this world. You only get one reputation.

                • mike

                  Honest Dealer? That is just nonsense. I have purchased from lots of different dealers and they all sent me what I ordered..Does that make them Honest or just normal retailers who want dollars?…
                  I will send you whatever you pay for that day or next day if the post office is closed. It would have to be a big purchase to make it worth my while to waste time standing at the post office.

                • Eric

                  Not interested.

                  But I’m sure one of the many retailers will buy them from you.

                  I don’t know why you didn’t sell them a long time ago when I told you that you should since you think silver is worthless.

                • fonestar

                  Mike my only regrets about Silver and Bitcoin is that I should have concentrated waaaay more on Bitcoin.

                  If I could get a “do over” and go back to 2011, I would have put almost everything I had into Bitcoin.

                • Eric

                  That’s strange. If I could travel physically through time, I would have gone back to 2011 and started publishing articles about how bitcoin isn’t a long term store of value.

                  Maybe you’ll get a do over in the next lifetime since you didn’t learn your lessons in this one.

          • Eric… Mike Hearn was a GCHQ asset, this is old news. He worked as a witting intel subcontractor at a company called QuinetiQ, then moved onto CIA creation Google, where he was the lead developer on Google Maps (inherited from DARPA’s Keyhole Spy Satellite program, as you likely already know).


            Hearn wrote that now-infamous article because he wanted to force the adoption of a bitcoin protocol that would allow for tracking of coins via IP address and force users off TOR. Hearn was an intelligence asset sent to destroy bitcoin and he failed. Roundly.

            I get that you hate bitcoin and there are very real concerns about an open blockchain with good analytics being able to track/trace your every transaction, but this is a terrible example for your case.

            • Eric

              I don’t hate it Rusticus. I just don’t like hearing about it every day as if it was handed down by God to the masses as the solution for everything when it clearly is not.

              If it works for you, more power to you. I mostly just get tired of mike talking out of his cornhole all the time.

              • For sure, didn’t mean to misrepresent your opinion, man. “Hate” was a poor choice of words.

                Trying to be more optimistic this year and work on being less confrontational online, especially – your point on an earlier thread about a change of perspective really hit home.

    • glitter 1

      So, here is my question; If BTC is not centralized,it is not shortable,is not traded with Paper Futures Contracts(which allows it to be manipulated/shorted)by TPTB aka Banksters,aka Global Elite,aka The Masters Of The Universe then how is this chart of BTC (Selloff/Dump) explained!

      Yes, BTC is not traded by Paper Futures,can not be shorted/manipulated as in the established Paper Markets.So, how does one explain this parabolic run up/blow off?
      Sure millions of Chinese piled into BTC to escape Capital Controls,however who also has unlimited currency fabrication capabilities. That’s right central banks,The Fed,PBOC,etc.

      The Club may not have the capability to “Traditionally” manipulate cryptocurrencies like BTC the same way the manipulate traditional markets,however they do have to ability to create unlimited quantities of Fiat Currency to purchase crytocurrencies like BTC and bid up the price then flip and sell off/dump those BTCs,which can/most likely start a stampede of sales in order to spook those MoMo Lemmings who just tossed all caution to the wind and were clambering to get their BTC at any cost.

      The name of the game for the Elite is “Control”.That translates into Control of perception and they will always find a way.

      If my supposition on this apparent movement/pump & dump of BTC over the last couple of days is far fetched,I welcome comments.

      • willygroper


        remember the mutha of derivatives blyth masters endorsing crypto currencies?

        David Morgan’s take & i concur, is that btc was created by the spooks to get folks conditioned for the cashless that’s coming. really no different than cc’s.

        so, grid/network down, how ya gonna use it?

        perception management. if folks “think” they’re getting away with something under the radar, they’ll run toit. right into the arms of total domination.

        these spooks are 50yrs ahead of us. check out George Webb’s days 74/75…D & D. kinda lays it out, at least in my mind. what’s left of it.

        • glitter 1

          Yes, I do remember Ms Blyth Masters,who I believe left JPM to pursue a career in Block Chain Technology.I wonder how that is working for her or against who.

          They are readying a BTC ETF,which I think speaks volumes,it’s their MO for control.So, where is Blyth?Is she consulting for Block Chain Tech,or for/with/include the new BTC ETF?Paper Futures will soon follow then it’s right back where we started.

          The vast majority of the masses/sheeple have never even heard of BTC yet along know how to obtain/use it. When it takes the form of an ETF then it can be traded/included in those retirement vehicles along with all the others.
          It will also help TPTB integrate their planned digital currency.

        • mike

          How are you going to use your CC or bank account “Grid down” scenario ah hahahaha..
          What evidence do you have it was the “Spooks”?
          Here is some real world evidence of “Spook” intelligence..

          AL Qada
          Russian Hackers

          The “Spooks” are gubberment. All gubberment workers follow strict SOP for EVERYTHING. They NEVER go out of their lane and step on others toes.
          The “Spooks” are not smart enough to create BTC lol/ Maybe a contractor but someone would have spilled the beans by now.
          The Central Banks use block chain tech to trade money between themselves because it is that secure. If it was somehow intercepted it would be 100% safe. They Do not use BTC.
          In the future they make a dollar that is based on BlockChain tech but it will be a dollar not BTC.

          • Eric

            All BS. As usual from mike since he provides no evidence. Maybe Obama has a job for him when he’s broke and homeless.

            • mike

              Eric your retarded and cant back a thing up, just post links to parrot talk with zero evidence. You argue only your stupid opinions molded by criminals. You are the ultimate consumer. I’ll bet you were a cheerleader for the criminal Sprott that actually manipulated the silver market then profited bigly from it. Oh and of course all your other parrots that are either Minering CEOs, retailers or prep retailers.
              So now we know that grid is not going to go down because TPTB want to control 99% of the population. They want a cashless society and control all selling and buying by controlling your CCs and bank account.
              The good news is since the Grid is never going to go down first we can stop listening to all others who think TPTB are going to set off an EMP and stpid ideas like “Grid Down”. How will TPTB control when they destroy their tool of control? We can also rest assured there will be no nuclear war so we can stop listening to those weirdos as well. The very best thing is BTC will work just fine. No way to stop or control it.

          • willygroper

            you don’t.

            your point?

      • dan w

        “So, here is my question; If BTC is not centralized,it is not shortable,”

        bitcoin is shortable.

        is not traded with Paper Futures Contracts(which allows it to be manipulated/shorted)by TPTB aka Banksters,aka Global Elite,aka The Masters Of The Universe then how is this chart of BTC (Selloff/Dump) explained!”

        pretty easy, more sellers than buyers. (profit taking, low buy support. it’s called a correction)

        • KRELL427

          How about Bitcoin derivatives trading platform.

        • glitter 1

          “pretty easy, more sellers than buyers. (profit taking, low buy support. it’s called a correction)”

          You just stated the obvious,of course there was an avalanche/millions of sellers,however the pattern of the selloff is one of manipulation since BTC is not a traditional market without a naked short/futures mechanism.Who was buying all the BTCs that were being sold!A free market does not selloff like this,period.I’ll stick with my supposition. BTC is controlled just like every other market/currency,the evidence is there for all, who understand to see.

          • Ed_B

            “A free market does not selloff like this,period.”

            Generally, that is true, but what happens during a mania? Well, that is when we DO see massive selloffs as desire for something tops out, there is a loss, and then a stampede of sellers hoping to preserve whatever wealth they can. It happened in tulips in the 1640s and again in silver in 1980. I’m pretty sure that it WILL happen again, thanks to the herd mentality that people sometimes adopt, both as buyers and as sellers.

      • glitter, I can’t prove this, but my guess would be that a lot of the BTC from the Silk Road raid is what’s being used during these slams. The Feds claim they auctioned off all the assets, but we’re trusting them at face value on that one. It was still $20-30 a coin during most of Silk Road’s time in existence, that’s a lot of dough to waterfall on exchanges when the time is right.

        • glitter 1

          Relatively speaking I know very little about BTC.It never interested me to investigate it for reasons I’ve stated.I do know one thing,the financial power structure,which can create unlimited quantities of fiat out of thin air,will always find a way/make it a point to game/control the system in their favor.

          Since my original comment on 01/06 the announcement about the PBOC intervention didn’t come as a surprise. nuff said

  • dcm

    So tell me all the US governmental and public perversion as well lawlessness this site reports on daily. You believe this is “corruption”? It is not “corruption ” it is stated governmental policy with supporting laws , with a brutal “police” force to enforce . Things will be getting much worse in this country . We now have an openly Judeo Masonic Administration which will endeavor to bring into the world as their stated goal Anti Christ rule , if you have not yet learned what a brutal ruler The Devil is you will . It would not have mattered who you just elected as if you were given a choice. Your eye’s are veiled.

  • dan w

    the most amazing thing to me about this bitcoin dump is the fact that clif high’s webbot nailed the prediction. well before it hit 1000 he said it’d break 1000, then fall back to 888 before climbing again. he called the bottom within .02%! Now im just gonna hope he nails his gold/silver price predictions.

    • Eric, would you mind playing my Devil’s Advocate for a moment?

      Let’s say that the Steve Pieczenik “counter-coup” was real. Let’s ignore for a moment his connections to so many CFR goons and take at face value that he’s broken ranks with them over the years, that there are guys on the inside who aren’t necessarily “good” but are much better than the ruling cartel we’ve had since at least the Kennedy days – well-intentioned Nationalists, essentially.

      What’s the proverbial “end game” for a Trump administration? He doesn’t seem to know much about the Transhuman/technofeudal gambit given how close he keeps Thiel, and by extension, doesn’t seem very serious about stopping the drug money laundering if the PayPal Mafia is at the table. But given the border wall policy, he does seem keen on reinventing it at the very least.

      He does, however, seem serious about ending American unipolarism/Empire. He also seems genuine about supporting Russia as the Eastern superpower in lieu of China, which is a clear policy shift from past administrations.

      Something Catherine Austin Fitts said recently has stuck with me – that one faction wanted to sacrifice the United States in favor of Empire, where the other wanted to sacrifice the Empire for the sake of the United States. Given Fitts’ stance on the drug war especially and her personal experiences with the Deep State, she’s either an incredibly deep limited hangout or genuinely believes Trump has something up his sleeve in this regard.

      Because the more I dig into this, the more I find myself infected with cognitive dissonance; I can find just as many points where Trump is in conflict with TPTB as I can points of cooperation. This shit’s getting harder and harder to keep straight.

      • glitter 1

        All good points,as for me I’m just glad the Clinton(s) are politically neutered.I’m not naive to think Trump and his gang is going to turn anything around quickly if at all,but it’s better than having the witch in there.It can all change in a heartbeat.I’m enjoying Trump putting the liberals in their place.Nobody should think that Trump,or anyone for that matter,can change/turn around what has been damaged over the last fifty years or more.

  • dcm

    This guy was higher up in the CIA – ,

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    It looks like Bitcoin is on its way down down down, and perhaps it will quickly fall under $400 before the summer gets here. Hahahaha.

    If a Bitcoin falls in the digital forest, does it make a noise?

    Of course, when paper fiat money crashes, people will be rushing into anything and everything trying to save and preserve their wealth, including a run into BTC. So at that point, BTC will rise.

    But I put my money (and trust) onto the PM’s in my possession and not on some etherial, digital blips floating between servers, wallets, or on my own digital storage media. I don’t trust “ones & zeros” to protect my wealth.

    I trust grams, ounces and pounds. Nobody needs digital electronic communication signals to verify gold or silver.

    Bitcoin has to be “verified” by the “internet HERD”, or it has no value. Gold and silver just needs to be moved from one pair of hands to another. Gold is verified with a simple “scratch stone” & acid of various concentrations, and silver, etc etc.

    If any gold or silver item is questionable, it can be drilled, cut, or even X-rayed, florescence scanned, weighed, specific gravity verification etc. Try drilling thru a Bitcoin to verify it’s purity? BzzzzT. (short circuit).

    • Ed_B

      Even better, Craig… ultrasonic testing does no physical damage whatever and WILL reveal any fake silver or gold items because the speed of sound in metals varies widely. Only pure items show a scan of a particular type. Impure items show lots of deviations from the norm. Just takes a few seconds and works on any metal object. It’s not cheap but those in the business of buying gold and silver items tend to have and use these to protect themselves from frauds.

      Here is some info on one type of tester:

  • Troy

    Ventura/Nugent 2020!!!

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