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Craig Murray Reveals More Info on Clinton Email leaks: “This is a Washington Insider, it is not Russia”

by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

‘Clinton email leak done by insider, not Russia’ – former UK diplomat tells RT

Craig Murray, a former UK diplomat and whistleblower speaks to RT to discuss the US Intelligence Community report that Russia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, meddled in last year’s US presidential election, through hacking and propaganda.

Skip ahead to the 6:50 mark to listen to Craig Murray (when pressed by RT’s Kevin Owen), give a bit more information as to the identity of the person behind the Clinton email leak…

Definitely on the American side. This is a Washington insider…it is not Russia.“

Murray once again debunks the entire Russian hack “fake news” being spread around American main stream media like wildfire.

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2 comments to Craig Murray Reveals More Info on Clinton Email leaks: “This is a Washington Insider, it is not Russia”

  • C.I.

    Of Course It Is Not Russia.

    We Have Always Known That. This Is Why Australian Media Moved On A Few Weeks Ago?

    Wake Up.


    • anon

      Please allow me to say it again.

      Why do the ‘Jew’-ish-owned-and-operated Western MSM (Mainstream Media) & Western governments ALWAYS DEMONIZE PUTIN? Because before he came to power, it was ‘the West’ that put together a plan to ‘privatize’ Russia’s massive state industries. This plan eventually enabled a group of ‘COMMITTEE OF 300’ (Western) financiers to buy up previously-state-owned Russian factories and industries, mining, energy (such as GAZPROM and YUKOS gas and oil companies), gold, platinum mines, etc., for a mere pittance compared to their actual value. According to Dr. John Coleman, in his book: THE CONSPIRATOR’S HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300, 4th edition, revised and updated (2006), this ‘Gang of Eight’ (pg. 406) ‘who took possession of these priceless assets belonging to the Russian people became rich beyond the expectations of even their wildest speculation by ruthlessly stripping them and exporting the billions of dollars stolen to offshore banks. The Committee [of 300] hoped to severely impoverish Russia by stripping it blind of its natural resources.’ — pg. 406. But, Dr. Coleman continues, the Committee didn’t plan on PUTIN: ‘Immediately upon taking office, PUTIN set about dismantling the ‘Gang of Eight’. They were charged with serious crimes over a wide range of the Russian criminal code. Most fled the country. A prominent and public display of President Putin’s determination to stand up to the Committee of 300 was the return of GAZPROM and YUKOS to ownership of the Russian people. The robber barons involved with the Jeffrey Sachs-Wharton School of Economic Model were completely dismayed…’ — pg. 406, THE CONSPIRATOR’S HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300, 4th edition, revised and updated (2006), by Dr. John Coleman (Former MI6).

      So, basically, PUTIN ENFORCED THE RULE OF LAW IN RUSSIA, & returned key factories and industries to the ownership of the Russian people, and sent the PARASITES scurrying for their lives. THAT is why their ‘Jew’-ish counterparts in the West are pissed. Russia is a resource-rich country, and they would like to continue to RAPE RUSSIA ~ AND ITS PEOPLE ~ THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This is also the problem they have with TRUMP ‘warming up’ to PUTIN.

      The Wall St. BANKS, that run the entire global economy (Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Lazards, Israel Moses-Seifs, Sterns, Speyers, Seligmans, and in the U.S., Kuhn-Leobs, Goldman-Sachs, Lehmans (& Rockefeller) families, among others) WHO OWN THE ‘DISTRICT’ OF CRIMINALS ~ they want Russia to re-join the “Jew” World Order. You see, they can’t let Russia become TOO strong, like Germany was before WWI ~ unless THEY CONTROL IT ~ AND THEREBY REAP THE PROFITS FROM IT! It’s a global KLEPTOCRACY aka “Jew” World Order.

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