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Is The West A Capitalist Society?

by Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

I had to laugh at these silly ladies dressed up as pink viginas.

Holding their protests against Donald Trump, who by the way was not elected as POTUS by an all male, all white electorate.

He was elected by a demographically representative proportion of the US population which included a large number of women, blacks and Latinos.The only people who were left out were the Native Americans. But then they do not have representation in the Senate or the Congress either, which does not say much about American Democracy….

If a proper study was done, the large majority of people who voted for Trump were females, blacks and Latinos. This group as a whole, far outnumbers the white males who voted for him. But I digress.

What really made me laugh was this group of protesters and the sign which reads:

War, Racism, Poverty…. Capitalism MUST GO!

These women have obviously got their heads stuck up… well you know where…. and cannot see straight.


I hate to break the news to them, but:


In a capitalist society, anyone can own property, can open up their own business, small, medium and large. And more important, checks and balances by the government ensure that no one entity has a monopoly on any industry and that collusion between entities and price rigging is a criminal offense. The government also ensures that loans are made available for the populace to start their own business at low-interest rates.

In a capitalist society the taxes paid by the population go towards affordable education, health care, security, public transport, roads, bridges and dams. Taxes are also used to ensure affordable electricity and water supplies. The government takes steps to use tax payer’s money so that all these services are cheap and affordable and in a properly run country are free. The money needed for these services is provided through a healthy capitalist society where competition and supply and demand determine price structures and the cost of living.

So what is the West?


TheNewSceintistmg21228354.500-3_600Over the last 30 years large corporations in most countries have made it prohibitive for small and medium business to survive.

Politicians have been paid off to pass legislation that has made it almost impossible for them to continue to function. Companies like Wall Mart have gobbled up all retail. Monsanto has stripped the small and medium scale farmer and taken over with corporate farming practices and the patenting of all food sources.

The banks no longer offer affordable low-cost loans. As a result, all these small and medium businesses have vanished and slowly but surely been taken over by a handful of corporations with a monopoly that controls more than 40% of the world’s economy.

And what is more, many of them are registered in offshore bank accounts and do not pay taxes in the countries in which they operate. They call this ” free trade.”

Prices are not set by  healthy competition and supply and demand, but by tenders way above the cost of production that ensures very large profit margins. This is not ” making a living.” This is theft, pure and simple. And with no competition from other suppliers  at more affordable prices, they can get away with it.

Governments no longer provide affordable education, health care, security, public transport, roads, bridges and dams. Instead bought and paid for politicians now ” outsource’ these services to the same corporations who now have guaranteed income paid for with tax payers money and run at far higher profit margins that also ends up in their offshore bank accounts. The result is that the tax paying public over the last 30 years, has seen their salaries diminish and not keep up with the rate of inflation while the cost of living has sky rocketed through the roof.

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