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Soros Cementing Control Over Europe’s Left

by Wayne Madsen, InfoWars:

Global hedge fund tycoon George Soros, recognizing that growing numbers of European voters are turning away from the corporate-controlled “social democratic” parties, is reining in so-called “left” parties in order to cement his control over parties, including SYRIZA in Greece and Five Star in Italy, that threaten the cohesiveness of the European Union.

When SYRIZA in Greece was able to form a government after the repeated electoral failures of the establishment corporate conservative and social democratic, Soros and his American National Endowment for Democracy (NED) moved in to exercise control over SYRIZA leaders.

The first thing the previously Euro-skeptical SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras did when he became prime minister in 2015 was to embrace the EU-directed draconian austerity measures that swept him into office in the first place.

Varoufakis, a Soros plant, immediately set out to work out agreements with his fellow EU finance minister, as well as with the Euro-bankers.

To ensure that SYRIZA’s leftists could be held in check, Tsipras was forced to conclude a coalition agreement with the Independent Greeks, a breakaway party from the conservative and pro-EU/pro-NATO New Democracy party.

With SYRIZA’s bona fide leftists outraged by Tsipras’s selling out to the EU and bankers, his coalition partners, the Left Platform and the Internationalist Workers Left faction, bolted from SYRIZA to form Popular Unity.

The Greek Communist Party and Popular Unity serve as the only true leftist bulwark against the Soros schemers in the rest of Greek leftist politics.

After Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi lost his December 4, 2016, referendum to limit the power of Italy’s regional governments and curb the power of the Italian Senate, the Sorosites in Italy became alarmed that Italy was becoming another loose cog in the EU machinery.

Renzi’s government resigned as a result of the “No” vote, which was likened to the BREXIT vote in the United Kingdom to leave the EU.

The leading Italian Euro-skeptic party is the Five Star Movement (M5S) of Italian comedian Beppe Grillo.

Five Star formed a Euro-skeptic bloc in the European Parliament with Britain’s UK Independence Party (UKIP), for which Nigel Farage is the leading spokesman.

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