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How To Cut Your Business In Half

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

It seems there’s a wee bit of “protesting” in the air.

Let me point out that we have this thing called The First Amendment. It protects your right to speak your mind, and as part of that it also protects freedom of association.

But just as it protects that for you, it protects those same rights for everyone else.

So a bunch of people — most of them women — marched. What the media didn’t show you is who organized those marches and what they stand for. Let me give you an example; specifically, in Washington DC according to a tweet that was uncovered by Gateway Pundit (and which the person involved has since deleted):

I suppose you think it’s a good idea if you’re a woman to, oh, support someone who wants to see Sharia Law in the United States.

I mean, what could possibly be wrong with that? Other than your daughter having her clitoris cut off by religious mandate, never being able to drive (by law) and having to wear a burka whenever out in public, that is. Oh, and she can’t go out in public without a male escort either. Never mind that if you turn out to be gay you’ll be thrown off a building, stoned or imprisoned and if not, but you are female, well, you can be forcibly married off as a child!

It’s not like this woman has tried to hide her views. She has not; she’s posted over 84,000 tweets and a couple of minutes of investigation discloses that what may even be worse than her views on Sharia is that she may be engaged in taqiyya on a mass scale, which means there’s utterly no way to know exactly what she stands for and intends at any given point in time.

I will (again) point out that it is impossible to claim to be for equality of the sexes and at the same time be Muslim. It is a flat-out lie to claim to be for equality for gays and to be a Muslim. You may be one or the other but you cannot be both, unless you have defined your own version of Islam — and if you have, then I’d like you to specify exactly which of the 114 Surah in the Qu(ee)ran you have torn out and burned.

I’ll stipulate for the record that there almost-certainly are Muslims (in fact there may be a lot of them) that do believe in equality of women, gay rights and similar. Then again there are Christians (in name) who believe in abortion rights. But just as many Christians would like to adopt a literal definition of the 10 Commandments along with Leviticus and Deuteronomy as law when it comes to abortion (and gays, for that matter) there is an equivalent position among Muslims when it comes to Sharia.

The fact is that if you have any attraction to or have promoted Sharia law anywhere then you are definitely not for equality for either gays or women because Sharia contains strictures that effectively enslave women and mandate that homosexuality is not only wrong it is to be illegal and punishable by severe sanctions up to and including death. The same is true for a Christian who promotes Leviticus in the Christian Bible as the predicate upon which law should be enacted and enforced with regard to LGBTQ rights (along with those who practice drudism and other pagan faiths as well!)

So why in the Hell would this woman be involved in such a march? I’ll tell you why: She’s terrified of Trump’s view on Israel and his long-stated threat to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

There’s a fair debate to be had on that and if you’ve read my column for any length of time you know full well that I’m no proponent of how we’ve conducted foreign policy when it comes to the Middle East. My 2016 Review ticker contains some of my thoughts on the matter, if you’re so-inclined to look at them again. But to co-opt a so-called “woman’s march” that is in fact a “dump Trump” protest under false pretense, in this case because you fear what Trump may do for Israel (which I remind you is full of women too) is outrageous.

Now maybe you think this woman being involved in organizing the “march” — and her duplicity — is an “aberration.” It’s not.

You see, it actually got worse yesterday.

Madonna performed at this “thing” in DC.

What did she say?

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