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BREAKING: I have uncovered and compiled evidence of a massive ISIS network spanning all 50 states of the U.S.

by PleadingtheYiff, Reddit:


The director of the FBI, James Comey, has stated that ISIS now has a presence in all 50 of the United States:

ABC 7 News Chicago:

This presence varies in its form from state to state. It exists in the form of smaller cells attached to mosques run by radicalized imams, paramilitary groups operating out of compounds throughout the US, reinforced by veterans and command figures from ISIS’ Syria theater and bolstered by recruits from American minority communities. If all the reports outlined here are in fact found to be true, ISIS has managed to amass a terrifyingly impressive network across the United States that would be capable of wreaking heavy damage in the event of a large-scale terror incident.

I. Training Camps

One of the ways ISIS has established a military presence in the US is by directly franchising out training camps that build operations centers/cells in various parts of the country. Some of these camps are public knowledge although the media has tried to hide them from the public.

At least one established network of paramilitary training camps has been public knowledge since at least the 1980’s. The Jamaat ul-Fuqra, or “Muslims of America” network has run a network of camps estimated in a report from Sean Hannity to be spread across 35 different locations. The report (linked here) showed a number of Islamic jihadist style military training videos filmed at these sites in the United States. News site WND has placed the number of camps at least 22:


Here is a map showing the location of most of the compounds run by Jamaat ul-Fuqra:

The Clarion Project ran a report citing FBI documents which state that in 2014 the FBI investigated the organization “…based upon specific and articulate facts giving justification to believe they are engaged in international terrorism or activities in preparation thereof…” This was due in part to an “accidental” deadly shooting that occurred in one of their compounds, Mahmoudberg, in Texas:

FBI Document:

Mahmoudberg was one of several compounds located on property Jamaat ul-Fuqra had purchased in the area:


Jamaat ul-Fuqra was based in Pakistan and its leader, Mubarak Ali Gilani was directly involved in the kidnapping and murder of journalist Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped while going to interview Gilani in Iraq. He was questioned but never arrested for the role he played:

You will recall of course, that the group who carried out the murder of Pearl was Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which was the forerunner of ISIS. This indicates that ISIS has had established connections to this network in particular since at least 2002.

Hannity’s report and the piece by WND both mention the fact that Jamaat ul-Fuqra has produced a video titled “Soldiers of Allah” where Gilani states:

We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America.

Despite all of this troubling information, the Department of State does not list Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a terrorist organization. Here is a list of videos both showing footage these Islamic jihadist paramilitary groups have filmed or reports referencing them:

It appears that there may be a correlation between the states where camps run by Jamaat ul-Fuqra are located and recent terror attacks which have linked to ISIS.

For example, one of the largest compounds is located in Islamberg, New York. Many of the training and propaganda films made by Jamaat ul-Fuqra are produced at this location. It is interesting that this particular location is so significant to the group when one considers terror activity in the New York/New Jersey area, such as the recent pressure cooker bombings:

The Telegraph:

The Telegraph:

The Washington Post:

The authorities attempted to claim that the individual arrested, Ahmad Khan Rahami, acted alone and there was no cell. But that contradicts other prior reports complete with footage showing multiple other individuals who were active in the terror operation:


The “lone wolf” narrative pushed by the mainstream media is a lie in almost every single case. Wherever there is a “lone wolf” there is a bigger wolf pack nearby providing logistical and operational support. We’ve all seen the damage that individual attackers have caused in various terror incidents and how much chaos an entire squad of ISIS operatives such as those who perpetuated the 2015 Paris attacks can cause. Imagine what will happen when all of them decide to attack at once? The death toll in each location might potentially be in the hundreds, if not thousands.

It is also interesting to note that these pressure cooker attacks happened at the tail end of a spree of “gas leak” explosions in New York. The most recent one occurred in September and was first blamed on a Marijuana growing operation, then a meth lab showing apparent law enforcement confusion as to what and who had actually caused the blast. Others mention that residents didn’t actually smell gas leaking before the explosion. The shifting stories and common stated causes of the explosions are very interesting. When done intentionally, this is known as a “supplement narrative” or a cover story that the public is more likely to accept than what really happened. Here are a number of local news reports on the incidents:


NY Daily News:

WKRC Cincinnati:

Pix 11 TV:

In addition to Jamat ul-Fuqra, other Islamic groups in the United States are Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Masjid at-Taqwa (led by Siraj Wahhaj) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). I have not yet researched these other groups, am not alleging that they are paramilitary in nature and merely list them for referential purposes.

II. Using mosques as centers for radicalization

In addition to training camps, domestic ISIS terrorists seem to have been groomed to some extent at local mosques by extremist imams. It is of course not logistically tenable to have paramilitary wings located in every single US state. In such cases, smaller cells coordinated by handlers preaching extremist Wahabbist or Salafist Islam are a much more secure and low profile option.

Mosques in Europe have been proved to be at risk of being coopted by jihadi groups for use as operations centers. In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, French authorities raided a number of mosques and made more than 200 arrests, confiscating 334 weapons of which 34 were described as “war grade.” The raids led to the closure of over 100 mosques in France:

Al Jazeera:

American security officials have also highlighted that many mosques in the United States are involved to some extent with extremism. Breitbart cited a former FBI counter-terrorism special agent as opining that as many as 75% of American mosques were used by jihadist networks:


The imams and mosques of specific “lone wolf” attackers in the U.S. have been suspected of having varying levels of involvement in their radicalization process. The Los Angeles cleric Roshan Zamir Abbassi who ministered to the San Bernardino terror attackers was questioned after it emerged he had exchanged a flurry of texts with attacker Syed Rizwan Farook and was allegedly lying about the fact that he knew his wife:

NY Post:

In a revelation suggesting evidence that mosques can and do play host to more than one radicalized attacker, it was revealed that Pulse nightclub attacker Omar Mateen and American suicide bomber Moner Abu Salha both were enrolled in the radical cleric Marcus Dwayne Robertson’s Timbuktu Seminary.

Daily Mail:

In the aftermath of the Pulse shooting, the imam of The Husseini Islamic Center was caught on camera calling for death to gays:


The imam of the Boston Marathon bombers, Abdullah Faaruuq, denied radicalizing them despite videos emerging of him making fiery sermons alluding to committing acts of violence. New also surfaced that he was on the radar of groups monitoring preachers of extremism before the attacks occurred:

Fox News:

More moderate imams also spoke to the press talking about how extremist clerics had taken over many Boston mosques in recent years:

Fox News:

It has also been revealed in a report by The Gateway Pundit that yesterday’s airport shooter, Esteban Santiago lived within walking distance of the only mosque in Alaska. As more information emerges about the cleric running this facility, will we find out that he too has a history of preaching extreme Islamic ideology?

The Gateway Pundit:

III. Smuggling Syria veterans and command figures into the US

A. ISIS operatives’ presence and activity are now being routinely reported at the southern US border

While developing domestic paramilitary capabilities, ISIS and groups collaborating with them are attempting to move military assets including combat veterans and command figures from the Syrian/Iraqi theaters into the West. These redeployments are likely rapidly increasing as regional and international coalitions have been closing in on their Middle East territories. ISIS movements into Europe among the refugee population are already fairly well documented. Not so well known are a growing number of reports that ISIS members are locating into the Western Hemisphere and infiltrating the United States.

In 2015, Judicial Watch ran a series of reports based on testimony from various Mexican military sources stating that ISIS was running a small camp just a few miles from the border of Texas near El Paso:

Judicial Watch:

The watchdog further claimed that ISIS was paying multiple cartel organizations to smuggle members across the US border using rural smuggling routes and regional airports to avoid the U.S. Border Control:

Judicial Watch:

They supported their sources with a leaked document from the Texas Department of Public Safety stating that several known members of Islamic terror organizations have been apprehended attempting to enter the U.S. in recent years:

Texas DPS Document:

Additionally cited was a 2004 document from the Department of State, which stated that multiple known Arab extremists were using Mexico to enter the United States, including a top Al Qaeda operative, Adnan G. El Shurkrjumah who was wanted by the FBI:

Judicial Watch archive:

These reports follow a 2014 project conducted by Judicial Watch documenting the existence of an operation stretching from the southern border to Chicago being run by cartel and ISIS members to move drugs, weapons and individuals from Mexico into the US. This is especially interesting considering the fact that the recent Ft. Lauderdale attacker was Hispanic:

Judicial Watch:

This year, Judicial Watch reported they had been tipped off by a Homeland Security official that cartel groups were helping multiple ISIS members, including leadership figure Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, enter the United States to conduct surveillance for an attack on American soil:

Judicial Watch:

In April 2016 Khabir bragged to Italian newspaper Il Giornale that it would be easy for him to “get in with a handful of men, and kill thousands of people in Texas or in Arizona in the space of a few hours.”

Judicial Watch quoted Mexican officials who were incredulous that the Obama administration was not taking these threats more seriously.

Judicial Watch’s reports were denied by Texas DPS Director Robert Bodisch. However, the language Mr. Bodisch indicates that his denial is in fact untrue, though it does not legally qualify as perjury. When confronted about the two reports that Judicial Watch had obtained from Texas DPS contradicting his statement, he merely asserted that neither he nor intelligence officials could “confirm” the reports and he did not accuse Judicial Watch of misquoting their other sources. Notice the language here: to explicitly deny the authenticity of the documents would be to make an untruthful statement, hence Bodisch’s decision to merely state that he could neither confirm nor deny their authenticity. The two reports outlined plans by ISIS operatives to attack Fort Bliss, Texas, and that four of their members had been detained in Texas.

Politifact made a similarly disingenuous attempt to discredit Judicial Watch’s reports. The report also cited Texas DPS officials who merely said they could neither “confirm nor deny” the documents and sources cited by Judicial Watch. In fact, officials with El Paso’s Sherriff’s Department expressed shock the Judicial Watch’s findings, before their superiors told Politico they similarly “couldn’t provide relevant information” about the report. Again, notice that no authorities have outright denied Judicial Watch’s findings as to do so would be to commit perjury, especially if the official in fact had knowledge suggesting that the reports and information was in fact true. Finally, Politico cited a Border Patrol official who merely cast doubt on Judicial Watch’s reports before it emerged that he had left the Border Patrol in contentious circumstances. None of this refutes the findings and reports of Judicial Watch.

B. How ISIS can cross from West Africa to the Western Hemisphere

It is, in theory, actually incredibly easy for ISIS operatives and commanders to leave the theater of war in Syria and move into the Western Hemisphere, potentially linking up with paramilitary forces located in some of the camps mentioned above. South American and Mexican drug cartels have been increasingly running drugs into West Africa using entire fleets of decrepit and unregistered cargo planes:

The Telegraph:


In order to move the drugs from West Africa to their ultimate markets in Europe, narco groups have been working to smuggle them in cooperation with multiple Islamic terror groups. These terror groups benefit financially from the arrangement. Below are reports from the United Nations and Financial Action Task Force explaining these business arrangements in addition to an article from The Telegraph outlining the arrangement:

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime:

Financial Action Task Force:

The Telegraph:

ISIS has known franchises in West Africa, most notably the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram. It would logistically possible to move assets from Syria into West Africa via their franchises in Libya and jump the Atlantic into the Western Hemisphere:

NY Times:

ISIS’ estimated monthly income of $80-120 million USD (and that number relies only on what is public knowledge) also shows that it is financially possible for them to pay their way through Western smuggling networks. All that would be needed is the willingness to outbid competing state agencies reaching out to cartels in the hope that they will keep extremists out of the United States and the adjacent countries:

Stuff Mag New Zealand:

As a final note, once ISIS members have entered the United States, it is quite easy for them to take up positions and embed themselves within Sanctuary Cities, where lax immigration laws give them a veritable free pass to move around without fear of harassment from or detection by local law enforcement.

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  • Windrunner58

    Shocking! How did they get in? The USA has an ironclad border system, TSA feels up every citizen from old lady to 5 year old, and the NSA knows where “every terrorist” is with their spying game, how is it possible that they not only managed to sneak in, but in all 50 states (and most likely here in all of Canada as well), without detection!!!

    It baffles me Mr. President outgoing. How does this happen on your watch? Can’t be during the hundreds of games of golf, or many $50K dinner put on for you, or when you are chasing little boys around the whitehouse, could it???

    Most feared nation in the world, with the most feared military might ever assembled (according to CNN no doubt), how could it be???

    • You forgot to add , if the F. B. I. and other American Security Agencies know of this THREAT …… Why T. F. are they not doing something about this ?

      The ” Logical Answer ” , wait for the attacks , then complete the objective of
      ” Locking Down America ” and establishing the ” Totalitarian Police State ! “

  • oneno

    Bring it on. Citizens will shoot them dead!

    • After taking out the Terrorist …. the next logical step is to take the REAL TERRORIST is Washington , who have allowed America to be flooded by the third world Muslim Refugee Children ( 18 to 35 years of age ! )

      The REAL TERRORIST have even gone as for to furnish ” FREE ” housing , food , medical attention , and Education through college ….. while at the same time Americans are being required to cut back on their life style to support these ” Children ” AND the average American College student is enslaved with unpayable student debt with today’s economy and job opportunity !

      Know who is the real ” Terrorist ! “

  • oneno

    Canada criminalized firearms possession back in 1989 after the (false flag) massacare at the École Polytechnique in Montreal, Canada. Those laws must be overturned so that citizens can defend themselves and go after those responsible!

  • Ed_B


    As Thomas Jefferson once said, “When the government fears the people, there is liberty and when the people fear the government, there is tyranny”. It is not difficult to determine which status the government prefers. But, too bad for them because We the People prefer liberty and we WILL have our way.

    One of my favorite Internet quotes is, “America was not created to be safe. America was created to be FREE!” 🙂

    This simple statement is aimed at those who cower in fear and demand all manner of loss of liberty in the name of safety. But then, we all know what Ben Franklin said about trading liberty for a little temporary safety. Those who do soon have their well deserved neither.

  • Global Citizen

    The deadly US ‘Shadow Government’ is preparing its version of the old ‘AGENDA 21’.
    Make no mistake, the object is to reduce world population and they have several options on the table.
    1. War with Russia and an expanded WW111.
    2. World Economic systemic organised Collapse with accompanying starvation and Civil War in the US.
    Creating these ISIS units is ideal as the Shadow Govt can support the units (like they did in Syria) so they don’t have to ‘Directly’ use US Troops to kill US citizens. The satanists would take advantage/fulfill their ‘KILL QUOTA’ upon US citizens (like they did in Syria and Ukraine) then civilians just happen to be ‘collateral damage’ in their ‘organised skirmishes’.
    3. Expect an Nuclear facility to go up or why not two or three? as they already used these ideas in their orchestrated 9/11 attack stating their were 3 planes (whether there were planes or not).
    Problem Reaction Solution.
    Its up to The American People to take back America and drain the swamp.
    The World is watching and hoping and praying.

    First Step-Remove the Judges put in new ones and Imprison all paedophiles and accomplices-they are crippling the future of America-killing the children.
    Never forget 9/11 and never rest until the paedophiles are removed.
    The World has so much potential-.

  • One aspect that most American do not understand is the American 501c3 TAX EXEMPT Christian (?) Church’s efforts to help bring about the Destruction of Christian America ,by helping establish Muslim Mosques throughout America!

    Being NAVIE is beyond the insanity of the 501c3’s ……

    Try as one might , 501c3’s refuse to acknowledge of historical facts of Muslim steps of conquering nations from within !

    Selling out their own faith for thirty pieces of Tax Exempt silver ?

  • MarcS

    It is breath taking how fast the cia, uh I mean
    isis can infiltrate the usa

    We have traitors in our midst my fellow patriots

  • anon

    “BREAKING: I have uncovered and compiled evidence of a massive ISIS network spanning all 50 states of the U.S.”?

    The “Jew” World Order wants to get Whites (non-“Jews”) and Arabs to kill each other off, so that the (“elite”) “Jews” can inherit and rule the World.


    It’s all about keeping the FEAR level up, so that you’ll bow before your J.W.O. masters.

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