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I Have Never Done This Before!

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Yes, I know…it’s a very provocative title – which I’ll get to momentarily.  However, in the context of its subject – the desperation of the collapsing “powers that be” to preserve a dying status quo; in which the “1%” maintain the world’s power and wealth, at the expense of an increasingly angry “99%”; their attempts to buy a few more nanoseconds via unprecedented levels of market manipulation have never been more obvious, for the entire world to see.

And nowhere more so, than in the fraudulent; fractional-reserved; massively naked shorted; and for all intents and purposes, unregulated paper markets for the historical mortal enemy of fiat currency.  I.e., the “once and future kings” of wealth storage, which have defeated potential destroyers at every turn for more than 3,000 years – physical gold and silver.

Which consequently, have become so scarce, their inevitable, Waterloo-like victory will be more powerful than any in financial market history – especially because, in Bitcoin, they now have an equally powerful monetary ally – to divert said “powers that be,” and force them to fight not one, but two unwinnable battles.

Consider yesterday’s unconscionably blatant attempts to enforce “Cartel Rule #1” – i.e., “thou shalt not allow PM’s to soar whilst the Dow plunges” – on yesterday’s first material equity down day of 2017.  Of course, said “plunge” was “miraculously” contained, as usual, at the PPT’s “ultimate daily limit down” of exactly -1%; bottoming at exactly the 10:00 AM EST time stamp characterizing the age-old “dead ringer” algorithm; which just happens to coincide with the Fed’s daily, covert “open market operations”; which just happen to coincide with the Cartel’s historic “key attack time #1”; which just happens to coincide with the London PM Fix; which just happens to mark the end of the global trading day for physical gold and silver.

On a day when every imaginable “outside market factor” was on gold and silver’s side, the Cartel started by capping gold at the key round number of $1,200/oz for the 173rd Sunday night of the past 181 weeks; then again, at the “2:15 AM” EST open of the London pre-market paper trading session – for the 778th time in the past 896 trading days; and finally, with the “12:00 PM EST cap of last resort” algorithm – via a prototypical “Cartel Herald” algorithm.  And again this morning at 2:15 AM EST, in an increasingly futile attempt to prevent the inevitable outbreak of gold and silver fever we all know is coming.  Which may well commence soon; as clearly, PMs again bottomed in late December.   To wit, both are trading well above their 50 day moving averages of $1,177/oz and $16.66/oz, respectively; with their 200 day moving averages of $1,267/oz and $17.92/oz dead ahead; followed by the inevitable; massively bullish; potentially historic crossovers of their 50 month moving averages – for gold, at $1,269/oz; and silver, $18.82/oz.

But lo and behold, what’s this I see as I write at 8:00 AM EST?  Gold back up to $1,205/oz, silver at $17.40/oz, and the dollar index – despite both the Euro and Yen on the verge of Central bank orchestrated destruction – having just fallen to its pre-Trump breakout level, at the key round number of 100.0!  This, just one daybefore the Fed meets, with interest rates again failing to eclipse the 2.5% “nuff said” level that has become the new “economic destruction line in the sand” – given how it is simply NOT POSSIBLE for the economy, or the government (particularly with an historic “debt ceiling showdown” set to commence next month) to function with rates any higher.

And by “no longer function,” I mean that meaningless “soft data” surveys – like LOL, the same surging “consumer confidence” indices that gave false hope at the start of the Obama Presidency (particularly when he immediately enacted the ill-fated “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”) will shortly fall back to the levels of the decidedly ugly hard data that hasn’t increased a whit.  To that end, not only was 2016 the weakest year for economic “growth” in Obama’s Presidency – which I say in quotes, as if real accountingwere used, it would indicate a massive recession; but Obama’s Presidency featured the lowest economic growth in U.S. history; and the lowest wage growth, labor participation, and home ownership in decades; as well as the highest amount of multiple, part-time job holders, entitlement recipients, student loans, and Federal debt, to name but a few ignominious superlatives.

Despite the massive, myriad amount of “PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish” factors to report on – as I did, en masse, this weekend; I’m going to focus solely on the one which, in the big picture, may well represent the most dangerous, deleterious transformation the world has undergone since World War II.  Which is, the destruction of “world order” that was created in its wake – when first, the Bretton Woods Agreement established the dollar as the new “reserve currency” in 1944; second, the U.S. reneged on said agreement by abandoning the gold standard in 1971; and finally, it’s solidification – for the ensuing four decades – of said “reserve status” when it agreed to “protect” Saudi Arabia circa 1975, in return for exclusive “petrodollar” status.

And by destruction, I truly mean destruction.  As not only are the crony capitalists, Central bankers, and politicians being serially removed, but in many cases the proverbial “pitchforks” are coming out.  Since last June’s BrExit; and arguably, late 2015’s Catalonia’s soon-to-be-enacted secession referendum; the gates of revolution have been opened, with Donald Trump’s “unexpected” victory blowing the doors off.  And frankly, what we are seeing in the immediate aftermath – before any actual policy is enacted, is truly a terrifying sight to behold.  As not only is he, for all intents and purposes, annihilating the status quo, but creating powerful new friends; and unfortunately, far more powerful enemies.  Which will only become more vicious, and violent as “Economic Mother Nature’s” full, and total revenge is unleashed, on the last vestiges of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme.

Today’s very, very important topic, regarding what I have “never done before.”  Which is, in roughly 13 years of penning public missives on such topics, actually writing of the same topic two days in a row.  As frankly, yesterday’s “a nation – and world – divided” just wasn’t enough, to demonstrate just how terrified I have become of the widespread social unrest I anticipate – both here, and in dozens of countries whose currencies, hopes, and dreams have already died on the vine.

Just seeing the firestorm of violent public resistance, and support, of Donald Trump – who, in just a few months’ time, has already become the most polarizing figure in U.S. political history – I cannot help but fear the worst.  Yesterday’s government firings; resignations; and in one particular case, mutiny; are in my view, mere appetizers of what’s to come.  Let alone, the emerging California secession movement and the now 1.4 million strong petition to bar Trump from entering the UK – which will shortly be debated in Parliament.  All this, catalyzed by a relatively inconsequential “immigration ban” – of a handful of nations who are clearly our mortal enemies, whose refugees will only put further strains on the increasingly irreversible welfare state America has become; which even Trump, “capitalist” as claims to be, has no plans of, or ability to, dismantle.

From an economic standpoint, the following response to last month’s Dallas Fed Manufacturing survey says everything you need to know about where the economy is headed.

President Trump looks to do things that will be favorable for business, which would improve employment and growth if successful. However, protesters are all over the place, so I tend to think that will cause trouble for the country and for business.”

However, it’s the political, social, and monetary directions I fear far more; as over the coming four years, my very, very strong belief is that the catastrophic ramifications of 45 years of monetary destruction are about to be unleashed on the world – and massively overinflated financial asset markets – like never before.  This, at a time when the historically best ways of protecting oneself from such cataclysm – physical Precious Metals – are currently, care of 45 years of official price suppression, both qualitatively and quantitatively , asinexpensive as at any time in modern times.

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24 comments to I Have Never Done This Before!

    • Eric

      Gold is the ultimate global currency, the purest form of money, the best store of value, an easy medium of exchange, a good unit of account, the perfect form of reserves, and it fits comfortably into my pocket.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    ….but but but…what about the more than 3000 different forms of “cryptocurrencies”?

    When I searched for a List of cryptocurrencies, I was kinda shocked to see the list is more than 3000 long. Plenty of stories about the “top 100”. It was fun to do a bit of reading on them.

    Even though Bitcoin is the biggest, it is clearly not anonymous. (There are other “cryptos” that do offer some very good anonymous transactions.)

    But, even though the “money aspect” of BTC may disappear, it is clear that the “Block chain” as an OPEN LEDGER BOOK shared openly around the world, is a great advancement in HONEST contracts, agreements, for all kinds of “dealings”. It can go far to put an end to “funny business” with titles, real estate deeds, even sports contracts, etc.

    I’m still at the lowest level of ROOKIE student who knows nothing about the blockchain and cryptos…but I will start learning more.

    Those “crypto systems” do more than just “money” transfer, some of them act as a “distributed DNS server system” (this can potentially assist efforts to prevent that thing known as the “internet kill switch”). But nothing can substitute for digital data BACKBONES (physical infrastructure) that connects us.

    SO easy to disconnect the internet (and BTC) from places that are served by a single cable (many island communities are totally cut off if their undersea cable gets cut)… and then if the satellite goes “dark”. There’s nothing left but their own “local LAN & mesh networks, P2P”.

    Andy Hoffman sounds like his head is going to explode. He’s got too many braincells on overload.

    • Eric

      The only thing that holds any cryptocurrencies or currencies in general together is TRUST.

      Create your own. Back it with Gold.

      That’s how the Gold Standard comes back. The people do it.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        yes, of course…but do you see the advantage of the block chain by itself? A world wide, distribted “open ledger”, and it can also be used to write & record a living will, a trust, or a standard will that nobody can delete or alter it. Every transaction is recorded for all to see, time & date stamps, a completely unbroken “chain of title”.

        So, forgetting about any currency aspects that can ride on the chain, in fact, just remove the “currency aspect 100%”, and it becomes a document that cannot be hidden, forged, scammed, back dated, or lost.

        Business contracts, house deeds, government legislation, building codes, can all be openly published on the block chain. You can publish on web pages, but they can be updated, forged, lost, the links can be broken, etc. But the block chain, is like a super sophisticated PDF file that is distributed in the cloud & has aspects of P2P, etc. THAT’s where I see it as being more useful and avoiding the toxics of the “currency aspects”.

        Engineering specifications can be published on it, geneology, mathematics, science, etc. in a way that can be shared without the worries of somebody corrupting it and getting away with it.

        Go look again at the elite magazine cover (The Economist) that Sean is always reminding us about. The date of 2018 and the Phoenix bird & coin, rising from the burning ashes of a pile of paper money.

        On the face of the coin, it does say “10 ten” this or that…but don’t forget the digits “1” and “zero” are also computer code bits are all ones and zeros.

        These are very interesting times, Trump is doing some very interesting work, and I just watched the Clif High interview with Jsnip4, and it also was very interesting about the timelines this spring/summer, Antarctica, etc.

        I saw that GoldMoney now is fully approved/connected with doing transactions in Indian Rupees. That will help those SMART enough to get into it.
        It is clear that TPTB hate “cash” and are putting more pressure to go “cashless” into systems that “they” approve of.

        I think that governments will work to ban Bitcoin and make only some “government cyrpto” as the approved system, and I foresee them shutting down each and every BTC exchange, bank or business that dares to convert BTC’s.

        If by chance, that some jurisdictions allow cyrpto’s to survive or flourish, then there are 2 paths. One is the open, often traceable BTC, and the other, is very anonymous types,,such as “Monero Coin”. But we all know that governments (and banksters) never give up control without a Guillotine.

        In the real world, I’d say that silver, gold, etc, will be the best, real money, even in the black markets, aside from any government “scrip”… and perhaps crypto’s will have a small, hidden life that may account for 0.1% or even 0.5% of transactions outside of government methods.

        Perhaps it is alluding to the drive to go cashless and push the world into “traceable” and controlled digital currency.

        • KRELL427

          Block chain = ankle shackles,no matter how much lipstick you put on the pig.

          • Eric

            Exactly. I do not need to record a living will or “TRUST” for all to see.

            My privacy is more important to me than that.

            • Craig Escaped Detroit

              @Eric, (perhaps the example of a living will, or trust was a bad one), but home deeds, mortgages, etc, are public domain records. The housing crisis and mortgage foreclosure fraud relied on claims of titles sold to Deutsche bank, or many other banks or investors.

              It’s gonna take me a while to learn enough about the ‘blockchain’ infrastructure to get a handle on it, but I already can see the utility of this “NON Bitcoin” part of the internet traffic.

              Just like IP4, and other IP traffic data blocks. That’s the closest thing I can think of right now, that is similar in some ways to the block chain, because they are traffic data blocks that route traffic and store/carry data that is transferred from sender to recipient.

              IP4 (and other protocols) are just infrastructure. It goes thru an evolutionary process to make it better, less corruptible, etc.

              Looking at it like this, I can see how it would be possible to hate BTC but love the blockchain at the same time.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            @Krell, you do or don’t see what I’m talking about. (The block chain is not a crypto currency). They are actually 2 different things.

            I’m trying to do some learning on those 2 very different items. It’s like a paved road, a car, and items in the trunk.

            The blockchain is the road, and the crypto currency is the junk in the trunk. The car is the registered vehicle that travels on the block chain. It has a history of registrations, license plates, etc. So, even if you never put anything in the trunk, you can still make use of the road to transport other things.

            I don’t have any faith in BTC, but I do see the utility of the infrastructure, just like a real road or bridge or train tracks.

            If house deeds had been recorded on the blockchain, then the housing foreclosure frauds would not be able to happen because the entire chain of title would be traceable and nobody could claim to own a house they did not really hold title to.

            All those “Linda Green” signatures would be fully tracked and fraud identified, and each bank that played that game would have been wide open and every home owner who lost a house thru fraud would had an easy case against the banks. Of course, perhaps you think the bank frauds were a “good thing”? Those hidden tricks would not be possible on the blockchain…it very open.
            Frauds don’t work well when they are in plain sight.

            THAT’s the kind of thing I like. It has nothing to do with blip-coin. You following me ok?

            … and yes, of course you guys know that I’m a pure silver guy…and I even have a ‘GoldMoney” account (same as Eric).
            I often make some good use of it. (but I am concerned that many of their transactions to “load the card” often take 24 hours or more. There is no excuse for that delay.)

            • KRELL427

              I know what you are saying and I wasn’t referring to bitcoin. I see just as many disadvantages as well. Block chain is a bankers wet dream as far as taxing is concerned and also eliminating the underground economy. You are also leaving a perfectly traceable roadmap. They will also be able to shut you down at anytime. The way I see it is they are dangling the profit carrot in our face to lead the sheep into the slaughterhouse. When was the last time the banks did you a favour?

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  @Eric…THAT little video spoof was GREAT!!! I loved it.

                • Eric

                  You’ll love this.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  It’s true that finding a good place to live (outside of the USA) is a difficult task. My ex-girlfriend (she came to America from Russia & Ukraine), suggested Yalta & Crimea as some pretty darn nice places for an American to move to. She has experience from those places, and France, Belgium, UK, USA, etc.

                  I myself, have taken a short tour of a few places that seemed quite nice (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and half a dozen vacations inside Lithuania, some time in Canada around the Michigan area, part of northern Mexico.) The European countries I spent time at, was extremely nice, and those exact places had very few muslims, blacks, arabs, or Asians. But all the places I spent time in, also have some damn cold WINTERS. But an American white person would blend in very well.

                  The DOWN side to ALL European areas, is the HIGH population density that would result in massive disease deaths, similar to the times of the black plague.

                  You are right, that it would be very bad to be the GRINGO in any Latino area. (even in the Mexican town areas in Detroit, Chicago, LA, etc) I used to live in Mexican town in Detroit in the middle to late 1970’s, it was pretty decent back then…I even did part time D.J. work in some bars/nightclubs inside a CUBAN, Mexican, P.R.-Latino club, and other bars too.

                  If I loved long, cold winters, then I’d certainly take a close look at EASTERN Europe. (they don’t appreciate muslims or africans very much, so it’s “whitie heaven”… and plenty of attractive ladies.) The Baltics would be good. Poland has a big “USA-Ex-Pat community”. Ukraine is a bit further south, but the politics is bad and corruption & crime may be brutal.

                  Western Europe will always be too expensive and too crowded for my tastes. I like small towns best.

                  My American town, population listed at 5k, and 10 traffic lights. LOVE it. Great climate, and all the next 10 days, NO freezing weather is forecast. I’m planting potatoes and soon will plant frost sensitive veggies too. The weeks and months prior to my retirement, I searched the internet for information on a lot of areas.
                  I was very lucky how this small region, came with so many optimal qualities. (Weather, rainfall, super low taxes, low crime, long growing season, no state income tax, 7% sales tax, rolling hills, low food costs, etc etc.)

                  Let me know when you are ready to move here from your area. Get to “interstate 10”, all the way to Florida (half way between Pensacola & Tallahassee, turn Left (on Hwy 331). Lowest hurricane hits of the entire gulf region, highest elevations in all of Florida, and on MY home site (not in a valley), I rarely ever see ANY MOSQUITOES!!! Perhaps five or ten of them per year!!!

                  But, if you live near water, or down in a dip, swamp, etc, you’ll get eaten alive by bugs and gators.

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                @Krell, Yes, I do understand it is open and tracked. You don’t want to put private things on it.

                But public domain records are already open, but often hard (or even impossible to follow or verify if they’ve been “muddled” too much). THIS is the one area where the blockchain can serve the common man in a good way and not be the blessed tool of the banksters.

                I like my Goldmoney account, but it still is connected partly to the Swift system for that debit card they issue (MasterCard). The only time we truly are free from the cashless system, is when we have cash (or PM’s in our hands).

                Bank balances, credit cards, stocks, bonds, IRA’s, etc…are all part of the cashless, digital systems. (for stocks, etc, only people who paid for and took delivery of their paper certificates from CEDE & company truly have a non digital stock.)

                We cannot carry 25 kilos of silver or gold across international borders without the risk of having it confiscated. We cannot wire transfer $50k across borders without it being tracked and taxed, or confiscated.

                Those situations, is where I can admit that crypto’s have an edge. But then you still have to convert it into local goods or local currency, and THAT’s where it can fall apart.

                I only like gold for the higher value it transports in a small package. I like silver better than gold for it’s “upside” potential.

                If unknown situations ever forced me into using cryptos…I’d take a long look at Monero-Coin, or Bitcoin-Dark,…or “Dash”. Those are the anonymous ones that are highly rated.

                Ripple & Litecoin, have a big following, etc. There are SO many out there, and so FEW are easily trade-able into physical items or national currencies.

                I’m retired, and at 63, there is a good chance I will never own any cryptos, but I’d like to know enough about them, perhaps, just so I can understand if I may be missing something or not.

                I don’t plan on moving across national borders, so I’m not forced to liquidate or move my lifetime of stuff…but if I was living in India, Cyprus, Greece, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, etc…then I’d probably already be using some cryptos to keep from dieing of starvation, hyperinflation, cash-confiscation, etc.

                • Eric

                  There’s nowhere else to live Craig. I’ve looked at them all. There are some nice places still like Dominica, or Puerto Rico, or small pockets of freedom depending on your tastes and lifestyles. Of course any of us will always be the gringo. But the expatriation tax keeps rising and there really is nowhere else to relocate to better than America.

                  Save up for a trip, take a vacation somewhere interesting, and come back fresh. Your Goldmoney prepaid debit card should work fine for purchases and local currency can be withdrawn with it just the same. Stay here for the tax cut. All of a sudden, leaving doesn’t seem like the thing to do. But there are a lot of dumbshits here.

                • KRELL427

                  I agree they could come in handy,myself I will stick with the hard assets and exchange them if need be. Also you can never go wrong increasing your knowledge base. So keep learning and I always appreciate you sharing it with us.

            • Eric

              Nobody could claim to own a house they did not really hold title to if they don’t have the original inkwell mortgage note. Title Deeds are recorded by the county. Or are supposed to be. That’s why most mortgages have title insurance.

              Obviously there are good things about the blockchain. But it doesn’t help me build wealth or find a store of value for my savings.

              24 hours is not a lot of time to sell bullion and convert it into the currency of your choice and load it onto a prepaid debit card. That’s less time than most bank to bank transfers.

  • AgShaman

    Stackers have squandered/lost their opportunity. The FED already stole a half billion ounces of silver. They can manipulate the price at their leisure….considering they have the metal to deliver, should any large players decide to take delivery and FM the COMEX.

    The only upside to the equation is that a very large and private bullion bank has buttressed the argument that any futuristic confiscation plans by tyrannical govt will have trouble sorting the goose and gander.

  • KRELL427

    Stackers have squandered their opportunity, that’s funny the show hasn’t even started yet, half a billion ounces of silver is a drop in the bucket when compared to that Bank’s derivative book not to mention the trillions in world debt and paper assets.

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