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Journalists Targeted for Death by “Deep State”

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Radio talk show host Alex Jones talks about how journalists are being targeted for death in latest video

(INTELLIHUB) — Radio talk show host Alex Jones lays it all on the table in his most recent video posted to YouTube.

In the video, Jones says that they are trying to shut down “the free press” and that political operative Roger Stone was ‘poisoned with polonium by the Deep State.’

Jones also made mention of how DNC staffer “Seth Rich was shot in the back” for leaking information to Wikileaks.

Jones also said that “they’ve just got themselves all hyped up into a frenzy” and that “Loretta Lynch” with “the Justice Department” is even investigating him.

“We have even caught them planting fake stories on the site. I mean it has been like a James Bond movie folks,” Jones said. “It’s a big, big, deal.”

“I was told by multiple sources that Hillary is who you have to worry about if she loses — and Soros and these people.”

“Man I have to tell you it’s just incredible,” said Jones while driving down the road.

Jones is currently on his way to D.C. to attend the DeploraBall despite the risks which he announced on his show Tuesday.

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