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Obama: ‘Almost Every Country on Earth Sees America as Stronger and More Respected…Than 8 Years Ago’

by Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News:

In a letter to the American people explaining the progress he believes the nation has made under his leadership, President Barack Obama said today that “almost” the entire planet believes this nation has become stronger and more respected during his time in office.

“And almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago,” Obama said in his letter.

In making his case for this, Obama cited among other things what he believes to be the nation’s progress in Iraq and Afghanistan and in “breaking the back” of the Islamic State, and also the Iran nuclear deal, the opening of relations with the Communist government in Cuba and a global “climate agreement” that he believes “could save this planet for our kids.”

“We’ve drawn down from nearly 180,000 troops in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan to just 15,000,” Obama wrote. “With a coalition of more than 70 nations and a relentless campaign of more than 16,000 airstrikes so far, we are breaking the back of ISIL and taking away its safe havens, and we’ve accomplished this at a cost of $10 billion over two years — the same amount that we spent in one month at the height of the Iraq War.”

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4 comments to Obama: ‘Almost Every Country on Earth Sees America as Stronger and More Respected…Than 8 Years Ago’

  • Eric

    Maybe if you’re high on Red Bull.

  • Sergio

    Perception from down under; ” Get your hand off it, mate.”

  • KRELL427

    So that’s why China didn’t send stairs to his plane at the G20 and the President of the Philippines called him a son of a whore. Spin everything bath house Berry says 180° and will will get the real picture.

  • MarcS

    oshmama finally told the truth….

    Eight long years ago the liar in chief, murderer, racist, and traitor was selected president,
    and the world did see america as weak and not respected.

    Now eight long years later,
    Trump was elected president, and now the world sees america as strong and respected.

    Thank you oshmama for nothing, now get the fuck out of the white house.

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