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Dow 20,000: Milestone or Bubble?

from Peter Schiff:

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2 comments to Dow 20,000: Milestone or Bubble?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Bubble or Milestone? It’s BOTH. It’s a Milestone-Bubble.

    Bubblicious. It’s like a drunken-blind man standing on the top step of a step ladder on the top of an icy, wobbly-windy mountain.

    Even if it goes to 30k…we all know how it’s gonna end.

    OK, so even if we don’t fall down to the exact level of a “Venezuela”, it’s gonna be pretty close to it.

    The things we have in our favor, is that the USA has plenty of pre-existing (mothballed) manufacturing experience & infrastructure as well as a huge agricultural system in place. We’ve got lots of things, rivers, forests, grass lands, oil, dams, minerals, etc.

    But, right at this moment, we are weak. So few people own gold, silver, food, ammo, guns and gardens.
    We “SGT” folk, perhaps 5% of us, actually had gardens last summer. When the SHTF, the smart people will jump into gardening very quickly. But I doubt that even 50% of SGT readers will make a garden. That is SAD & dangerous for your family and yourself.

    Using “intensive gardening techniques”, a person may be able to feed themselves for the entire year, on just a couple hundred square feet of garden space. I’m not sure about it, but you’d be smart if you got a book on it, and read up about it.

    There are things that require full sunlight, and some that don’t, and then there are mushrooms that you can grow in total darkness. There is NO excuse for a smart person to starve to death.

    Best gifts you can give to a starving population or family, is a nice variety of SEEDS and the booklets that explain how to grow them, composting, mulching, weeding, pests, and then preserving and storing.

    How few of us, actually have 15 gallons of water for each person in the home?

    How few of us already have a big variety of gardening seeds for growing everything you may need?

    How few of us own a dozen solar panels, batteries, inverter, etc?

    How few of us own a 100 rolls of toilet paper? (even if you always use double ply in normal life, you’d be better off with your emergency supplies to be the SINGLE ply stuff because those are wrapped much tighter with 1000-1250 sheets per roll… and if you read all your labels, then you’d know that 1000 sheets of single ply is equal to 500 sheets of double ply.) When have you EVER seen any “double ply” roll with 500 “double-ply” sheets? NEVER!!!

    How few of us own a supply of antibiotics? Extra jars of spices? 100-300 canned goods? 500 rounds of ammo? 20 extra quarts of motor oil? 5 extra oil filters? extra anti-freeze? Wiper blades? Fan belt? extra new tires or good used ones?

    Got any kerosene lamps? Kerosene heater? Extra full tanks of propane fuel? Got an extra 10 gallons of kerosene?

    Got an extra 10 gallons of gasoline? Generators consume MORE than 5 gallons per day. Did you think you’d live off the generator when even the gas stations will not be working?

    I hope I made you a bit scared, AND made you get up off your butt, and make a list of things to do, or things to get, and DO IT.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I once read an article, about something like an “Amish standard rule” of how many canning jars they need for each person.

    I think the answer was about 150 jars per person…BUT… that is NOT enough for living an entire year unless you are a master gardener AND you also raise LIVESTOCK for food. Amish are master gardeners, farmers, and they raise chickens, pigs and cows. There is always plenty of food to eat in the Amish community, but only enough for themselves. They cannot feed other communities.

    SO, how many canning jars will SGT families need? If you live in a gardening zone that suffers full blown winters, you’ll need MORE jars. If you live in the deep south where you can easily grow 2, 3, or even 4 crops each year? Then 150 jars may be ok.

    Better be ready to do some “dehydration” techniques too. Dried grains, beans, corn, etc, stores well for years and years if kept “bone dry”, out of sunlight, and free from pests or fungus.

    Standard canning lids are not supposed to be reusable. There are “reusable lids” on the market.
    Make sure you’ve got one or two PRESSURE canners AND one or two “water bath canners”. WHY TWO of each? So you can operate your canning system more like a factory and not waste time or fuel waiting for one pot to cool down, and then reload it and re-heat it again.

    Having plenty of extra LIDS is VERY important. Having at least 150 jars per person, (the 1 quart size), and then having a couple BOXES of the PINT jars, etc, will be good for canning other stuff, like berries, jams, etc.

    For those “non thinking” (idiots) who don’t know WHY 150 jars (or even 250 jars) is SO important…then ask yourself, WHAT in the hell are you going to eat, all thru 120 days of winter, and then what will you eat during the spring time when you’re planting those seeds, and what will you be eating while you’re waiting for your garden to be mature enough to start eating fresh veggies?

    As always I will again MENTION about making a SOLAR OVEN (google for it), making wood burning stoves, rocket stoves, rocket mass heater, home made camping stove, etc.

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