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Nomi Prins-Financial Crash Possible in Last Quarter of 2017

from Greg Hunter:

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2 comments to Nomi Prins-Financial Crash Possible in Last Quarter of 2017

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    If Nomi Prins & Jim Rickards had a child, the kid would talk non stop, so fast, it would drive you insane. (can you imagine the massive irritation if Nomi Prins had the nasal-whiney-voice of Fran Drescher=”The Nanny”???) Hahahaha. My head would explode!

    Both of those people are very intelligent, FAST thinkers and a mouth that functions as fast as their brains (and neither one of them stumbles on their words or their thoughts).

    So much information that I’m gonna have to go back and try to listen to it again.

    The opposite type of “speaker” is John Williams (Shadow stats), as he continuously stumbles, pauses and has trouble stringing together his thoughts and words.

    I like the pace and clarity of speakers like David Morgan, Peter Schiff and Mike Maloney.


    Craig, you got it! A Mach 1 Speed-o Speaker!

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