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Chaos Out of Order

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

Well, we’ve all survived inauguration weekend…so far. That’s a start, right? It’s certainly a sign of something when we take some measure of comfort in the fact that the world hasn’t quite ended yet, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Everyone can feel it deep down.

Whether it’s the fake news squawking their propaganda louder than ever, or protests and riots mixed with rumors of protests and riots, or wars of words between the newly-crowned president and…well, almost everyone, things seem to be full-on crazy and getting crazier by the minute.

Don’t you just wish for some “normality” right now? Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to that bygone time of a couple of decades ago when the world didn’t seem so insane?

That’s the trick. That’s exactly what you’re supposed to be feeling right now. Allow me to explain.

You see, everyone in “conspiracyland” is familiar with that old Masonic dictum, ordo ab chao. For those who stumbled onto this article from “Fakenewsestablishmentland,” that’s Latin for “order out of chaos” and it refers to the tried-and-true method of would-be tyrants everywhere for moving society in a given direction. In short: generate chaos in order to provide the type of “order” you wanted all along.

In order to pass a PATRIOT Act, you need a 9/11. So, if you were a would-be tyrant who wanted to gain total control over the internet via an i-PATRIOT Act, what would you do? If you answered “Stage a cyber 9/11!” then give yourself a cookie; you get the idea. (Bonus points if you suggested appointing one of the key 9/11 cover up artists to the position of “cyberczar.”)

But there’s a corollary to “order out of chaos” that often gets overlooked: If you want to transition from one order to the next (an “old word order” to a “new world order,” if you will), then you need to create chaos. And the bigger the transition, the more havoc needs to be generated in order to bring it about.

It would be difficult to argue that we’re not going through such a transition right now. We are simultaneously facing:

The breakdown of the international monetary order.
The breakdown of the international security order (aka “Pax Americana“).
The breakdown of the political order (in America, Britain, Italy, Korea and elsewhere).
The breakdown of societal order (in America, Europe and elsewhere).

That’s a lot of chaos. And everyone is feeling it. There are worries about trade wars and new trade compacts that might emerge in the coming years. There are worries about actual wars that might take place if the bellicose warmongering from certain circles isn’t tamped down soon.

To understand how chaotic things are, just look at a few of the radically different but equally plausible scenarios describing how things might unfold in the Trump era:

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