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SRSrocco Top 2016 Posts & My Commentary For 2017

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

If we thought 2016 was an interesting year, 2017 will certainly top it and be even more tumultuous. With President-elect Donald Trump to head the White House in a few weeks, many in the precious metals and alternative media community believe the “WORST IS OVER.” This is one hell of a lousy assumption.

Matter-a-fact, President-elect Trump will likely precipitate the collapse quicker than a Clinton regime. Why? Because Trump has no idea just how much the U.S. financial and economic system are propped up. When Trump starts to open the massive “CAN OF WORMS” in the U.S. government, this will likely cause serious dislocations in the entire system.

That being said, here is a list of the top SRSrocco Report posts for 2016. I have the most viewed articles listed first, then the top social media articles. What is interesting this year, is that an ENERGY ARTICLE enjoyed the top viewed ranking. This is a first year that an energy article received the most views.

Again, it was interesting to see that two energy articles placed in the top five most viewed articles and in the top three most voted by social media. This is an important trend-change as the SRSrocco Report readers are becoming more aware of the future dire energy situation.

Every week or so, I receive an email from one of my readers who “FINALLY GETS THE ENERGY CONNECTION.” This is by far the most important and rewarding part of my work on the SRSrocco Report.

It is very interesting to see individuals who have been reading my articles for quite some time, finally CONNECT THE DOTS as to why ENERGY IS THE KEY. The reason for this is that it takes time to get a foundation of this energy information before an individual can finally connect the dots.

I actually have gone through the same process, many times. However, the new Thermodynamic Oil Collapse information provided by the Hill’s Group and Louis Arnoux suggests that the global oil industry is in much more worse shape than most realize.

Unfortunately, President-elect Donald Trump will not be able to do much to offset this impending energy disaster. Yes, it is a disaster that will change the world as we know it in a relatively short period of time.

I also continue to receive emails from readers who point to other sources of energy, such as coal, natural gas, renewable and Silver-Bullet technologies, to SAVE THE DAY. While other forms of energy production will continue longer than oil, OIL RUNS THE global economy. And, there is no way to transition to anything else in the time necessary to offset the collapse of the oil industry.

For example, where I live in the west, there is a constant movement of trucks with double trailers transporting coal on the interstate and highways to rail stations. Without oil, a lot of U.S. coal would not make it to the coal-fired electric generation plants. These coal trucks run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Moreover, it looks as if the Great Solar Energy Instillation Race may have already peaked in the United States. I will be writing an article on this in the next few weeks. We also must remember, it takes oil to provide the energy to EXTRACT & TRANSPORT the raw materials to the plants that manufacture the solar panels as well as to ship the completed panels and parts to the end-user.

For some strange reason, the public has this notion that technology will save the day or we can just simply transition to something else like ‘Electric cars.” This sort of thinking comes from an individual who does not have all the relevant facts or is completely delusional. I would imagine it’s probably a combination of the two, or worse yet…due to BRAIN DAMAGE.

2017 Will Be The Year BRAIN DAMAGE Goes Into Hyper-Drive

One of my favorite terms is… BRAIN DAMAGE. Unfortunately, many Americans are suffering from a great deal of BRAIN DAMAGE. What is even more surprising is to hear that many in the precious metals and alternative community are falling for the “TRUMP – Make America Great Again” slogan.

I have heard that many people are no longer worried about a disintegration of the financial and economy system (due to President-elect Trump), so they have pulled back on preparing for collapse.

This is by far the most INSANE thing to do. Folks, nothing has changed in the past two months since Trump was elected. Matter-a-fact, the energy situation continues to disintegrate. For individuals to sell their gold or silver to play in the stock market, suggests that increased BRAIN DAMAGE is the likely culprit.

We must remember, you don’t invest in gold and silver as a trade. Rather, we invest in gold and silver as a means of insurance or a “Store of Wealth.” Who sells their homeowners insurance policy to play Russian Roulette in the stock market??

There’s an excellent chance that societal BRAIN DAMAGE will go into hyper-drive in 2017. Why? Because, the U.S. financial and economic system will have to be pushed to even more extremes to keep it propped up.

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