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People Denying the Facebook Live Torture was a Hate Crime are Everything That is Wrong with America

by Daisy Luther, Daisy Luther:

By now, you’ve probably seen or heard about the young man in Chicago whose torture was live-streamed on Facebook. I didn’t watch it. I couldn’t. I won’t post it, either, but you can find it here if you feel you should see it.

The basic facts are that 4 young people kidnapped an 18-year-old man with special needs, including schizophrenia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

They used Facebook Live to broadcast their torture of the young man.

Video of the attack shows the victim cowering in a corner of a room, tied up with his mouth bound in plastic. An assailant slashes his sweatshirt with a knife. A woman streaming the abuse on Facebook Live repeatedly turns the camera back to herself. An attacker then takes a knife to the victim’s head, carving a patch off his scalp.

For the next 25 minutes, the abuse continues for the world to see. The victim is repeatedly kicked and punched, but his screams are apparently ignored.

The graphic footage has stunned the country, not just because of the abuse, but because of the comments made by some of the assailants.
“*F*ck Donald Trump!” one attacker shouted in the video. “F*ck white people!”

Antonetti , the prosecutor, said the victim was forced to yell “I love black people” and “*F*ck Donald Trump!”

The kidnappers were all black and the victim was white.

Doesn’t this seem like a textbook hate crime to you?

How can there possibly have been any question about whether this crime was racially motivated?

The education system likes to preach that white people are always the bad guys. The media is filled with ridiculous statements about how other ethnicities can’t be racist against white people, but could it get any more obvious than in this attack?

Yet somehow, initially, officials were hesitant to name this a hate crime.

The Chicago Police Commander Kevin Duffin said:

“Although they are adults, they’re 18. Kids make stupid decisions — I shouldn’t call them kids; they’re legally adults, but they’re young adults, and they make stupid decisions,” Duffin said.

“That certainly will be part of whether or not … we seek a hate crime, to determine whether or not this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving.” (source)

Left-wing media spokespeople denied it too.

It’s probably no surprise that the left-wing talking heads tried to spin the whole thing too.

The ever-moronic CNN host Don Lemon said:

“I don’t think it’s evil…I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training. I say, who is raising these young people? I have no idea who’s raising these young people. Because no one I know on Earth who is 17 years old or 70 years old would ever think of treating another person like that. It is inhumane. And you wonder, at 18 years old, where is your parent? Where’s your guardian?” (source)

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