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No Civilization Has Outlived its Food Supply | Joel Salatin

from Reluctant Preppers:

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1 comment to No Civilization Has Outlived its Food Supply | Joel Salatin

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That has got to be one of the most EXCELLENT headlines I have seen. Very thoughtful, insightful, and factual.

    That reminds me, if the weather permits me, I shall start planting some potatoes tomorrow.

    I’m gonna slice apart a couple of sweet potatoes, put them in a jar of water, and sprout them for clipping and growing the sprouts (slips).

    I’ve got a couple of avocado seeds set up for sprouting too. It’s time to start those spring plantings (indoors as needed).

    Order extra seeds because the bad years are coming. I wish that the Venezuelan people had prepped for the stuff that they are going thru. I’ll bet that they are starting to grow a lot more gardens than they used to grow.

    For us Americans who cannot legally raise chickens (the noise will get you busted), we COULD grow rabbits but also, as some SOUTH American areas, raise Guinea Pigs for meat. They are docile, small, and SILENT. It’s not common up here, but it’s something that works. (and it seems a lot nicer than the RATS that are popular in some Asian cultures.)

    I did a little bit of reading about raising Quail. That might be one of the less noisy birds. Raising Doves for meat is another possible thing.

    Those “Aquaponic” systems seems very interesting. Tilapia, blue gills, etc, and green plants, but it also seems like it can be very complicated.

    For everybody who has an acre or more, there are also goats, sheep, and miniature cattle. TOO bad those “mini-cows” are so expensive to buy a breeding pair.

    I don’t mention “pigs” because they can get away, go feral (hogs), and they are also very destructive to gardens and farm land, and when full grown, can be aggressive / dangerous…but they have always been a valuable livestock. (perhaps that is why some Asian cultures also raise DOGS for meat. Korgies would be the perfect “livestock” (meat) dog. Friendly & chunky and the perfect size for a nice BBQ.

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