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First Trump-Putin Phone Call from White House Set for Saturday Night; Signs of Detente in the Air on Russian/American TV

from Rogue Money:

Reading the Tea Leaves, and Even the Warming Tone of Russian and American ‘Deplorable’ TV from Rossiya to Fox News, That U.S.-Russia Detente is in the Offing

The Russia Analyst strongly suspects, like the reported ‘torture’ and black site memos, that some of these documents are being deliberately generated by mainline George W. Bush era Republicans brought into the Administration to sabotage Trump out of the gate. Trump is issuing executive orders at a rapid pace in order perhaps, to overwhelm his opponents and their legacy media news cycle outrage meters, as well as to demonstrate his will to get off to a fast start during the first 100 days of his Administration. On the other hand, British Prime Minister Theresa May during her speech at a Republican conference in Philadelphia, PA compared the US-UK Special Relationship she envisions between her government and the Trump White House to that of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, who helped to negotiate the end of the first Cold War with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev

Another likely related development noted by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, V the Guerrilla Economist and the RogueMoney team — a rising, and perhaps coordinated anti-George Soros movement emerging from Hungary to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the USA (see this piece published by the Trump Admin friendly New York based City Journal). Can these be taken together as signs that detente is in the wind, even the rollback (as RM guest London Paul says) of the globalist cabal that instigated Cold War 2 through regime changes in Libya, Ukraine and a massive attempt via proxy war to topple the Russian/Iranian backed Syrian government?

We will see soon enough how determined Trump is to use his executive authority to rollback Obama’s Russia-related (not Congressionally-mandated sanction) E.O.’s in the teeth of the furious neolibcon and Atlanticist/globalist Establishment opposition from Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and others. Trump reportedly has a phone call, his first as president, scheduled with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well Saturday night.

Given a hostile, orchestrated media campaign in Germany and indeed from the EU itself against Trump and the televised/viral video joke by Josef Joffe, the longtime Establishment Atlanticist editor of Die Zeit about assassinating the new president, the Putin-Trump conversation could be significantly warmer than that between the two nominally NATO allied heads of state. Expectations for any breaking of the ice between Trump and Merkel remain low, while Russian TV seems cautiously optimistic that Trump intends to follow through on his campaign promise to improve relations with Moscow if at all possible.

It should also be noted by us, that while the electronic and physical print neolibcon media remains overwhelmingly hostile to Trump’s proposed ‘bromance’ if not secret Siberian candidate mind controlled desire for detente with Putin, that the most watched news programs of Fox and Rossiya (First Channel/Pervy Kanal) in both countries seem to be setting the stage for a Reagan-Gorbachev type summit. Certainly, while Fox is more grudging in its acknowledgement that Russian ‘TV propaganda’ seems less ‘anti-American’ than before, Rossiya has indeed been lavish in its praise of The Donald as a man of action, scarcely troubled only by the carping of the Establishment or the idiocy of the ‘Women’s March’ and Hollywood:

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  • videoctr

    News from the Nefarium, mentions Trumps speech to CIA, but could not verify comments about “columns”, as in 5th column. Here is the paragraph in question.

    “I will tell you, final time — although I will say it, when you let in your thousands of other people that have been trying to come in — because I am coming back — we’re going to have to get you a larger room. (Applause.) We may have to get you a larger room. You know? And maybe, maybe, it will be built by somebody that knows how to build, and we won’t have columns. (Laughter.) You understand that? (Applause.) We get rid of the columns.

    No, I just wanted to really say that I love you, I respect you. There’s nobody I respect more. You’re going to do a fantastic job. And we’re going to start winning again, and you’re going to be leading the charge.

    So thank you all very much. (Applause.) Thank you — you’re beautiful. Thank you all very much. Have a good time. I’ll be back. I’ll be back. Thank you.

    3:40 P.M. EST”

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