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CNN Attacks Trump For Keeping Promises: “Determination To Keep Campaign Promises Is Verging On An Obsession” (Video)

by Ryan Saavedra, The Gateway Pundit:

CNN Attacks Trump For Keeping Promises

On Thursday The Gateway Pundit reported on a piece from the New York Times that pointed out how CNN is literally killing itself.

From The New York Times:

Unfortunately, in the past 20 months CNN’s management has let down its viewers and its journalists by sidelining the issues and real reporting in favor of pundits, prognostication and substance-free but entertaining TV “moments.”

On Friday CNN delivered more evidence to back up the New York Times claims that they are “sidelining the issues and real reporting” with a piece they put out about President Trump.

In the article CNN takes a bit of a swipe at the American people by calling the people who voted for Trump “disgruntled voters.”

From CNN:

Forget the first 100 days. It’s only been a week and Donald Trump is reinventing the presidency.

Amid a torrent of action, disruption and protest, the new President’s moves on trade, immigration and foreign policy have honored his campaign promises — and dramatically reshaped Washington’s role in national and global affairs…

…But the determination to keep campaign promises is verging on an obsession inside the Trump White House.

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3 comments to CNN Attacks Trump For Keeping Promises: “Determination To Keep Campaign Promises Is Verging On An Obsession” (Video)

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    governments and big businesses don’t know how to deal with somebody who keeps their campaign promises and does not do “double dealing” behind closed doors.

    We all know that there will eventually be SOME compromises behind closed doors, when it becomes necessary, but we also can be sure that the world criminal elites are pulling their hair out.

    The entire world is watching how Trump is being ‘true to his word’ and global leaders do NOT like that kind of display of honesty, but the common man loves it and will demand more of it.

    Let’s see how the next 90 days shapes up. I hope everything goes well.

  • MarcS

    Yes, the media are so used to the typical whore becoming president,

    it is foreign language to these entrenched nazi media propagandists.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    CNN:- Cabal News Network.

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