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Chinese Propaganda: New Hollywood Movie Depicts Trump-like President Killing US

by Jamie White, InfoWars:

Hollywood is set to begin work on Little America, a dystopian adventure movie set in a future where a Trump-like U.S. president has bankrupted America and China has called in its debts.

The film, set to be produced by explosion-obsessed director Michael Bay, describes a future where the president has destroyed America’s economy, prompting China to call in its debts, making it the de facto owner of the country while many Americans emigrate to China for work.

Universal Pictures recently picked up the rights to the movie after a heated bidding war with several producers, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The plot of the movie follows a former American Force Recon member who is hired by a Chinese billionaire to infiltrate an American ghetto and rescue his daughter.

The tone of the movie is said to be similar to the 1981 John Carpenter film Escape from New York starring Kurt Russell.

These efforts to portray Trump as a weak leader responsible for America’s downfall is no coincidence. Neither is the portrayal of China as the real controller of America.

Just a few months ago, China bought all six Hollywood studios in an unprecedented buy-up, a move meant to repurpose Hollywood films to serve China’s agenda, including influencing public perception with state-sponsored propaganda.

“China views film as a component of social control,” states a report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC), noting that when it comes to Chinese policies for regulating movies, “the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) concerns are positioned above all other interests.”

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2 comments to Chinese Propaganda: New Hollywood Movie Depicts Trump-like President Killing US

  • AgShaman

    Hahaha…..”Heya Snake, I thought you was dead?”

    These people have stars in their eyes. Escape From New York” is almost cult classic status.

    Kinda set their goals a bit high…considering the crap that Jollywood’s been putting out for awhile now.

    • Ed_B

      That they do. Considering just how long it takes to create a new movie, this HAD to have been conceived and created DURING Obama’s time in office. Gee, I wonder where they got their idea of a SHTF situation? By watching what Obama was doing, of course. But now the politics of the situation demand that it be blamed on someone who had f***-all to do with it. That would be Trump. It is typical libtard politics to blame their own failings on others… and the less liberal their targets are the better. If they weren’t idiots, they would realize just how many people are not a bit fooled by their utter BS.

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