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Bug-Out And Survival In A Travel Trailer Or RV

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

Ever thought about a ‘mobile’ bug-out with a travel trailer or RV? Pros? Cons?

For many, purchasing another home or piece of property away from ‘the city’ or dense suburbs to have as a ‘bug-out location’ is unattainable. Given a worst-case-scenario whereby a bug-out to a safer location is or would be a matter of survival, perhaps one option would be to utilize a travel trailer or RV as one’s bug-out vehicle and mobile bug-out location…

Here are some thoughts on that:

Some variables come to mind, including the specifics of the travel trailer or RV itself, how it is to be equipped and prepped, as well as having a specific bug-out destination and pre-planned route and alternate routes to your destination.

2I happen to have a trailer, a ‘5th-wheel’ actually, and before we travel with it, I put some thought and preps into the rig such that it will be better prepared for SHTF, just in case.

The thing is, I suppose that one could take it to the next level and consider using it as a ‘home base’ should the need ever arise to get out of Dodge…

When you begin thinking about a trailer or RV as a semi-permanent bug-out location, the wheels really start spinning as to what you might consider doing, retrofitting, and preparing the rig for such a thing.

There are two primary concerns. The rig itself (and how it’s equipped to deal with this role), and the destination location (or locations) of the bug-out.

Lets touch on the later first. Where are you going to go??

Some good first options may be if you know someone else who is already living in a location that may be more survivable than ‘the city’ or dense population regions. With their prior consent (important), your rig will serve as your ‘home’ on their property rather than integrating into their existing home. (Note: Winter RV’ing is difficult to impossible without freezing pipes, etc.., so bear that in mind or have solutions to these problems)

Note: Be sure to have a Road Atlas for each state that you may travel in…

Note: Best Large Scale Road Atlas USA

Don’t just think that you’re going to take off and live ‘on the road’. Sooner or later you will run out of fuel. You need to plan a destination that gives you a chance for survivability and functionality in this role. This will likely mean scouting it out ahead of time. And then plan for a second location in case your first option is no longer an option…

Given that the hypothetical (extreme) bug-out conditions that warrant leaving one’s area in order to stand a better chance of survival, these conditions will also create great security concerns. You may only have a relatively short time to make your decision to bug-out, to actually bug-out, and the time to arrive at your destination (days?) before the rest of the population realizes that they’re in deep $hit…

There are A LOT of things to think about, including…

Is a travel trailer or RV defensible? How?
Should camouflage or being out of sight at your destination be a priority?
Is there a water source there?
How will you deal with waste and disposal thereof?
Do you have enough food supplies for the long term?
Can you rig up a solar power system?
Will there be weather concerns?

It’s interesting to think about and consider a travel trailer or RV as a bug-out vehicle and destination shelter. Have any of you thought about this? Any ideas? Pros and Cons?

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1 comment to Bug-Out And Survival In A Travel Trailer Or RV

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Alert (again). Craig’s HELPFUL tips for everybody!!!!!!!

    One commenter on the original story page, has the GREAT suggestion of also having “rail-road wheels” so you can get onto the tracks and drive on the rails (avoiding congestion, roadblocks, etc).

    We all know that having a roof covered in solar panels will give you power without needing to burn any fuel.

    Here are a bunch of things from Ebay that can be useful in their own ways.

    Such as a range extender repeater for cellphones (make sure you get the right frequency for YOUR carrier, etc) Long range antennas are also available for WIFI, TV antennas, 2-way radio, etc.

    Another useful bunch of stuff (for specific situations), are a block & tackle pulley system, can be used as a manual “winch” to pull out a stuck vehicle, etc

    crossbow pistol. USB charger/backup battery. Sinewave inverter. Solar panels. DC voltage/amperage meter, zipline trolly, and use your imagination, search all the things you don’t even think about searching and you’ll find amazing things.

    Grappling hook, climbing gear, respirators, filter, water filters, solar shower (black bag & hose), and ways to drill you own water well.

    If you plan on driving thru bad situations, you might come upon a large gap in the road, damaged bridge, etc. It may be small enough (less than 6 feet wide) that you can get across with some decent car-ramps, such as from a CAR hauler, or home made beams from 6×8’s, plywood, etc.

    Even if you have to spend a full day, unloading some weight, getting over, and then reloading everything, will be better than getting stuck forever. Hopefully, any materials you carry with you, will be used later at your home-site. A bunch of sections of PVC water pipe, (of the proper diameter, etc) can be used for making your own water well.

    Have spare tire stuff, & green slime, tire plugs, fix a flat, air compressor, even a spare tire or two, jacks, stands, tools (of course). Epoxy glue and radiator stop leak, and all kinds of “fix it stuff”, silicone caulking (fix roof leaks), cheap latex caulking, glue, don’t forget bug chemicals, mouse/rat traps, pellet gun and perhaps even a couple big rolls of fencing, staples, nails, etc. Extra motor oil, antifreeze, belts, plugs, wires, spare battery, brake fluid….

    Sections of “Unistrut” or Super Strut can be used for all kinds of things, or mounting solar panels, etc.

    My home style (all glass) kerosene LAMPS, hold 1 qt, and will burn for about 30 hours. Wicks get burnt & clogged at the tip, and need trimming about every 5-8 hours, you cut off 1/8th-1/4″ each time. So buy a BIG roll of extra wick. A full size kerosene lamp (or metal type LANTERN), will produce about 10-14 candle power AND give you about 1000-1400 BTU’s of heat (and also some congested lungs).

    I experimented with some of those alcohol pumper bottles of HAND SANITIZER from the dollar stores.

    An 8 ounce bottle, can be either 62% (124 Proof), or 70% (140 proof), YES, it is the FOOD quality alcohol so it can be bartered, drank, or used for cleaning, BUT, in a cut up empty coffee can, bean can, etc, made into a little STOVE, you can HEAT UP an OPEN can of soup, beans, etc, with just ONE ounce of fuel from the pump bottle. So an 8 ounce bottle, will be able to heat up about 8 cans of food.

    Check out THIS FREE way to cook food, heat up water, etc.
    Solar ovens!

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