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Bill Holter-It’s Going to Look Like Caveman Days

from Greg Hunter:

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12 comments to Bill Holter-It’s Going to Look Like Caveman Days

  • ecobel

    his usual bullshit that never happens! Where is the $5000 gold? Oh it is manipulation. Its the end of this year! Moderator never calls them out

    • Ecobel, you’re absolutely correct. There is zero accountability in alt-media and the treatment of Bill “Chicken Little” Holter is a perfect example of this:

      “I don’t see how we get out of 2016 without the collapse.”
      -Bill Holter (a real quote)

      Bill said roughly the same thing in a joint interview with his handler Jim Sinclair in Fall of 2015, too.

      Or how ’bout another of Sinclair’s little creations, Bo Polny? Greg Hunter had BoBo on multiple times last year to pump his Shemitah crap and didn’t do so much as issue an apology to his listeners for having the loon on when none of his “predictions” came to pass. Probably because both Greg and Polny are “Good Christians.” >__<

      And of course, now Holter mentions the gold-backed SDR, something he (and so many other analysts) said was impossible and ridiculous just a short time ago. Yet myself and a few other lone bloggers figured out that this was the plan YEARS ago – not because we're "legendary gold traders" or have super-secret inside sources, but because there have been many policy papers from the supranational level spelling out this plan for a long time now:

      It's unfortunate, but the alt-media audience at large is far more willing to consume garbage media that reinforces their preconceived notions than to step outside the realm of doctrine and simply look at the facts. We’re at a point where there’s so much truth, half-truth, well-meaning misinformation and utter lies stirred into the sickly soup of the blogosphere that continuing to produce media almost seems to be a fruitless effort.

      • Eric

        He never said $5000 by the end of this year. And go look at the yield curve on the U.S. treasury market if you still don’t see the collapse.

        This thing is gonna hit everyone like a ton of bricks because they can’t see what’s right in front of their eyes. And he’s always said the end game is Gold.

        Maybe the reason you 2 are so bitter is because the collapse is affecting you and you don’t notice it.

        It’s a perception deception. If you don’t like the way it looks, change your perception.

        • Millicent

          Yup, it’s “perception deception” for sure. You’ve managed to convince a few of the gullible around here that you actually know something… that is why you defend Holter, he is just like you… bluffing his way into some position of prominence in the PM world.

          The warden in Cool Hand Luke had a phrase for it.
          “you got to get your mind right”… you make a good warden, Eric the lesser.

      • KRELL427

        Rusticus, here is another good one I found, I don’t disagree that as the truth starts coming out even some of the so called good guys will be revealed. See what you guys make of this

        • Wow, Krell. Just… wow. What a find. Looks like I’ve got some reading to do, thanks for passing that link along. “V” and Hodges are two of the most egregious liars in alt-media today, glad someone’s got the balls to hold ’em accountable for their con.

          Though I find it curious that, aside from nearly all the authors listed in your linked article (and others on the same site) being ardent pushers of the “BRICS saviour” meme, they’re all connected to “former” CIA official Steve Quayle.

          While Quayle has become recently (in)famous for claiming to be involved in the Trump “counter-coup,” it’s worth noting that his history as an intel officer was not in regime change, but psychological operations… interesting.

        • Eric

          American James Bond. Lol.

          I wonder if he has 20 Gold Sovereigns stashed in his briefcase and a lethal dart gun on his wrist.

          Another reminder to think for yourself. Believe nothing. Listen to all. Follow none.

        • willygroper


          read it. really don’t trust anyone that won’t show their face.

          i’m finding numerous attacks & suspicions gone wild on folks trying to work their way thru this deception. i find some of these aspersions…frankly paranoid. we all have different perceptions/experiences. i think the key is understanding where some are coming from. the phaser had a vid yesterday calling out Sofia Smallstorm. i for 1, think she’s the real deal. yet, much of that vid was definitely compelling!
          we are simply overwhelmed w/info & i have no doubt hell & her gang have penetrated good & proper. sewing seeds of division is their last best hope b4 wikileaks 2017.

          as far as hagmann & his name misspelled in a doc, could it be possible he had someone else type it? what troubles me more is his link to pete santilli who is a known, at the least agent provocateur, at most affiliated with the effbeeeye.

          believe nothing, discern all.

          • KRELL427

            Willy, I have personally had a lawyer misspell a 3 initial name on a commercial property we acquired,so for sure typing errors occur. A lot of infighting going on, falling prey to the divide and conquer strategy. Still enjoy listening to all and also looking forward to the upcoming wiki leaks. people should be happy that the doom and gloom predictions have not materialized and we can still enjoy a lifestyle we have in most cases earned and grown accustomed to.


    I GOT MY $$$ ON BILL HOLTER (B.A.B. Bad Ass Bill)
    Great interview as always, Thanks Gang!

  • glitter 1

    All information is useful information.Some is based on speculation,some anecdotal,some empirical,some on educated opinion(s),some on shoot from the hip,some from professional experience(s).Information is processed based on each person’s bend of understanding,which is successful application over a period of time.Also, an overload of information/data can just clog and confuse thinking.
    All information is usable,either to hold/tuck away,act upon or disregard/discard altogether.
    2016 saw all manner of professionals,amateurs,hacks calling for a Reset,Market Crash,PM Boom,Bond Crash,etc.The list is large,i.e.,Kirby,Hoffman,Holter,Sinclair,Lindsey William’ Elite Friends,Jim Willy,et al just to name a few.Are these all crackpots,disinformers,idiots!No more so than the crackpots,disinformers,idiots on Bloomberg and CNBC.
    You will recall 2016 started as a disaster/depression in the Stock Markets and with hope/euphoria in the PM’s/Mining Shares and the threat of a Bond Conflgration during most of the year.The bottom didn’t fall out.
    Also,remember that the entire creation of MSM,Rothchilds Economist Magazine,”Professional”Pundits/Pronosticators all bellowing a Clinton “In-The-Bag” Presidential Victory right up until 2hrs before the end!We all know how that turned out.
    So, all information is useful and has to be categorized as data points,which can serve to assemble consensus prior to making a judgement/action call.We all do it everyday,some are more successful than others.
    Success is nothing more than following in the footsteps/the actions of successful individuals.
    Since our(Financial) world today is totally/completely managed by “The Masters Of The Universe” through “MOPE” Management Of Perception Economics,the only people who know exactly what/when is scheduled to happen are those who at the top create/control “The MOPE”.
    All else is just an educated/experienced best guess or just blind dumb luck.It’s all just an educated/experienced best guess or blind dumb luck until it isn’t.
    All one has to do is look at the shape/condition the world is in currently.Is that condition improving,is it deteriorating,what is the eventual probable outcome(s).It’s not a question of if,only a question of when.Let history serve as the best guide.

    I’m sure when asked;can we inflate indefinitely,John Maynard Keynes responded:”In the end we’re all dead”.
    So, how long can they inflate ad keep the system going?Until they can’t and it blows up and most likely there will be very little warning when it does and I’m very confident they are not going to announce it ahead of time.The Pundits of Bloomberg and CNBC will be pumping/bellowing stocks right up until the first 10% flash crash,just like Hillary had it “In The Bag” and lost.
    It all comes down to how one processes the information.I’d rather be years early than a day late.Eventually there won’t be any do overs.

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