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College Fires President For Allowing Homeless Student To Sleep In Library During Storm

from True Activist:

The former President of Vatterott College was fired for allowing a homeless student to sleep in the school’s library when the weather was -2 degrees F.

On a Friday night in Kansas City, Missouri, a student who suffers from schizophrenia (and hadn’t been taking his medication) was about to head toward the woods for the night when the President of Vatterott College, Brian Carroll, stopped him. According to Inside Edition, Carroll knew the student was homeless and feared the worst, especially since temperatures were already at -2 degrees F and were declining.

To save the kid’s life, as he didn’t believe a sleeping bag in the forest was enough shelter, he offered to let the kid sleep in the library for the evening. His compassionate gesture resulted in Carroll being fired the next Monday, on January 9th. This resulted, despite him having served as the school’s President for the past five years.

When the California resident was interviewed after the incident, he said the college fired him because he put the facility’s building and equipment at risk. However, he believes a student’s life is more important, which is why he would do it again. Vatterott College refused to disclose a statement to Insider Edition.

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4 comments to College Fires President For Allowing Homeless Student To Sleep In Library During Storm

  • Ed_B

    This is yet another fine example of, “No good deed goes unpunished”. 🙁

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Gonna be poor or homeless? Do it in the south, and NOT where it’s cold.

  • videoctr

    What does the school’s policiy and procedures manual say to do when confronted with a situation such as this? Perhaps call campus Public Safety Officers? The solution is right in the name of the organization,” Public Safety Department”. Let the professionals handle it next time.

  • d

    Vatterott, which was started in 1969 Our mission is to transform and better the lives of our students through quality, career education. We are proud of this mission and will continue to pursue it with professionalism and integrity.” could that mean or imply…… if our students need to a place sleep out of the cold…they have come to the wrong college for that kind of help….sleep in the woods and freeze to death ,since we already have your money …..imho

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