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John Harwood Asks: “Do You Believe Wikileaks or US Intel Officials?”

from ZeroHedge:

CNBC Political reporter, friend of Hillary, and Democratic Party sycophant John Harwood took to Twitter last night to ask:

“Who do you believe America? Wikileaks, or US Intel Officials?”

The response, which emerged from his immediate following which one would surmise, should gravitate toward Harwood’s liberal ideology and thus respond in a way Harwood expected, was yet another slap in the face for the establishment’s perspective on how the world should really run.

This merely confirms Lou Dobbs’ survey from earlier in the week.

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2 comments to John Harwood Asks: “Do You Believe Wikileaks or US Intel Officials?”

  • randy0302

    He is completely out of touch to even ask this question publicly? He really doesn’t know……lol

    • Ed_B

      Agreed. In fact, when I am watching TV and this creature comes on the screen, I change the channel immediately. He has ZERO credibility after the stunts he pulled during the 2016 elections. He is so far from objective reporting than he can’t even see it from where he is, IMO.

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