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If The CIA’s Coup of Trump Succeeds, Expect Re-education Camps & The Move “To Eliminate 25 Million People” To Begin

Confirmed: C.I.A. Attempting Coup Against Trump Presidency

from The Alex Jones Channel:

The CIA is doing everything they can to try and stop Donald Trump from being sworn in as President of the United States.

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32 comments to If The CIA’s Coup of Trump Succeeds, Expect Re-education Camps & The Move “To Eliminate 25 Million People” To Begin

  • f16hoser

    It’s time to Disband the Bush’s CIA

  • AgShaman

    It will take some kind of fluke of nature to “dis-lodge” the Death Cult that is the Deep State…they literally have partnership with the planet’s elite families.

  • fonestar

    Alex Jones = Confirmed Controlled Opposition

  • mike

    They seem to have lost all imagination. The cia is not going to coup Trump in my opinion…The cia is desperately trying to get some dirt to save their jobs and this last golden shower thing is the nail in their coffin..They like high class call girls not street walkers and they like eating Stake on your dime not pork and beans. These guys are just career bureaucrats..They have an Sop to follow and do not have the ability mentally to stray from it.Just think about the Dmv lady, she doesn’t want the world she just to get paid for being rude, doing nothing and miring people in paperwork.Same with these guys, plus they just provide perpetually bad intel. Their gravy train is derailing and they are freaking.I can almost guarantee Trump is going to purge the abc’s bigly.

    • fonestar

      I think that you’re right Mike. IMHO, all of this anti-Trump BS from the “establishment” and media is contrived, faux rage. These people monitor public perception in real time and they will be ahead of the curve when sentiment changes. So if you’re feeling all anti-establishmenty when you wake up? Ta da! The establishment will be there with a candidate for you that will say everything you want to hear (and probably change nothing).

        • KRELL427

          Ta da! The establishment will be there with a candidate for you that will say everything you want to hear (and probably change nothing).

          So they gave them a “revolutionary fiat currency” and its worth nothing.

          • mike

            well in a few days we will see who is correct. The cia can not coup the country..Too many variables and a coup in the us would put every single American in danger including everyone at the cia and their family’s. Like I said they are bureaucrats that live high off the hog (hog in this case is the taxpayer) and they would not risk their gravy train. I would even argue the Cia would stop any attempted coup not because it is the right thing to do but because they will do anything to protect their bread and butter.They will keep farming their hogs.

      • mike

        Trump has already said he wants torture,regulate the internet,build up the war machine and transform the US into a prison by cutting off access.He then wants a crony Us by going against free trade, destroying competition through regulation like a border tax so the us worker does not have to compete. Trump is going to hand out like candy a lot more contracts for dyncorp,Kbr and a million other crony capitalist contractors not to mention the incredible amount of fiat is going to be needed. Krell and Eric are not for freedom they are simply neocon partizan zealots. You can not ignore what trump said. If anything the cia and other abc’s love the guy. Trump may purge the dem partizans but will bring us into a world of unchecked world policing, police state and lots of new private prisons.

        • KRELL427

          You are a moron Mike. Take your blinders off.

          • Eric

            Bitcoin down 16% YTD
            Silver up 5% YTD

            mike is too mind controlled to know what true freedom looks like. There is no hope for him.

            • mike

              silver $16 btc $815
              5% of nothing is nothing lol


              btc up 80,000 times NOT % in only 5 years?

              You’re truly precious in your math skills.

              • Eric

                mike, you are dumber than a libtard on crack.

                If you think Silver is nothing, then sell it! I’ve been telling you to sell it for a year now and yet all you do is complain about the U.S. DOLLAR price.

                Funny this Silver Eagle in my hand which says “ONE DOLLAR” on it and used to sell for $3.00 U.S. DOLLARS now sells for over $19.47 U.S. DOLLARS.


                Silver is NOT “down 300% in 5 years.” You can’t even perform basic arithmetic. You continue to prove how you have NO knowledge of markets, money, history, or economics.

                80,000 times. lol. Please purchase a $2.00 calculator with bitcoin if you can find someone who is willing to exchange something of value for something without value. You desperately need one.

                Silver is massively undervalued, underowned, and underpriced and worth exchanging paper money for. Digital blips on a screen which sell for $815…well you can throw your savings away if you want. I hope you do because it will be funny to watch. 80,000 times stupid is still dumber than a bag of rusty bent nails.

                • mike

                  Eric btc went from under a penny to 815 currently. that is 80000 times actually more.
                  So you could be up 80000 times in 5 years by buying btc or down 3x’s by buying Silver..your calculator is broken.

                • Eric

                  Did you buy into it at one penny mike? What price did you get in at? You are behind the curve bigtime. My long term time horizon is longer than 5 years.

                • Eric

                  By the way, you can’t be down “3x’s or 300%.” If you were dumb enough to go all in at $50/oz. and Silver is now at $20/oz., then the dollar price is down 60%, not 300%.

                  Allow me to demonstrate for your dim mind…

                  $50 X .40 = $20.00


                  60% of $50 = $30 and $50 – $30 = $20.00.


                  Also, stop looking at the COMEX price and start living in the real world please.

          • mike

            Krell you are the actual definition of a moron…Did you not listen to Trump?
            How is he going to expand the military without contractors?..The Gub doesn’t build weapons and ships contractors do. How is Trump going to get reliable intel without torture and using the same people to fight the war against fake terrorism?…How is Trump going to protect American workers, the worst in the world without massive regulation and attacking the free market?How is trump going to pay for this new massive expansion of gub power? Is he really going to threaten the fiat dollar and his own savings and business legacy? Trump is no one just another politician. Already breaking campaign promises..You are truly dull.

            Just FEW questions to ponder.

            • Eric

              mike, Did YOU not listen to Trump?

              Watch and learn. Maybe one day you will be able to answer one of your own questions. There’s a Tijuana crackwhore somewhere that is looking for a ponzi scheme called bitcoin. Maybe you can help him out and make a deal.

              • mike

                Trump piper leading his sheep Eric. There has got to be at least 4 people acting as the Eric entity.Patrolling the sgt report 24/7 to attack anyone going against the narrative.

                You are a regular republican neocon. Only way to explain how you can blindly support a liberal crony capitalist collectivist Zionist neocon.I thought the jews were bad according to your antijew rants?, congratulations you just handed the Jews tons of money,material,power over your life and support. Yor’re used to shilling for the jew bankers by attacking btc so really no surprise.You are a jew, never doubted it.

  • fonestar

    Wrong again. It was not “them” and nobody “gave us” Bitcoin, which is also, not a fiat currency. You need a better proof-reader.

  • Jacobson

    Where is he?
    The King Of The Blog!

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