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1 comment to India’s Caste System, Social Inequality and Demonetization

  • GinJohnny

    India was “Colonised”/Enslaved for more than 300 years by “The British Raj”, which was “managed”/administered by “The Scots/S.Amerika-there-they went and The Irish/N.Amerika-there-they-went Raj”. You know, those so-called Humans who are amenable to Dem Kibbutzims, aka Malevolence [and Who has NOTHING to do with Jews or Jewish Culture other than The Latter being “Convenient Bystanders” for Division to work Its Maagik on The self-Divided Human].

    As the result of this Enslavement, aided by the creation of A British Gin-Johnny Class of Indians whose penchant for “adopting” Christian names via being Fully-Subscribed Membars to some Hill-Station Klub [in addition to the mindless pursuit of “Cricket”], established the institution of The English/”Bristish” Cuture whereby such niceties/legends as “Da Caste System” and “Da Dowry System” became mainstream Indian Culture.

    The nett result of these activities is the liberation to “The West” of “The Guru System” whereby Wickedness, via mystifying some Mumbo-Jumbo/Konfusion [like it is being done now, perhaps], is able to push many British Raj Frivolity & Nonsense into Indian Facts.

    Before The Advent of The British Raj System, there was NO Caste System in India other than Humans being Of Benevolence/The-Spiritually-Benevolent or Of Malevolence/The Materially-Blinded. The Blind-Blindedness of “Being Saved by Christianity” is so virulent that Westernised Indian Gin-Johnnies are able to declare, with 101.23% certainty, that when The Bristish massacred 100’s of Indians, for example, their “Indian Supporters” are able to maintain “Law & Order”. Yes, “They Shouldn’t have Revolted”. How velly hee-hee, haw-haw. “Gin, anyone?”, so enquired Johnny Singh.

    India is The Land of The Saint/”Kundalini”. As it is now, that is being threatened by Da Modernistic Indian Gin-Johnny – to the point that “The Caste System” and other fables are now part of Indian Culture. You know, when, “You Are Either Saintly or Materialistic”, had resulted in The Low Caste “migrating” to, say, Romania, thereby “flooding” Europe with “Gypsies”. Just look at said, “Romanian Gypsies”. They are actually “Low Caste”/English-Raj Indians.

    Now, what else is new? How about, “Draining The Swamp” by Swampy, no less, with The Vacuously Parroting sqwarking with Konfidence about, “Making Amerika Great Again”. But not when Truth will be Great Again after The End/”Second Coming of Jesus Christ”. Afterall, for Justice to be Absolute, The Cry for Revenge of The Genocided, Enslaved and Plundered have to be addressed, is it not? Unless there is only Might-is-Right. You know, when Kibuttzimmerism is The Mostest, The Bestest and The Greatest. Is it not “Heaven Sent” that Divinity is Unconditionality before The Advent of The End? But not when there is still the need to, “Drain the Swamp”. Of course.

    The beauty of The Spiritual being “Infinte” to The Materialised is that Reality will not be visible unless and until Benevolence/The-Love-Within had become A Part of The Individual. Then, Posturing and Hypocrisy and other Kibuttzimmerisms/Religions&Religiosities will not work. This is because The Divine, in addition to being The Energy Creator, is also OmniPotent, OmniScient and OmniPresent. You know, when being “Almighty” is NOT being Conditional [other than being Unconditional]. But how will The Blind-Blinded [by “Thought”] be able to realise so? Perhaps via another War liberated by some WarMonger, self-certified as being some PeaceMaker, who will magikally turn Night into Day. But then, Malevolence is not The Innately Cruel-Cunning, in addition to being The Joker, for nothing.

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