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Lord Haw-Haw is alive and well.  He takes to the broadcast microphone everyday.  You know his name.  Actually there are many talk show Nazis that preach their doctrine of the ‘State Makes Right’.  But before you think that nothing has changed from when –Talk Radio has Mellowed – was written, you probably have not been listening to the AM air waves lately.  Talk Radio has become worse.  The Goebbels’ school of broadcast propaganda has graduated to a new level of insufferable anti-intellectualism.  The plastic flag has replaced reason and the evil Islamic fascists have become worse then the blood sucking Jew.  America resembles the bastion of a goosestep global blitzkrieg ready to pounce on any foe that opposes the Reich of the Fuhrer. 

This reality is not just a Bush problem.  It is a public policy issue. The public has become that infamous O’Reilly “kool aide” drinker, but the Grand Ayatollah that they follow is good old uncle Bill.  Like Joe Stalin the Faux Newspeak Network has their multi five year plans.  The cycle for re-education is right on target.  Nothing short of a fully mobilized totalitarian gulag will be tolerated.  The world will be made safe for the democratic process or it will be bombed into the stone age.  Such vaulted aspirations would make Mao proud.  Commies unite!  Learn from your National Socialist cousins, the power of broadcaster propaganda can make any citizen the ward of the State.


Remember A Rush of Ditto’s?  Too bad that Rush was not able to keep his NFL gig.  He could be sharing his wealth of wisdom on the hallow day of all days – the Super Bowl.  Aw Shucks, he missed his real calling, so his indignant rage left us with his cheer leading for a commissar commissioner of the world league of warriors.  No team of towel head hawks will steel victory from a curtain of hard edged commandos.  Comrades will click their heels and salute the cross of iron.  Sport has become global war with the play by play from talk show jocks.  GPS bombs will be thrown down the field while ground penetrating radar will use cluster tackling to terminate their foes.  If only we had a Limbaugh to clap and rally the rush of fans to root for the home team. Thank God that more Pat Tillman’s are just playing football.


As long as talk radio has a ‘Star of David’ in a savage nation, the nukes will be ready to hit those “so called” underground stores of WMD.  Weiner’s who swallow the line that a world made safe for his stolen homeland as the supreme article of faith have an acute aptitude deficiency.  Couple him with the talking points note reader Sean Hannity and you get a Bobbsey twins duo just as dumb as the Colmes family mistake.  If you think that Air America will free you from such insanity be prepared to crash and burn in flames.  A society that listens to Al Franken is ready to be incinerated in a chamber of horrors, fueled with bio friendly energy, powered by the same fire starter.


What happened to thoughtful, measured and insightful public dialogue?  No real and serious political debate is allowed on the nations broadcast channels.  The lack of learning from past mistakes is the best programming available.  At worst are the pundits of pure political propaganda meant to expand and nurture the virus of central authoritarian despotism.  The “War of Terror” is a domestic battle that is promoted by a stable of talented shills in the mainstream media.  As for the alternative broadcasts, just check the programming on Sirius and XM and you see the vision of the future, a world of Howard Sterns spreading the wisdom of the multicultural cesspool of vice and apolitical apathy.

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