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HERE COMES 2017 — Jason Burack


HERE COMES 2017 – Jason Burack from joins me to discuss Bitcoin, precious metals, the economy and the year that is dead ahead.

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54 comments to HERE COMES 2017 — Jason Burack

  • thinking outside the matrix

    I’ve tried to warn people that Gold and Silver are highly manipulated and that Bitcoin was created by the Elite. People are very Naive to believe that the Elite won’t attack precious metals. The Elite’s goals is to herd people into digital currencies. This is pretty obvious.

    • Millicent

      They may try confiscation but more likely will just make it illegal to transact using PM’s as a medium of exchange. Of course there will be black market activity if this happens and the participants will be at constant risk from the government and informers both.

      • Eric

        Pretty difficult to make it illegal when it’s in the constitution. Where you are perhaps.

        When they come for your children, your food, your guns, and your life, they will come for your Gold. Been saying this for a long time.

        • mike

          Your interpretation of the constitution is pretty funny. The constitution never defines money only what states are allowed to produce. The reasoning behind that is simply to keep states from printing their own currency. The federal gubberment can make anything money. Just another feather in oyur dunce cap.

          Section of a good article below:

          Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution grants Congress the power “To coin Money,” but nowhere is the word “money” defined in the Constitution.

          The Coinage Act of 1792 provided for the coining of copper, in addition to gold and silver, and made those coins lawful tender, showing that something other than gold and silver were coined as money by Congress during the era of the Founding Fathers.

          Some cite Article I, Section 10 to claim the Constitution says money should be gold or silver coin.

          “[No State shall] make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;“

          But that is a restriction on the individual States of what they can make legal tender, and not a requirement that they make gold and silver coin legal tender. In the same section is the restriction which prohibits the States from coining money, so the only money that can be coined by government is by Congress, and includes more than just gold and silver.

          As far as this interview goes it was pretty good especially about the only true free market currency in history of man, BTC. The stuff about mines going out of business is 100% ridiculous. Only a miner that can not compete in a free market might go under but since Silver can be produced for an average of .10/oz when you take byproduct miners and primary miners output together no one is going to go out of business. Mines will NEVER over produce hence all the stupid organizations like the Silver institute and alike. They are the OPEC of the PM world. It does not pay for a mine to over produce and over supply the market. Other than the great mining hoax, good interview.

          • Eric

            And where does it authorize the Federal Reserve? It doesn’t define money. The Coinage Act (or Mint Act) of April 2, 1792 did that.


            Oh good you finally realize that BTC is just a currency and not money. It’s about time you figured that out.

            .10/oz lol. Is that in US DOLLARS or EUROS? Who is wearing the dunce cap here? I like how you produce absolutely no evidence or proof of anything and know nothing about mining. That’s probably why you’re poor. You guess at things and convince yourself that the lies you tell yourself are true.

            • mike

              BTC is money aka spends dont make me school you on that again..Also the American gubberment has the EXPRESS constitutional RIGHT
              to regulate the value of gold and silver. So all this plunge protection team, Cia stuff, making paper contracts is fully legal and constitutional. So stop bitching about it then bring the constitution into your argument.

              You put too much value on the Constitution. It is just a collection of words that have almost any meaning you want them to have. Nothing is written in stone not even the Constitution. Interpretation and perception are both human notions and both subject to debate. How do you think Lawyers make a living? Simply by redefining definitions.

              That means as long as there is a USA in existence Gold and Silver will never be money again. The USA will last for thousands of years because people are too lazy to rebuild anything. Why rebuild? If the dollar implodes the gubberment will take your gold and silver 100% constitutionally if they deem it necessary and there wont be a thing you can do about it. They will just make a new currency and promise to be good. Your dream of peasants scratching the dirt to make 1/10 oz of silver is never going to happen.
              BTC on the other hand is 100% out of the reach of gubberment. There is no way to stop people from trading it. Even if the internet as we know it was shut down you can still take you thumb drive and pay other people. You can trade over an intranet. Any network will do just fine. The cat is out of the bag.

              • Eric

                WHERE is it written that BTC all digital currency is money because it “spends?” It’s a medium of exchange and that is all. A fancy tech stock.

                Congress is empowered to regulate the value of the coins struck domestically and to set the value of foreign coins. But the Constitution makes no mention of a plunge protection team, CIA “stuff.” Regardless, I never said it wasn’t legal. Does it say anything about the LBMA in London setting the price denominated in banker notes?


                Lawyers council in the law. Bar Attorneys are members of the British Accredited Registry and are members of a foreign court. They make money by fleecing the goyim even if their intentions are well meaning.

                You’re damn right I put a lot of value on the Constitution. Without it, you wouldn’t even have your guns anymore. If you want to leave everything up to interpretation and perception, then you get exactly what you deserve and you will have no reason to complain about anything. Especially the way they really are. Gold is money and nothing else. Especially bitcoin which is a worthless CIA created all digital commodity that you can’t take physical delivery of. Much like the GLD or Gold Futures Contracts from the COMEX.

                Gold and Silver are already money. They have always had all characteristics and functions of money and will always be money. BTC will not. The USA will last for thousands of years because people are too lazy? Oh that makes sense. They are not confiscating Gold in America. How much would they get? 4 tons? Of course mike is so dumb he’ll probably lose everything just because he forgot where he put it. I never ever said peasants would “scratch the dirt.” You’re the pathological liar that keeps making everything up with your big loud mouth of lies trying to get me to dig in the “muck” for oysters. Talk about lazy. You can’t do anything productive. You can’t provide any value.

                If you think BTC is 100% out of the reach of gubberment think again. It’s all digital. Just wait until it crashes the next time. In fact all they would have to do is cut the power to your property and mike would be shit out of bitcoins. Now that would be hilarious. You definitely need to learn things the hard way dumbshit.

                • mike


                  The Constitution gives me nothing, my rights come from the mere fact I was born a human being. Nothing can take that away and it did not need to be put into words. That being said it would be up to me to dispatch anyone who tried to take my Rights as a human being away.
                  The Constitution is a living breathing document whether you want to believe it or not. If it wasn’t there would be no way to Amend it. If I believed in the constitution like a lemming then the 2nd Amendment could be Amended and I would be forced to follow it.My individual natural human right of defense taken from me legally and constitutionally?
                  You believe the gubberment gives you your rights and by your stupid logic can take them away by amending the constitution.
                  In nature every animal has a natural defense..Bears have claws and teeth for example.
                  The Human with the exception of you has a brain as our our natural weapon. Anything our minds can conceive for defense is natural and intended by nature. In fact any human activity at all is natural and intended by nature or god whatever you want to believe.

                  Point is the Constitution is meaningless, just words that can mean whatever you want them to mean. The Constitution NEVER gave anyone anything. The Constitution did not stop the Brits and the Sickening Canadians from attacking the US and defiling freedom.
                  Dont need a document to tell me I am free. The constitution is not human divinity its just mostly jibberish.

                  Whatever mechanism the Gubberment uses to “Regulate” the value of PMs is cool and constitutional. The constitution didnt elaborate on the How just that the gubberment Can.

                  If it just contained the bill of rights and was not amendable then you would have something a little special. Since it can and has been amended it lies in your realm of Bangkok Gay and worthless.

                • Eric

                  I am well aware of how the Constitution merely recognizes the rights one was born with. But then how come Brits don’t still have their arms in England? Or in Australia?

                  Are you sure you are a human being? You seem more like a dumbshit.

                  Government does not grant rights. Only privileges. Which can be taken away.

                  “Human” is an adjective. We are all spiritual beings. Except for you because you are spiritually dead. As for having a brain, you are the one who fell for the bitcon scam. How much patio furniture do you own anyways? If you didn’t think Silver was money then you wouldn’t be buying it. What are you going to do with it? Melt it down into more patio furniture? Here’s a perfect example of how Gold and Silver are money. 1 oz. of Silver buys you 6 months of food in Venezuela because it SPENDS! DUH!


                  “Dont need a document to tell me I am free,” said the dumbshit who says bitcoin is munny becuz it spends. lol.

                  “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

                  If it’s only jibberish (gibberish), then why hasn’t it been torn up and declared invalid? Can you at least try to spell correctly? They have spell checkers now built into the comment section you know?

                  The “regulated” value of an one dollar American Silver Eagle coin is 480 grains of pure Silver.


                  Seriously, why haven’t you sold all of your Silver yet and tried to accumulate all of the bitcoins? You said it was only worth $0.10 and only bitcoin is money.

                  mike you really do need to see a psychiatrist. Your pathological lying is way out of hand.

                • Eric

                  I can just see mike trying to spend his bitcoins as the price is crashing and nobody will accept them for value…

                  mike: “no you idiot. only bitcoin is munny cuz it spends!”
                  guy with food: “not around here it doesn’t.”

                  mike’s solution to everything.

                • mike

                  Retard, Brits and Australians dont have their right of defense because they dont want them. It was their collective decision and they are imbeciles like you, that simple. If they did want to bring themselves into a free society and someone was standing in their way then they would have to steam roll them. That would take some physical effort and Brits, Canadians, Australians are far too lazy to care.. People are just lazy and stupid like you…You must be new blood Neo-American. Probably Irish?

                  I was at the range this morning and was picking up spanking shinny new Hornady 308 match brass about 600 of them that some idiot over paid for ammo then just left it on the ground like garbage? Got a ton of 45auto/223 as well. The entire time I was thinking of you and how stupid you are over paying for crap like ammo and preps because your not “Cheap”. You accuse me of being poor because I am thrifty with shit like ammo and preps? Wasn’t your immortal Founder Gods Thrifty? Didnt they espouse the virtue? To be honest its more fun to go to the range and grab brass that looks terrible and bring it back to perfect condition, reload then shoot it.
                  Anyway you truly are an epic moron.

                • Eric

                  I’m thrifty with a lot of things. But I also buy quality so I am never disappointed in it. That way I don’t I have a ton of junk sitting around I wish I never bought that nobody wants. Plus I would rather put good quality food in my body rather than cheap crap.

                  Like Gold and Silver which is most of the “crap” that I have. There’s a difference between being “thrifty” and being “cheap.” If I “overspend” according to you it’s because it is something I usually need and not just want. I also don’t nickel and dime everyone like a jerk and am extremely generous with people. I treat people with respect as long as they do the same with me. Unfortunately, you had to resort to name calling and lies early on so you will get no respect from me anytime soon.

                  I don’t go to the range to pick up brass but that is certainly a good idea if you don’t have to travel far. There is no shortage of “trash” on this earth. But instead of having to do all that work that you have to do, I prefer walking up and down my neighborhood picking up coins. I can’t believe how many people throw their money away.

                  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

                • mike

                  Well I made out on that brass..It sells new for .66/case just for the brass. Almost $400 worth of brass…
                  I will bet someone bought a C308 century CETME reproduction. Had to be a semi auto there is no way someone sat there with a bolt action and shot that much ammo. Im sure some guy at a gun shop talked him into buying that over priced ammo to blast out of a cheap gun..Guy spent more on 600 rounds than he did his rifle lol.

                  My point about the food is its all produced by only a few company’s, then labelled to customer spec. I knew a guy that once worked at a pet food factory. They produced 35 different brands of pet food the only difference was slight flavoring. From major labels to store brand pet food. Its all the same stuff. He said the packaging cost more than the food.
                  Any MREs or prep food is all garbage and terrible for you. It is better than nothing for sure but there is no difference between brands and it is all produced by the same few company’s. You can even contract them to produce
                  “Erics Finest 100% all natural everlasting food” and charge 10 times as much as anyone else.

                • Eric

                  I agree that MRE’s are generally crap. But the ReadySupplyFoods and some of the others aren’t too bad. The emergency food I have I don’t usually touch. It just sits there just in case. But since it has a 25-30 year shelf life, it is still good to have.

                  I see a lot of people that don’t even have 3 days of food in their house. They assume the stores will always be open and have food in them. Most people if not all here are not like that, but there are always new people showing up that are looking for quick solutions and sales and deals so if I post one like this…


                  …there is no need to harp on me about it. You spend your fake currency the way you want to and I’ll spend mine the way I want to. Hopefully others will THINK and make conscious decisions. Everyone has to prepare in their own way for their individual situation. But it’s still better to have some emergency food and physical silver than none at all.

                • mike

                  I agree having emergency food is important. Just making the point that if in the future you have to rely on it you are not going to be very healthy. It is of course far better than the alternative, starving.
                  You might be interested in aquaponics. If you use tilapia as your fish and a 1500 gallon tank you can produce 20k lbs food a year..7500 lbs of Fish and and 10-15k lbs of veggies all in 24′ round dome. Dome kits, just the spokes, you supply your own 2x4s are only about $100. you need 75 2x4s..You can set the thing up in a day or two. You only need one pump and can easily power that with solar.
                  So in a tight area or neighborhood you can have a food factory right in your own backyard. You might want to add that to your preps and it is a fun project.The real fun is in dialing the sucker in you can have all the fresh food you want. I think Sean should show some vids on that and interview people with successful Aquaponics. It is the future of farming and all your veggies are 100% chemical free. That is something most people could do and would be invaluable. You cant just hunker down if there is a dollar collapse. You must be productive. If there was a collapse it would be dangerous for a long while and nothing will spend except bullets and food. As civilization starts to reestablish itself then PMs might become money again and you will be glad you have it. For a while though it will be total chaos. Depends on what you really think might happen. Just massive inflation over a period of time where the civilized structure still exist or total collapse and chaos?
                  I think we agree there is something very wrong with most things economic and there is going to be an accounting. I think we differ on who is actually doing the manipulation. Regardless of who is right there are things people can do to protect themselves. I just personally believe the entire world is a stage. Nothing is at it seems and no numbers supplied by any large corporation or gubberment, NGO organizations are correct.There is no real way to gauge anything working with false numbers.
                  As far as my .10 average price per 1oz of silver that is easy math. Primary miners produce such an insignificant amount to over all yearly production. The vast majority is from byproduct mining. So take 5% of yearly production from primary mining. X’s by $16 an oz the divide by a billion and you get about .80/oz…Was off .70 cents. That is the overall yearly cost of production per oz in the world of mining. Would be zero without primary miners. Only primary miners are at risk of the price going down. Since they produce and insignificant amount their slack can easily be picked up by byproduct miners.
                  Point is silver can be taken way way down from here. It wont go down much if other industries slow to a crawl. TPTB will let the byproduct miners make up for lost revenue with their PM production. If last year and next year for example maintain current levels of general manufacturing production (CARS/FRIDGES ETC)Silver is going to be nailed to a cross and you will start to see even lower lows. Whether you think PMs are money or not they are manipulated on so many levels. So many its impossible to even conceive of all the different ways.

                • Eric

                  Bankers can’t manipulate the VALUE of a real thing. Only the PRICE of a real thing.

                  Just added another 110 oz. of Silver to the stack.

          • Eric

            Funny that they might make it illegal to transact in Gold and Silver too.

            That will really give global investors confidence in the US DOLLAR.

    • Ed_B

      Actually, the elites LOVE gold and silver. What they hate is when someone other than them own these metals.

      The 4 precious metals. Stack them high, wide, and deep. Gold, silver, brass, and lead. Use as the situation warrants.

      • theoptimist75

        exactly! they want it for themselves and not for the sheeple.

        I always thought that they would make a big push for a 1 to 1 bitcoin/gold value and pump bitcoin hard to the masses. Not saying that isn’t in the plans, but I think things are accelerating faster then they would like.

        • Ed_B

          “… but I think things are accelerating faster then they would like.”

          Agreed… and not always in the direction that they would like either. If France and Italy pull out of the EU, that will pretty much end that experiment. There is a better than even chance of both countries doing just that in the next year or so. Citizens in various EU area countries are getting really tired of being told what to do and how to do it by those in Brussels. Once the EU collapses, it will be interesting to see what happens to all those Euro Dollars and the debts that have been rung up in them. It’s gonna be quite a mess. Hell, it might even be THE black swan that causes world-wide financial collapse.

          Got preps?

      • Eric

        Was happy to get one of these ordered today. They went real fast.

    • Eric

      Gold was created by mother earth and cosmic forces of nature. Vampire CIA bankster con artists created bitcoin. People are very Naive to believe that the Elite won’t attack BITCOIN. The Elite’s goals is to herd people into digital currencies. This is pretty obvious.

      Gold is money and nothing else.

      • Ed_B

        “… but I think things are accelerating faster then they would like.”

        If Bitcoin is a creature of their own making, why would they attack it?

        No doubt there will be a time when they attack those holding Bitcoin, probably via some sort of financial equivalent of a military pincer move. If so, then this will be their version of… Annnddd, it’s gone!

  • Eric

    Trump needs to make an example out of Hillary, Jerry Brown, Obama, and call out eveybody else who lies.

    Are we still talking about blipcoin? What happens when India and China don’t rush to bitcoin and instead see the scam that it is. They will rush into physical wealth like storable food and physical Silver.

    Why bitcoin when it’s so much more fun to buy a 100 oz. Silver bar of .999 pure Silver.

    When the banks close, paper and digital currency will last a little longer. And then you better be holding it in your own possession. Possession is 9 points of the law.

    If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. Don’t care about the manipulated paper bankster kitco price. $3500/oz. Gold in India if you can find it is what I heard. Got Gold?

    Doesn’t anyone in this lazy country want to go prospecting? Lazy bastards.

    • Ed_B

      People in China ARE using Bitcoin. They are using it as a way to get their wealth out of China before the Gov and CB there can devalue it severely. The market for exporters is shrinking. The Chinese Gov is aware of this. This is why they are devaluing their currency, making it cheaper to buy Chinese goods so that they can maintain their export earnings. Currently, Bitcoin is one of the very few ways remaining of getting wealth out of China, so those wishing to preserve what they have are using it for that purpose.

      What they do when their money is safely out of China is up to them but I suspect that they will be putting it into PMs, rental properties, land, and small businesses. I doubt that they will be keeping their wealth in Bitcoin because to them it is merely a conduit to safety.

  • theoptimist75

    the video above states the gold standard is not possible because of scarcity. YET bitcoin is the answer???

    -total gold is around 5 billion ounces worldwide
    -total bitcoin ever mineable (supposedly) is 21 million

    unless you expect a ridiculous devalue of 500/1 or 1000/1 bitcoins, you would still have the same problem.

  • Eric

    Asteroid mining. lol.

    Let’s do it!

    God I’m bored.

    • Eric

      Come on guys!

      Doesn’t anyone want to go Asteroid mining?

    • Ed_B

      “God I’m bored.”

      My son once made the mistake of saying this in front of my Mom. She did a very theatrical double-take, complete with the back of her wrist held to her forehead, and told him that, “Only idiots are ever bored. The rest of us can ALWAYS find something that is fun and interesting to do”. She then proceeded to demonstrate this by playing a board game with him that they both enjoyed playing. 😉

    • Jacobson

      Hi Eric !
      The intresting thing in Israel right now is that most people understand that Hussein Obama is trying to use NGOs (George Soros) and other secret organizations of the NWO (feminists, multi-culturals, Leftists), the MSM and the court of law to get rid of premier Netanyahu.

      Every other day they come up with a new scandal of Netanyahu that ends with nothing,
      simply beacuse they have nothing on him so they try to brain wash the people to hate the premier who was democratically elected time after time.

      I’m not supporting him but like many others, with the help of alt-media on the web, I can see what they try to do and Il’l never side them.
      The MSM also doesn’t like the idea that Trump and Putin are friendly to Netanyahu and can get along with him.
      I remember several american newspapers who freaked out.

      Looks like that the PC days are over and that the arab-muslim world is going to suffer.

      • Eric

        We’re all going to suffer Jacob. But like the Buddha said, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

        It’s more than just Obama and Soros trying to get rid of Bibi. It goes much much higher than that. You think he’s leaving on his way out any time soon? Doesn’t sound like it. I’m not so convinced Trump will be taking office. But I hope he does. Even if it’s just for show. Everyone needs a kick in nuts right now. Trump is going to show them how to win.

        I see the P.A. is now talking about a one state solution and arabs will be the majority over the jews soon. What do you see happening? Are the muslims going to get voting rights ever?

        The MSM is practically dead. At least here they are.

        I like the Gold background in that picture. Think I’ll buy some more.

        • Jacobson

          What I found intresting is how Obama forsaked Israel in the security council just before he leaves the office.
          Netanyahu’s response was to drive out diplomats and direct attack against Obama and Kerry.
          Russia and China saw the opportunity to ram Obama too and sent greetings to Israel while claiming that Obama is risking the area.

          P.A has several internal problems:
          1. Succession war over the leadership (Mahmud Abbas is getting to old to lead).
          2. They lost in Gaza to Hammas and were about to lose in the west bank too, so they cancled the elections and took over for another several years.
          3. Loss of legitimacy in the palestinian public.

          The arab-muslims will not be a majority in Israel in the soon future.
          You have to seperate between 3 different areas:
          1. Gaza strip which is held by Hammas (Israel went out of Gaza in 2005).
          2. The West Bank – PA control and Israeli military rule.
          3. Inside Israel – 1.5 million palestinians with full citizenship and all rights as any other.

          Happy holidays!

          • Eric

            Obama hates America, Israel, and western civilization. Which Obama are you talking about? There have been 4 that I know of. Some are clones. We all know it’s not really Obama. Soros has more power than he does. So does Rothschild.

            Don’t fall for the political reality show. It was the best decision odumbo could have made. Don’t know what’s going to happen there or here. But I’d still pack your bags and get a gold money account if you haven’t already. I did. My family is in denial of the Somalis here. I imagine a lot of them are.

            • Jacobson

              The name “George Soros” comes up many times in everyday discussions.
              When the NWO & NGO organizations are annoying, people are saying “it’s Soros”.
              I’m very happy to see that people are waking up…

              My family can recognize the value of precious metals.
              Everyting I learned about PM was from my father when I was a child.
              I’m planting many trees right now and studying the natural plants of the area.

              I didn’t understand what Somalis are you talking about?

              • Eric

                What trees? I’m trying to grow more orange trees.

                I don’t call them precious metals. I call them money because that’s what they are.

                What did your father teach you about “precious” metals?

                The Somalis Obama imported into the U.S.

              • Eric

                Do you have worms? Get your worm factory going. Best fertilizer. Red wigglers.

                • Jacobson

                  I started with Olives and Dates, then I moved to many other trees which can be trustworthy:
                  – Carob – can provide 0.5 ton of fruit even in a drought.
                  – Lemons, Oranges, Citrus paradisi, Punica granatum, Cydonia oblonga.

                  Now I’m planting bushes and other special plants which I think can grow easily and that many people don’t know are edible (no one will compete):
                  – prickly pear cactus – will always provide fruit, every year.
                  – Yucca – flowers, leaves and roots are edible.
                  – Garden cress (Tropaeolum majus) – will spread naturally and will grow every year without any help.
                  – Lupine (Lupinus) – nice flower, provides nitrogen to the soil, edible.

                  I’m learning from the most professional people on earth,
                  A week ago I learned that there’s a special type of cactus (Cereus) which can block radio active radiation and was used in many nuclear reactors around the world. So if any of you wants to block the MK Ultra – It will be your best bodyguard.

      • Ed_B

        “The MSM also doesn’t like the idea that Trump and Putin are friendly to Netanyahu and can get along with him.”

        So much for the MSM and their constant plea of, “Can’t we all just get along?”. That seems to have been as insincere as many of their very grudging compliments to conservatives over the years. Many of them have been backhanded slaps of the “Well, he could have done worse”, kind whenever some conservative does something that works very well or that helps those in need.

        As usual, it is not WHAT someone does that matters to the left but WHO is doing it. If it is a political opponent, then it is terrible. If it is one of their own, then it is OK. Their double standard BS needs to be called out EVERY time it raises its ugly little pointed head.

        Thanks to lefto-communist whining, Trump is shutting down his charities that resulted in many millions of dollars going to worthwhile causes. Unlike with the Clinton foundation and their profiting from it, none of that money went to Trump and almost all of it went to help people. It should be perfectly possible to find or create a blind trust type group that can run a charity independently while Trump is in office. That would continue the good work while reducing the cause for whining… not that they won’t then find something else to whine about, of course. That’s what they do and they are GOOD at it. Must be all the practicing that they do. 🙁

  • Thomas

    Good interview. Jason does good research and is a valuable resource of truth to this community.

    But one comment to Jason mentioning his disappointment in the mining companies not bringing clash action lawsuits against the bankers; well, those same bankers are their primary source of funding. You can’t sue the bullion banks until you find alternative financing. Hopefully, that will be soon.

  • Eric

    Silver CME Inventory (Troy Ounces)

    Report Date Registered oz. Eligible oz. Total oz. Inventory
    10/21/16 29,707,516.66 144,930,834.86 174,638,351.53
    11/25/16 20,905,887.69 147,934,344.06 178,840,231.75
    12/16/16 37,275,206.44 144,824,140.71 182,099,347.16
    12/29/16 28,387,384.08 155,078,216.88 183,465,600.97

    Gold CME Inventory (Troy Ounces)

    Report Date Registered oz. Eligible oz. Total oz. Inventory
    10/05/16 2,549,666.10 8,137,944.50 10,687,610.60
    10/21/16 2,236,180.88 8,293,804.57 10,529,985.45
    11/25/16 2,079,966.50 7,855,114.34 9,935,080.83
    12/16/16 1,662,872.78 7,552,359.65 9,215,232.43
    12/29/16 1,568,121.56 7,538,519.84 9,106,641.40

  • d

    IF you believe…then shortly, there is only one ending to world wide chaos…which is now starting to erupt…..are you ready…..imho

  • C.I.

    2017 Is 3 Hours Away As oF Now.

    Strange But All Of This Means Nothing Now As A Reset Is Just Nearly…..


  • Millicent

    And there goes 2016 with all of the BS predictions of the PM gurus…
    These IS guys are not perfect, their 2016 EOY price points were way off, but they are a bit more realistic than most of the pumpers out there.

  • jskauai

    I like Jason he has a good head on his shoulders. In regards to his precious metal miners observations, which he believe that the mining companies dance to the banker’s tunes, I agree with this. In most part there is no outspoken leadership among the miners. Keith Neumeyer may be the exception but he is a lone voice. I like to make the analogy of the miners to the golden goose fable. So I credit those entities who are the controlling forces in the gold/silver space to understand that golden goose fable. The miner are the golden goose if you kill the goose by pushing price of gold/silver below AISC then they will lose control of the price mechanism. They may not bankrupt the miners but it will cause the miners to curtail production which = reduced supply. This would cause a run away bull market in PMs, IMO.

    • Ed_B

      There is a great deal of room in this market for a lot of creativity that we are not seeing from the miners. They need to take a serious look at working smarter, not harder. By pruning back the supply and allowing prices to rise as demand exceeds supply, they can put a lot of pressure on those who are manipulating the prices of both gold and silver.

      It still surprises me that the miners do not sell stock to some big money Asian companies that would allow the miners to mine fewer quantities of metals while sending what they do mine to Asia, where it would be MUCH more highly valued and appreciated. Let those manipulating gold and silver try doing that with NO supply for a while and see just how well that works.

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