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That Time HRW’s Ken Roth Contradicted Himself Twice In 4 Days Over Syria

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

Human Rights Watch and its Executive Director, Kenneth Roth, have managed a number of brazen failures in their attempt to support Western-backed terrorists in their goal of advancing Western imperialism in Syria. From using photos of cities the United States has bombed in order to blame the destruction on Bashar al-Assad to attacking Syrian nuns who attempted to correct Western media propaganda about kidnapped civilians in Lattakia, HRW has made a name for itself as one of the loudest shill organizations originating out of Soros Land.

Kenneth Roth, however, appears to be in a race with his own organization to see who can discredit and/or humiliate him/itself the most. Obviously banking on the short attention span of his audience, Roth’s Twitter account has now become a display of hypocrisy, propaganda, and contradictions ripe for mockery for anyone who visits it.

For instance, going back over a year, Roth tweeted an absurd statement that “Assad released jihadist Zahran Alloush from jail June 2011 – part of effort to taint uprising.” Roth thus suggested the conspiracy theory that Bashar al-Assad released the Jaish al-Islam terrorist Alloush so that Alloush would radicalize the “opposition” (who were already slaughtering and torturing civilians as well as demanding extreme Sharia law) so that he could then crack down on the “opposition” (which he was allegedly already “cracking down” on) and use the radical nature of the “opposition” to justify his crackdown. Roth is suggesting that Assad would multiply and militarize a “peaceful” revolution he was already cracking down upon for public relations. This is a difficult pill to swallow unless the audience is inhabiting a place located as far away from reality as Roth himself.

The question for Mr. Roth then becomes, “Which conspiracy theory do you really believe? The first or the second? Do you believe either of them?” We certainly don’t.

Roth’s inconsistency is not atypical of Western Soros-backed “humanitarian” organizations or of the mainstream media. But how can anyone take Roth or Human Rights Watch seriously when he and his organization engage in such obvious pro-war propaganda. Even more so, how can either be taken seriously when their propaganda becomes so inconsistent and contradictory within a matter of days?

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