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Rumors of War with Russia, Part 12: Tanks Alot Obama for the Parthian Shot in Poland

from Rogue Money:

Don’t Buy the Hype, But Do Remain Wary of Any ‘Russian Aggression in Eastern Europe’ Just in Time for the MSM to Hysterically Use it To Try and Spoil Trump’s Inauguration

While the alt media is wrong to say as they have said since 2014 that WWIII is imminent, they are not incorrect to see something ominous in the buildup of between 3 and 4,000 American troops closer to Russia on the eve of Trump’s inauguration. Combined with hysterics over #RussianHacking the U.S. intel community declined to provide serious cyber forensics to support, then the ridiculous dossier put together by an ex-MI6 man designed to label Trump a Putin-blackmailed Siberian candidate, it seems what we’re seeing in Poland could be staging for an ‘incident’ (but not an actual hot war) involving the Russians just in time for Trump to take the oath of office. What would such a staged or false flag incident look like? The Russia Analyst doesn’t pretend to know (see our conclusions), but we can evaluate Obama’s parting ‘gift’ to U.S.-Russian relations in light of our detailed studies of what the US/NATO strategy has been since the 2014 start of the Ukraine war.

The Russia Analyst would like to explain what this deployment is not. It clearly isn’t preparation for a snap attack against Russian territory, including the geographically exposed westernmost exclave of the Russian Federation, Kaliningrad. The former East Prussia which the Soviets annexed for their Baltic fleet at the end of WWII is surrounded by NATO member states. If that were the case, why send vehicles, as this Newsfront translation at the StalkerZone website makes clear, with a desert rather than forest and grass camo pattern?

U.S. military men do follow orders, but they aren’t lemmings. The Newsfront writer suggests the Pentagon is mostly going through the motions, recognizing that these forces aren’t being sent to fight so much as show the flag and serve as bargaining chips on the negotiating table. Amateurs discuss tactics, while professionals talk logistics. Without mentioning the lack of political will to obey a lame duck Commander in Chief starting a war before he jets off to the Hawaii golf courses, we can safely exclude any type of crazy mini-Barbarossa attack using this heavily reinforced brigade before January 20. What then, besides the previously mentioned desire on the humiliated Obama’s part to piss off Putin and spite Trump’s proposed detente, is going on here?

This is why Trump’s election was so important. All of the neocons, Republicans, and Democrats pounding the drum for direct conflict with Russia over Syria or Ukraine are completely ignoring the grim reality of the situation for their so-called allies. Russia has not taken Georgia, Ukraine, or the Baltics because Putin does not want the increased expense and trouble of occupying them.

But if he has to in order to keep NATO from establishing bases and missiles on Russia’s doorstep, I very much doubt he will hesitate.

The USA still possesses the most powerful military on Earth, but it is no longer a true superpower. And it won’t be too long, perhaps 20 years, before a joint Russian-Chinese alliance will be more militarily powerful than NATO even if the USA does not politically disintegrate before then. – Vox Day, “NATO Cannot Stop Russia” (Without Using Tactical Nuclear Weapons), Nov. 27, 2016

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