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Harry Dent: Stocks Will Fall 70-90% Within 3 Years

from ChrisMartensondotcom:

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32 comments to Harry Dent: Stocks Will Fall 70-90% Within 3 Years

  • randy0302

    I’m glad I have gold , silver, and bitcoin.
    I’m glad I don’t have a Harvard MBA.

  • Bob

    Hasn’t Dent been saying the same thing every year for the past decade or so? How he still has any credibility is a mystery.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    I think he is on point except for the dollar stuff. Think Bitcoin is going to be the safe haven driven up by major corporations and governments who have insider knowledge. Bitcoin was created by the Global Elite for a measure of accounting for global trade. I’ve been saying this for the last 3-4 yrs. People are starting to listen as the price moves up. Oh well, if you don’t get it now you’ll get it when the price keeps doubling but at the same time crashing. There will be lots of confusion when to get into the market… promise.

    • Eric

      The 1 oz Platinum American Eagle I just ordered is a far superior safe haven and store of value than bitcoin. Bitcoin is not going to replace official reserves held by central banks that facilitate and settle global trade.

      Bitcoin is an volatile digital asset which can be traded like many tech stocks.

      I’ve been saying this for the last 3-4 years. πŸ™‚

      • thinking outside the matrix

        So far I’ve been right. I’ve Telling you this since the price was $200. I made hundreds of thousands dollars following my own advice understanding what the Elite are doing and knowing that the metals markets are rigged. You’ve made nothing. Surprised you even show your face. You’re a total embarrassment. Just do the opposite of what Eric is doing and you will surely make money, lol.

        • Eric

          Gold is money.

          I just ordered more of that too and added to my Goldmoney account.

          If you are interested in more fiat currency/USD, I would suggest shares of First Majestic Silver which outperformed Bitcoin last year by 22%.

          Early adopters of Bitcoin take something that has NO INTRINSIC value,
          Build up the PERCEIVED value to an unsuspecting public,
          Only to sell that scam to the greater fool for something that has REAL value.

          Bitcoin crashed 94% in 2011, 51% in 2012, 23% in 2013, another crash of 80% in 2013, and 83% throughout all of 2014.
          Bitcoin is NOT sound money.

          The scam called Bitcoin
          “WASHINGTON — Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether bitcoin is more like Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme.
          Whatever it is, though, it isn’t a currency. It’s a tech stock.”

          “If you want to make something of yourself, work harder than everybody else.” -anonymous

          • thinking outside the matrix

            You idiot. I’ve been stacking for 3-4 yrs. I’m up hundereds of thousands of dollars. Do you expect people to take your advice and start stacking penny stocks. How much are you up in your $1000 investment in First Majestic Silver? Wait don’t embarrass yourself. Nobody cares about your ridiculous penny stock advice. Eric I own your ass, we’ve been debating this topic for a while and all you do is copy Mike Maloney talking points. Oh wait, Mike Maloney now says he owns Bitcoins. Had a change of heart, lol. Wait nobody cares..

            • Eric

              All strawman arguments. Did you have a point to make in all that fluff?

              Let’s see…

              Average price paid for my First Majestic shares… $0.00
              Closing price today… $9.60

              Pretty happy about that.

              So are your “hundereds of thousands of dollars” denominated in Gold Dollars? You sound like an amateur stacker. I’ve been stacking twice that long. You have hundreds of ounces of Gold by now right?

              Maybe Mike Maloney needs new patio furniture. I do not.

              I don’t care if you own or use bitcoin. But it’s not a long term store of value.

              • thinking outside the matrix

                Just hush. I was referring to Bitcoin, dumb ass. I’ve been stacking Gold and Silver since 2004. Trust me I’m sure I got way more than you do. But my holdings in Bitcoin have way surpassed my Gold and Silver as the price has moved up. The price will continue to rise as people see Bitcoin rise and as the currencies begin to fail.

                • Eric

                  And First Majestic Silver will continue to outperform Bitcoin in US Dollar terms just like it did last year.

                  So what the problem is?

            • Eric

              Also, You don’t own squat.

              I guess it’s easy to get emotional about money when you always denominate it in volatile tech stocks like bitcoin.

              • thinking outside the matrix

                Bro,Eric, you need help, lol. Go stick your head back in the sand bc you will never get it. I could care less about First Manjestic Silver. You’re trying to pretend like you invested a lot in this one stock and you’ve made a lot of money. False, you don’t have barely squat in this one stock. So who cares. You’re a fake and you a cherry picker. I’ve been stacking Gold and Silver since 2004-2013 and Bitcoin from 2013-now 2017. I’m pretty satisfied with my gains. You have to have your own brain. When the tide changes, you have to be willing to change or you will never grow in life. So for the record how many shares do you have of First Majestic Silver? I’m sure it’s not enough to even matter.

                • Eric

                  Dude, you don’t even know what money is. If you think you do, please give me a definition.

                  I made my money the old fashioned way. I worked for it.

                  You don’t know what I have anymore than I know what you have. This is hardly relevant.

                  The point is Bitcoin is a big scam to keep you out of honest wealth like Gold and Silver.

                  That is why First Majestic Silver and other major silver producers outperform Bitcoin and will continue to do so.

                  Tell me. What are you going to do with your “gains?”

              • thinking outside the matrix

                You still have not answered the question! How many shares of First Majestic Silver do you have? It’s only one stock of many. So you’re cherry picking. Hine sight is 20/20. Where you telling people to buy it before it went up? Nope? Your shares are insignificant compared to my gains in Bitcoin. Money is a temporary store of transferring feature wealth/labor. Don’t make it more than what it is. Gold doesnt even fit the old definition of money anymore because it’s not easily divisible in today’s terms. Grow a brain retard. Too many Mike Maloney videos for you.

                • Eric

                  Actually I don’t give personal financial advice. But I was talking about First Majestic Silver well over a year ago. Rest assured, it is not my only winner. A better question would be how much of your savings did you have to risk on bitcoin in order to receive your “hundereds of thousands of dollars” in gains? And why do you continue to denominate everything in USD rather than using ratios or percentages?

                  “Money is a temporary store of transferring feature wealth/labor.”

                  I’ll assume you mean “future” and not “feature.” But your statement is grossly inaccurate. Future labor or energy is not the sole characteristic of “money.” And bitcoin is hardly a store of value when the price can easily crash 80% as it has done many times before.

                  If you are denominating bitcoin in USD, where is the long term store of value in USD? Did the quantity of bitcoins increase or did the amount of currency you denominate it in increase? Where is the durability of bitcoin if it has to be stored on an exchange or a digital or paper wallet? Where is the convenience? Where is the long history of acceptance?


                  Gold can be divisible easily down into grams or grains.

                  “Grow a brain retard.” Like I said, it’s easy to get emotional about money when you always denominate it in volatile tech stocks like bitcoin.

                  I’m glad you are happy with your “gains.” I am happy with mine as well. But I am particularly happy that my life savings is safe and secure and I do not have to risk it on volatile tech stock scams like bitcoin.

              • thinking outside the matrix

                You fool. Value is transferred in mostly currency due to the Gold window closing in 1971 and the people not understanding the currency is not really backed by anything. So Value is only transferred in what people believe to have value in terms of future wealth and labor. Please don’t give any more advice on SGT. Go away. Bc you just don’t get it…

                • Eric

                  Actually I do.

                  You make the same false assumptions that mike does.

                  All value is subjective when value initiates – always!


                  You contradict yourself right away.

                  “Value is transferred in MOSTLY currency…”

                  “So Value is ONLY transferred in what…”

                  Is it mostly or only?

                  “If we are referring to subjective value, then there is no “unit” of measurement at all. Suppose we take an old photograph of Jill’s grandmother, and ask Jill, “Do you value this object?” Jill might say, “Yes, very much so.” Then we hold up her calculator, and ask if Jill values it as well. Jill might say, “Yes, but not as much.”

                  Finally, we ask Jill, “By what percentage does your valuation of the photograph exceed your valuation of the calculator?” Jill would be unable to answer such a nonsensical question. She can rank the two objects according to her subjective tastes; she can report that she values the photograph more than the calculator. But this doesn’t imply that there are cardinal units of psychic satisfaction, with the photograph bestowing more units than the calculator.”


                  I do not care for what you or a few others PERCEIVE as value. Whether it’s some penny stock, crypto-currency, or hyped up tech stock like bitcoin.

                  Most people are not interested in HOW to transfer value. Whether they realize it or not, they are interested in finding something that is undervalued.

                  6 million “bitcoins” appear out of thin air with no labor or capital involved. Seems pretty worthless.

                  I’ll be back to debate these points with you more later. You can get emotional and present more ad hominem attacks and strawman arguments in the meantime. πŸ™‚

              • thinking outside the matrix

                Hey Bone Head, your definition of what money is not what is used in today’s definition. Money is a way to transfer labor or wealth in today’s terms. I use my ratio work/labor to define what is the value of an asset. If a silver dime is work 7 dollars then its worth about an 1 hr of unskilled labor. If a Bitcoin is worth $990, current price, then it’s worth about a 141 hrs of unskilled labor. I use labor and time to define the value of things like most people bc that’s what matters most to attain the most amount of freedom in almost any civil society. Your metrics are not intuitive since the Gold window was closed in 1971 and the manipulation that is currently occurring in the medals distorting Gold to labor rations. How you don’t know this intuitively is baffling.

                • Eric

                  Hey dumbass…

                  I don’t give a shit what blipcoin worthless crypto all digital currency is PRICED at today.

                  I care about what it’s ACTUALLY worth and the VALUE of what Silver will buy me tomorrow.

                  You can’t manipulate the real world. But you are still stuck in the matrix. The non monetary utility US Dollar price of bitcoin is worth exactly ZERO!

              • thinking outside the matrix

                Hey..hey..don’t get emotional, LOL! Sorry but I work in the matrix unfortunately. But I’m smart enough to find ways to get it out. Always compare assets to your work or effort to determine value, this should be intuitive bro

              • thinking outside the matrix

                But I already own thousands of ounces of silver. I don’t need any more. I Worry more about getting rid of this stuff than Bitcoin. If silver goes up great I win. If Bitcoin goes up great I win. If both go up I Doubly win! Heads I win and tails I win. I like this game, lol. Go to sleep and dream about silver eagles dude. You are a HOT mess. Probable can’t sleep bc you’re too stressed wondering when the price of silvers gonna go up, lol.

                • Eric

                  If Bitcoin crashes and when not if Silver goes up, you break even while the USD devalues.

                  I hardly care when the price of Silver rises. I have years of patience.

                  I shit thousands of ounces after breakfast. And my stack and patience rises each time. Getting rid of it is easy.

                  Getting it in the first place is the work that is involved. It sure is nice to have “hundereds of thousands of dollars” of liquidity in Gold and Silver.

              • thinking outside the matrix

                Ass hole if Bitcoin crashes so be it. I still have other assets. Right now it looks like it or some other crypto currency will be the safe haven. The Elite hate precious metals and they will continue to manipulate the price to convince people it’s not a safe haven. Just look at how many PM commercials are played on the radio and Fox. They want people to think it’s a safe haven until they crash the PM market. That’s why I think Harry Dent might be on point. The Elite are not dumb they know what people are going to do when they cause the crisis. You have to be smart. The Elite have already gotten into Bitcoin about 2-3 yrs ago. That’s how i knew the price was gonna go up. You have to know the players in each market. They are the market makers. Holding Gold and silver to stop the Elite is a noble thing to do but does not mean it is the smart thing to do. Just saying. I could be wrong that’s why I have crypto and PM. Not very hopeful about PM at this point. LOVE U Eric πŸ™‚ Just tryin to look out for yo ignorant ass, lol.

              • thinking outside the matrix

                Oh great looks like you got it all figured out, lol. We shall see by the end of the year… Care to make a wager?

                • Eric

                  Yes. I know this ends with the Gold Standard. Not the bitcoin standard.

                  No. I don’t take unnecessary risk like you do.

      • David

        Platinum American Eagle. Cool.

  • He never ven rumbles around a dollar devaluation. If that happens his ass is smoked.

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