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Oh How The Heathen Rage And Imagine A Vain Thing

by Dr. Jim Garrow, via,

The rumours that swirl hither and yon in this day and age of deceit and deception are finding no greater friend than the mainstream media. They could not bring down the Donald in the election and so now they are resorting to a rearward action and starting rumours that once again have no substance.

The latest swill that we are expected to swallow is that the communications of President – elect Trump were compromised by the Russians. Now let me stop that one immediately and with some authority.

I suggested to Maj Gen Paul Vallely early in the run up to the choice of the Republican Party to have Mr. Trump champion their cause, that his communications needed to be protected by our Defence Enabling and Assisting Framework (DEAF) and thus ensure that his privacy was secure. DEAF was already known to Lt Gen Mike Flynn and had been praised for its abilities. So we daisy chained DEAF onto Flynn’s cell phone and then Trumps cell phone. Over 100 of Trumps immediate folks including his children had DEAF placed on their communications devices.

Let me be very clear, DEAF is unhackable, and as a result major leaders around the word seek to have it secure the communications devices that they use.

The reporters who are spreading the malicious untruths that Mr. Trump’s communications have been compromised are nothing more than gutter snipes and liars with an agenda that has nothing to do with reporting but more about smearing and undermining our next leaders ability to do his job well.

And by the way, as you read this is and question any patriotism that we might have, know this, we protected the future President and his entourage for free.

– Dr. Jim Garrow

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