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MORE OF THE SAME? Berlin & Instanbul — Ole Dammegard

from SGT

Independent researcher Ole Dammegard returns to SGT Report for Part 2 of our interview. In this segment, Ole raises some difficult questions about the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Berlin, and the nightclub terror attack in Instanbul. Please visit Ole at his website to support him with a donation, site membership and/or book purchase.

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99 comments to MORE OF THE SAME? Berlin & Instanbul — Ole Dammegard

  • fonestar

    who’s gonna go first?

    • Eric

      Soybean meal kicking ass. Glad I have some.

      Trump is kicking your ass too!

      I’m not a statist. I just like watching your Bitcoin scam go down in flames! 🙂

          • dan w

            Are you taking physical delivery of your soybean meal?


            • Eric

              There is no need. It’s already in physical form. Actually it’s not technically mine. But if soybean meal is going up, it’s better than watching corn go down for my family. Wish I knew how to produce ethanol because last year corm was way down while ethanol was way up. What does that tell you?

              Okay so I don’t really have any soybean meal. I did buy quite a few platinum and palladium coins however which are coming in quite handy right now. Check that chart again and you’ll see why. I couldn’t even find much for sale last night and the premiums are ridiculous. Sad that premiums seem to have risen on the Gold Buffalos too.

              If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

        • fonestar

          Trumpcoin will soon be a distant memory just like Kanyecoin.

          Bitcoin will still be here with us.

        • mike

          Sorry Eric you said $150 silver at 20 Trillion in national debt not 200(I apologize i knew it was some ridiculous amount) while fawning over your socialist golden God Trump. Here is also you denying you said 150 silver at 20 Trillion ON THE SAME POST!..It’s hilarious and this is proof you have syphilis rotting you brain. Might want to take Krell with you to the doctors so you both can get a prescription for Cyphro.

          So only 39 billion to go in Us debt folks to $150 silver”.”, because Eric knows..Ah hahaha.

          December 22, 2016 at 10:52 pm · Reply

          When the national debt hits 20 trillion, look for Trump’s infrastructure stimulus plan.

          Silver is going to $150/oz. with absolute ease! Stay patient and keep stacking real metal.

          fonemikestar should be here shortly to tell us about their new patio furniture. I hope they’re as happy when the bitcoin bubble pops.

          “As a reminder, back in 2013, the government classified bitcoin as a commodity and not currency, placing it outside the purview of the foreign-exchange regulator, the people said. That does not mean, however, that China is powerless at limiting bitcoin’s upside.”

          Good comments here…

          December 25, 2016 at 10:16 pm · Reply

          Gold is NOT money at all and it has never been honest money even when it was money lol. WAS as in past tense. Will you knock it off, all your idiot parroting when the debt reaches 20 trillion and silver is at $10 instead of your 150$ prediction?
          WHy would you even make a prediction like that when you dont value PMs in dollar terms? You are a living breathing (I think), contradiction.
          You a lemming parrot and that makes me sad for you…In a different life you would be following Jim Jones.
          Merry Christmas, for you I hope the new year brings you just a pinch of enlightenment.

          December 25, 2016 at 10:38 pm

          “Gold is NOT money at all and it has never been honest money even when it was money lol.”

          Reason #2 why mike should never be taken seriously.

          I never predicted Silver would be $150 when the debt reaches 20 trillion. I said it will go to $150/oz. with absolute ease. I know this because of many reasons….

          The monetary base has risen 5 fold, gross national debt has doubled, money velocity has been contracting, Silver is still trading at 1979 price levels, there are no large stockpiles of above ground Silver, JPM has 550 million ounces, GSR is currently 71:1 when historically it has always been closer to 20:1, there are still many short contracts that have to be covered, the CME inventory just isn’t there.

          Most importantly because it must rise in an epic short squeeze since it cannot go to zero in current federal reserve notes. When is irrelevant to me. I don’t think in terms of $$$. I think in terms of Gold, and use ratios which is a far more accurate way of forecasting.

          Poor mike 🙁 Still throwing darts at a board and hoping something sticks.

          I don’t celebrate Christ Mass really. I read the bible and study the life of Jesus then try to live my life accordingly each day. The Roman holiday of Christmas was created by the church transformed from Saturnalia. The new year doesn’t actually start until the spring equinox March 21.

          Not that I would expect you to know any of this.

          • Howard Roark

            BitCON IS the “dollar”…they both move together…


            • mike

              good Howard/ Eric that means the $10.00 i had in the bank 6 year ago now has the purchasing power of 100k since Btc and the dollar are one in the same?…That is what is called misinterpreting data which you morons are king.

              noun pre·dic·tion \pri-ˈdik-shən\
              Definition of prediction for English Language Learners

              : a statement about what will happen or might happen in the future

              : the act of saying what will happen in the future : the act of predicting something

              • Howard Roark

                “misinterpreting the data”…how so, what objective facts do you rely on?

                • mike

                  btc .001 to now $891. 1 dollar in the same time frame is still 1 dollar. Dont have to twist your mind to figure that out…And that is absolute fact BTW

                • Howard Roark

                  Yes, and 1 dollar of BTC today has the same buying power as a jew “dullah”, but only if you shop on…let’s see you trade in your bitCONS for kikes…I know well how that game works…yuge “fees” to change it into fiat

                  bitCON is illiquid and controlled or it would correlate precisely to dullah strength and weakness

                • Howard Roark

                  Yes, and 1 dollar of BTC today has the same buying power as a jew “dullah”, but only if you shop on…let’s see you trade in your bitCONS for kikes…I know well how that game works…yuge “fees” to change it into fiat

                  bitCON is illiquid and controlled or it wouldn’t correlate precisely to dullah strength and weakness…enjoy your chip “rebel”

                • mike

                  Howard that is just stupid..Dont forget your definitions…

                  noun pre·dic·tion \pri-ˈdik-shən\
                  Definition of prediction for English Language Learners

                  : a statement about what will happen or might happen in the future

                  : the act of saying what will happen in the future : the act of predicting somethingnoun pre·dic·tion \pri-ˈdik-shən\
                  Definition of prediction for English Language Learners

                  : a statement about what will happen or might happen in the future

                  : the act of saying what will happen in the future : the act of predicting something

                • Howard Roark

                  Deflected insult…paste…repeat…FAGGOT(there, I did it too)

        • mike

          noun pre·dic·tion \pri-ˈdik-shən\
          Definition of prediction for English Language Learners

          : a statement about what will happen or might happen in the future

          : the act of saying what will happen in the future : the act of predicting something

    • SGT

      I received this comment from Ole, it was sent to him by reader “WB” who couldn’t post it thanks to the stupid spam filter which continues to cause us problems. Here it is:


      Thank you Sean and Ole for an excellent interview. As for the implications, here in Finland the chemtrailing has been very bad since the beginning of the year, with low-flying planes and stuff that burns the nostrils and throat, and which you can smell, an irritating, orangey, somewhat sweet smell that makes the lungs ache and the heart race. I tried travelling to Moscow to escape the assault, only to find the low-flying airplanes and the same orangey burning smell. People in stores where coughing and clearing their throats, and they were hitting the suburbs every 20-30 minutes in the evenings. My friend had started warming her yoghurt, because she thought that her scratchy throat was a result of eating cold yoghurt. Incidentally, I saw a lot of RF towers right next to schools as well. But, this experience did completely cure me of the crafted notion that “Putin is fighting the New World Order” (at least in the sense of looking out for the best interests of the Russian people
      , among which I would go so far as to include not actively poisoning them). I really appreciate Ole’s way of laying out the facts and leaving the drawing of conclusions to the viewer.

      Please keep up the great work and consider having Dane Wigington on again.

      PS. I tried to post this comment through, but it returns an error (while the website loads just fine), so I had to post it via email. – WB

  • KRELL427

    Ole shit batman! The world is a stage.

    • Eric

      Guy in the comments section nailed it.

      Bitcoin is a “bubble gum fairy tale.”

    • mike

      And you are being played like a fiddle.

      • Eric

        Actually that’s you.

        • fonestar

          Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter are smart guys and understand the gold markets very, very well. And that’s not an easy thing to understand. I don’t even fully understand the gold markets (or the paper fraud markets). But that doesn’t mean these guys understand Bitcoin or computer science. This is a big world, not everyone can understand every moving part.

          • Eric

            And in mikes case… anything at all.

            • fonestar

              Clearly Mike has an understanding of computer science and networks, which is more than we can say for you.

              • Eric

                I highly doubt it. He can’t even read.

                Digital payment systems, computer science, and networks are not long term stores of value.

                • fonestar

                  They’re not? Because I know guys who bought telecom and IT stocks in the early days and did very, very well for themselves.

                  If it takes you “5000 years” to get rich I doubt many people are going to buy your newsletter.

                • Eric

                  And where are those stocks today? Did they have 80% price corrections like Bitcoin?

                • fonestar

                  How do you know what every investors risk and reward appetite looks like? Should a 25 year old who wants to make money invest the same as a 75 year old who wants to save his retirement? Should the 25 year old only buy things that are “5000 years old” like you and the fudds on Zerohedge suggest?

                  I know that if the 25 year old had listened to you guys over the past 5 years he would have lost LOTS of money. He would probably regret ever listening to you, but at least he would have a chance of making his money back. The 75 year old OTOH would be lucky to not be living on the streets and never make his money back!

                • Eric

                  If a 25 year old bought bitcoin on january 1st, 2014, he would have lost 83% of his investment over the next 12 months.

                  If he or anyone else had bought Gold and locked it away, he would likely still have a solid investment.

                • fonestar

                  Cherry picking numbers and dates again?

                  If I could get a “do over” on the last 5 years I would have gone balls deep in Bitcoin and ignored physical silver. Anybody with brains would have done the same.

                • Eric

                  Aren’t you doing the same?

                  Anybody with brains has enough common sense to know you don’t put all your eggs into one basket because no matter how much you think you know now, you didn’t know it then. If you could get a “do over” you would have grown some brains and built a time machine or a crystal ball. But you can’t.

                  When you master time and space or at least get a little better at it, then maybe you will find your “do over.”

                • fonestar

                  The past is the best indicator we have of future performance. Logically, nothing has changed in the past 5 years. Bitcoin will continue outperforming both gold & silver over the next 5 years.

                • Eric

                  In dollar terms yes that is probably true. But as I have said many times, the value of Gold is in the possession not the price. You can’t hold Bitcoin in physical form. It will not however in all likelihood outperform the price of Silver or Uranium producers as well as many other digital holdings of real assets.

                  The past is not predicative of the future. A better indicator is studying the trend.

                  Bitcoin is not insurance for when the SHTF. Now if you excuse me, I have coins to stack.

                • Eric

                  If you think nothing has changed in the past 5 years, you need to be more receptive to the energy and events taking place around you if you want to see where you will be in 5 years. It’s a global world now. When was the last time you travelled more than 10 miles?

                  Never get a do over with that reasoning.

              • Eric

                The price of the “cryptocurrency” rises and dips dramatically as computer hackers steal bitcoins, regulators threaten to scrutinize trading, and buyers and sellers swarm into and out of the market. In the past nine days alone, bitcoin is down more than 28%, and since 2012, it has dropped at least 10% in a single day 38 times.

    • Ed_B


      “The world is a stage.”

      Indeed it is. I just wish that it would decide once and for all whether it is a comedy, a farce, or a tragedy. My gut tells me that it is all of the above plus a horror movie as well. 🙁

  • mike

    Hmmm All Muslim attacks..Ambassador killed by ISIS the Saudi private army? Euland continuing to accept Muslim immigrants? Children everyday in euland raped an murdered by Muslims.
    Looks like TPTB aka Saudi Royal family, the power behind the power exposing themselves finally. TPTB loves this deflection by truth tellers with closed eyes.
    Bet rothchilds are on their knees Krelling prince bandar as we speak.

    In full disclosure had to stop listening to this interview. A little too nutty for me.

    Eric i agree after a normal correction in btc that took out 1 weeks worth of gains. Now the BTC is crashing up to $910.00 right now. Those btc fools.

    Hey did they ever find Paul? number 9 number9 number9

    • Eric

      Thanks Israel.

      mike.. do you know the difference between nominal terms and REAL terms?

      • mike

        Eric do you know the difference between fantasy and reality?

        There is a really good story called the emperors new clothes.Most kids have to read it but the basic premise is believe what is actually right in front of you and what you see with your own eyes..If you dont then your likely to be looking at a naked old fat man. In your case i understand why you cant open your eyes.You dont want to see thousands of naked fat men in front of you.You have invested too much time going to the ends of youtube for your research.Would be a shame if those millions of hours watching youtube were wasted by finding out a simple truth that would destroy your conclusions..

        On the good news front we are only 39 billion away from 20 trillion in national debt.Going to hold you to your prediction of $200 silver at 20 trillion national debt.Im excited, will sell it all! I hope all the exahustive youtube research you did finally pays off.

        Look lets call a truce, i think you have gone full retard and you feel the same. I dont care that your a gay with Krell. We will just never agree. So truce okay? no need to fill the board up with nonsense and i am sure others are sick of your bullying. If I see your post I will ignore it.If I write something you or krell disagree with, you can comment I dont care as long as it is not an attack,If you disagree just say I disagree, wont be a surprise coming from you and wont hurt my feelings.

        • Eric

          Yes I do. That’s why I stack real money. Not ‘fake munny cuz it spends.’

          How many islamic central banks do you know of? Please believe only what you can see. Then we can be rid of your stupid bullshit faster.

          This isn’t storytime on sesame street.

          When did I ever say $200 silver at 20 trillion national debt? I didn’t. You make EVERYTHING UP!

          How many bitcoins are held in reserve by central banks mike?

          “Let’s call a truce. But you are a retard.”

          Thanks but I have lots of fake friends. Even they have real money. Speaking of which I wonder how many physical blipcoins you are holding. I have 14 gold buffalo coins right here. I would make a deal with you but you are too sketchy and shady.

          You only get one reputation. And yours sucks fonestars ass.

          • mike

            Truce doesnt mean we are friends..I dont need anymore friends.
            Yes you did say $200 silver at 20 even denied saying it on the same post which was hilarious.
            I am going to abide by the truce because people are sick of you and dont want to see so many post about nothing.
            Eric i told you before I have tons of pms and a hell of a lot more than 14 buffaloes so im not interested.
            Currently i have less than 3 btc. Sean increased his position by double and now has 3. I told you before im not fully invested in btc so your relentless attacks on me over btc is just beyond hyper stupid and totally ignorant.Sean has more btc than i do you fool go attack him. Unlike you i see its potential and when i do sell stuff i sell for btc only. Your assumptions based on bad information are just so wrong about everything its mind blowing..

            • Eric

              mike, do you even know how much a metric ton is?

              Stop it with the horse shit. You do nothing but lie. If I said it, prove it. I didn’t so stop it.

              I have more than 14 buffalos. But I don’t have any PHYSICAL bitcoins because they don’t exist. So don’t come on here and say “only bitcoin is munny cuz it spends.” Everyone is sick of lies and bullshit.

              Sean tells the truth. You don’t. I don’t care how many bitcoins you have. I told you…try to get all of them. Just stop lying. And provide evidence to backup your argument. Or lack of.

              I’m not interesting is selling stuff. I’m interested in a store of value for my savings to protect myself. The same thing we have all been talking about here for years until you and foolstar come along and try to hype up your ponzi scam.

              Bullshit don’t walk around here gringo.

              • mike

                Eric you did say it..Then you denied saying it on the same post.The proof is in the archives go muddle through it yourself and see.It is a collection of 1 trillion eric comments.I Was going to but then realized I cant take that much mental insanity reading through all your comments this last month and a half to find it. I dont need to prove a thing to you.If you want the truth take some ginseng and remember or do the work yourself.You are the liar not me. 39 billion to go..$200 silver! Sweet.I am counting on your great work .I know you listen 24/7 to the most knowledgeable parrots youtube produces as your backbone research.Your entire digital reputation rides on this one.Good luck

                • Eric

                  The verification of proof is the responsibility of the accuser moron. You show me.

                  Since you lie about everything, and can’t even stay on topic, nobody should bother reading a word you write.

            • Hal

              Lol u talk all that mess and dont even have 3 bitcoins but have “tons” of pm? Wtf

              • Eric

                That’s because he’s a pathological liar.

                • mike

                  Eric I actually use btc for all the reasons you rail against banks.I use it all the time so the amount I have is in a state of constant flux. I have explained all of that before but we know you have a memory problem.
                  You are the vile liar not me.You are the one who should have received a traditional education instead of learning everything trough youtube. If you were educated you would know what a simple word like prediction meant instead of going off on an idiot rant denying your prediction, then admitting your prediction by denying it agian lol.

                • Eric


                  So you purchase groceries at the grocery store and gas at the gas station and eat out at a dozen different restaurants and coffee shops and buy toilet paper, laundry detergent, soap, razor blades, batteries, light bulbs and everything else and go to the dentist, and always pay with bitcoin? So you have an all digital currency then?

                  Do you live in Tel Aviv? And when will you be getting your RFID chip inserted?

              • fonestar

                Do you even understand how much 3 Bitcoin is?

                That is 300,000,000 satoshi! Consider the fact that the late adopters will probably be worth less than 100,000 satoshi in their entire lives and Mike will be a very, very wealthy man.

          • mike

            Saudi does have something far more powerful than a central bank..Something the central banks cannot exist without, their Achilles heel.. Its called the bank of oil, Ghawar Field. What is wrong with your head?

            • Eric

              And? Whats your point?

              They control the entire world because of it? lol.

              • mike

                If you do not understand oil is the true currency of the “elites” then you are totally lost. No control structures or or civilization could exist without it.It is the single most vital commodity.
                Your rothchilds may control western civilization but they do not control the world and most certainly not the oil, which means they are controllable by those that do control the oil.There are millions of examples right in front of your eyes but your hell bent on ignorance.
                Oil is the single most important commodity to control, not btc ,gold or silver and not paper dollars..We didn’t go to iraq because Saddam was selling oil for euros we went in because Saudi’s wanted Kirkuk and Tikrit, the 2nd largest oil fields.
                We are not protecting the fsa aka Al nusra front aka ISIS in Syria for some global NWO lol.We are there to protect and expand the Saudi’s interest.
                Why did we put the Bin Ladens on a plane the day after 9/11 to Saudi Arabia? Bandar Bush was calling the shots. You can have your opinions and they reflect perfectly the new accepted opinions of the misinformation truth tellers. It like you guy started waking up found your god to explain the thunder then went right back to sleep? There powerful people calling the shots. The Saudis are the top of that food chain not the Rothschild.The Rothchilds have nothing compared to the LIFEBLOOD the Saudi’s control..The spice, nuff said.

                • Eric

                  Oil isn’t durable, convenient, consistent, or very limited in quantity.

                  (1) It must be durable, which is why we don’t use wheat or corn or rice.

                  (2) It must be divisible, which is why we don’t use art work.

                  (3) It must be convenient, which is why we don’t use lead or copper.

                  (4) It must be consistent, which is why we don’t use real estate.

                  (5) It must possess value in itself, which is why we don’t use paper.

                  (6) It must be limited in the quantity that is available, which is why we don’t use aluminum or iron.

                  (7) It should have a long history of acceptance, which is why we don’t use molybdenum or rhodium.

                  Only GOLD and SILVER fit all seven characteristics.


                • mike

                  Didnt say oil was money…It is far more, it is pure power in every sense of the word. It enables every aspect of civilization.It allows currency to hold value as in petro dollar etc. The Saudis have the Rothschilds and the us gub by the nuts. Not sure honestly why you would choose to ignore that? Anyway sick of talking about it with you since your not interested and just trolling..If you feel you have to respond then YOU respond. Copy and pasting parrot links that have absolutely nothing to do with what i said is unacceptable. I dont care what ranting Andy’s definition of money is and that is a strange link for you Eric in particular to post? Since Andy loves the btc calls it the destroyer of central banks..

                • Eric

                  Then how come the Rothchilds own the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency?


                  Afghanistan: Bank of Afghanistan
                  Albania: Bank of Albania
                  Algeria: Bank of Algeria
                  Argentina: Central Bank of Argentina
                  Armenia: Central Bank of Armenia
                  Aruba: Central Bank of Aruba
                  Australia: Reserve Bank of Australia
                  Austria: Austrian National Bank
                  Azerbaijan: Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic
                  Bahamas: Central Bank of The Bahamas
                  Bahrain: Central Bank of Bahrain
                  Bangladesh: Bangladesh Bank
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                • mike

                  and yet they make paper and have zero control of the power. Saudis power would not exist without the current paradigm and neither would the banks.They feed off each other but the underlying power is oil and gives the Saudi’s enormous power.
                  Rothchilds do paper, Saudi’s do oil. Ying and yang

                • Eric

                  Saudi Arabia only accounts for 22% of world crude oil reserves.


                  What about the other 78% mike? Are they hiding under your bed too?

                • Eric

                  Actually less since that is 22% of OPEC not all reserves.

        • KRELL427

          Verbal diarrhea can be defined in a variety of ways, such as:

          • The non-stop flow of words, namely verbs, from the sufferer’s mouth.

          • A serious disease which, once it has control of a person, causes them to spew forth incoherent babble from the bowels of the voicebox. Often extremely frustrating for the observer.

          • a chronic inability to say something in less than a page when one sentence would suffice.

          • The spouting of a person who cannot control his random thoughts from exploding.

          • What happens when someone speaks their mind without any filter; the consequences can be profoundly funny or insulting to the person listening

          • uncontrollable crap that people say

          • The frequent and excessive auditable discharge of the mouth producing abnormally thin and diluted substance.

          • talking too much and saying little of value; usually the symptom of ignorance or lack of relevant input

          • fonestar

            So are you saying to stay away from the Zerohedge comment section then? With what is possibly the biggest collection of fucking dunces the Internet has ever seen, spewing verbal diarrhea 24/7?

            • KRELL427

              That to, but no this comment is aimed directly at Mike.

              • Eric

                “The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has warned Nigerians against the use of virtual currencies, including bitcoin, ripples, litecoin.

                In a statement yesterday, CBN said virtual currencies are largely used in terrorism financing and money laundering,…”


                • mike

                  Good thing you’re heeding the advice from that most respected institution, CBN..Not exactly sure why you keep posting links about how Gubs and central banks hate btc..That is the point of btc.You’re finally starting to get it.

                • Eric

                  Hey dum dum.

                  Who are you terrorizing today?

                  Too bad you can’t be do something more productive than whatever kind of criminal activity you are involved in.

                  Not to worry. I’ll expose your lack of knowledge about everything again today if I have to.

      • mike

        Here is a great site if your interested in the real world…Sean should add it to his links.

        • KRELL427

          Looks like it suits your IQ level.

          • Eric

            Dumber than a Saudi who drops his passport outside the world trade towers 2 minutes after they are control demolitioned.

            It’s a wonder if mike even knows how to feed himself.

          • mike

            Krell, good news for you my winners demand for proving Eric is a most unclean vile liar is for this next month you remain the topper in your relatioship with Eric…Your welcome.I do expect you both to take some cyphro for your syphilis..Its really effecting Eric now….Not judging you guys just want you to be as healthy as possible in the brain.
            I understand your Canadian so my opinions of you are judged using a retard curve when grading your comments. Thats why I go easy on you, you dont know any better.

            As far as that website goes click religion.They document all the stories you never hear.It will open even your Canadian eyes to the real invasion.Bill still even documents the invasion.Bill still is pretty grumpy to new ideas just like you and your life mate Eric..If there is any particular pronoun you would like me to use when addressing you like transmasculin,girl or whatever just let me know.I dont judge.

  • Howard Roark

    fonemikestar…the all-day sucker…see BTC\dollar chart below, their values shadow each other PRECISELY…so much for it being “independent” and “free”…spikes, drops both move together

    • fonestar

      fonestar will joo you and your mother out too Howard.

      • Eric

        Early adopters of Bitcoin take something that has NO INTRINSIC value,
        Build up the PERCEIVED value to an unsuspecting public,
        Only to sell that scam to the greater fool for something that has REAL value.

        Bitcoin crashed 94% in 2011, 51% in 2012, 23% in 2013, another crash of 80% in 2013, and 83% throughout all of 2014.
        Bitcoin is NOT sound money.

        • mike

          So you do understand perception of value is what gives something value…Looks like I am starting to rub off. Couldn’t have said it better myself..Still wrong about btc but right on perception..Props, your getting there:)Starting to sound like me!

          • Eric

            “All value is subjective when “value” initiates – always.”


            Since you have no understanding of markets, geopolitics, history, finance, or the laws of economics, you will continue to guess and convince yourself that your bias is your reality.

            Lots of luck buddy.

            • Millicent

              You are a Fool… A pathetic PM cheerleader who will be left with nothing when this present paradigm plays itself out.

              You are Dr. Goldenstein’s Igor, “I need a brain…”

              • Eric

                lol. Was that your uninformed opinion?

                That’s funny. To kooky old cat lady, a stack of Silver and a box of Gold are nothing.

                They aren’t called “PM’S.” They’re called “MONEY!”


                What books do you read Millicent? A fool doesn’t read or study anything with any seriousness.

                “The more you read, the less apt you are to make a fool of yourself with your pen or word processor.” -Stephen King

                Better luck next time.

              • Eric

                “Those who fret the decline in the Gold price, don’t really understand Gold.” -Ian McAvity

              • mike

                Eric is a pm zealot..He lies a lot as pointed out above. I think he is finally starting to come into understanding of what words mean such as perception and prediction. He used to say I was stupid for saying perception is what gives something value.Then on this post he explains how perception gives value to btc lol hahaahaha.I am finally breaking through that rock of a brain of his with common logic and he is1 now parroting me lol.Then he post links to a sub Saharan African central bank and how they warn against btc..I know even eric cant be that stupid, had to be a joke.
                So slowly he is starting to understand.Just have to keep on top of him.Think in a few years he might actually post some intelligent comments.

              • Eric


                How pathetic your life must be to spend so much time on here lying about me all the time while subconsciously talking about yourself. You clearly need to go to the head doctor.

                • mike

                  You are intellectually dishonest. It is you that spends 24/7 here attacking people and calling them names not me.99% Of all my post are concentrated specifically defending my comments from you at Your request! krell, howards are also bad people but not nearly as bad as you.Think they will learn from your dismantling…Attacks not I disagree type comments is all your capable of. 99% of all archived comments is you going on your zealot rampage. The only thing i do is deliver a dose of your own medicine much more effectively proven by you own arguments that have transitioned into my arguments.As proof I will on every post demonstrate your hypocrisy with you own comments.Your own own comments show clearly your a lemming zealot. The next one is a biggie :)my finest work yet
                  It is you that attacks instead of being a normal human being and that is going to stop.

                • Eric

                  Okay mike, Is that why you always call me a “parrot?” Or a “lemming zealot?” Neither of which is an argument.

                  What have I been dishonest about? Please detail your work and I will correct you again for the trillionth time.

                  Look, I don’t expect you to know anything since you don’t read or study or question anything. But saying “only bitcoin is money cuz it spends” and just repeating it over and over and over (like a parrot) is about as intellectually dishonest as one can be. That kind of logic stems from a failure to learn where money comes from in the first place.

                  What books do you read mike? I am currently reading 4.

                • mike

                  Oh forgot about the Truce…Will only post in defense from a clear attack or a request from you to show proof of what you said. No need to poison the comment section unnecessarily.Your the one that requested me to prove your prediction of $150 silver at 20 trillion national debt.You own that prediction..I didnt want to prove it thinking you would look for yourself and save some embarrassment but you insisted.Who knows you might be right? I am being honest i hope you are right.I will sell it all in a heart beat and so will millions around the world saturating the market and causing the price to drop..Billions of ozs. It wont be at 150 long.
                  I was mistaken about saying it was a $200 silver prediction and apologized. Turned out to be $150. You said so many silly things it is hard to commit to memory verbatim what you have said.

                • mike

                  I just started reading Mikey Crichton State of fear..Pretty good but all of Mikey’s books are very entertaining.That is the book I am currently reading as of this very moment in time. Yes i do like something entertaining from time to time.Just finished Eric Hiscock Cruising Under Sailing great book,inspirational if your interested in sailing. It’s an old book, heard about but never read until recently,,I think your fishing for my complete reading history? That would be impossible for anyone to list..Why not ask have you read this book about X?

                • Eric

                  Once again dumbshit… that is NOT what I said as you posted above.

                  What books are you reading? You obviously didn’t pass the 3rd grade!

                  Did your teacher lock you in the bathroom because you kept sucking your thumb instead of learning that 2+2 = 4 ???

                  You are a total psychopath!

                  Cruising under Sailing? haha. What does that have to do with money or economics? You live in pure fiction.

                  mikebot is terminated.

                • mike

                  Eric you asked what books i read lol….I can only read one thing at a time.I dont have 8 eyeballs that allows me to Read 4 different books at once like you and an some insects.I answered your question what i am currently reading ah haha.Sailing has everything to do with what I do..If you wanted to know what economic books you should have asked, have you read this book about x? I have read so many books on a variety of different subjects it would impossible for me to list.In fact there are many books I would have to be reminded I even read them….You should read some books on how to communicate with humans….Seriously.

                  You couldn’t resist lol…Predictable.
                  listen to your golden god and be unpredictable.

                • Eric

                  well maybe you should read some economics books before you start talking out of your ass and making up numbers. ya think?

  • knowtoomuch

    Even Donald Duck’s uncle is warning for the Coming Disaster at 17min32sec ! ! !

    So be prepared for being trumped 😉

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