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Benevolent… Dictator…?

from Dees Illustration, via SGT

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38 comments to Benevolent… Dictator…?

    • Successfully managing large human herds can be akin to watching a pendulum swing on a grandfather clock….Swing the Pendulum one way, build up tons of potential force, then be the catalyst to lead (Trump)the pendulum back the other way, then repeat again…Just remember, to maintain control, the Actors must LEAD the movement back the other way….For the sake of this example say left is liberal and right is conservative…Now swing it to the right with GBush, as hard as you possibly can..Make it all America first and even throw a false flag in there, that will really separate the thinkers(conspiracy theorists) from the ones too scared to confront reality(patriots)…Then, when no one wants to even hear the word “Republican” again, throw Bathhouse in there and rip it to the left (insert snowflake ideology here and implement at the collegiate level.) Push it really far left, and mark the peak by implementing insane ordinances like letting confused trannies use the bathroom next to your 6 year old daughter…Then, when people cant bear to see one more Rainbow or hear the name “pussy hat anymore,” we’ll slam it to the right as hard as we can….Now, if they don’t throw you a bone the slaves might get upset (so get rid of TPP, and other stuff they know the public didnt like) Trust me, in 8 years it’ll swing left again, just when the snowflakes come to take over…I’m already hearing people say “ok 4 years of crap and then we’ll get a shot.” Geez these earthlings will never figure it out…..Thanks DD for another great artwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Trump was an Epstein guest, until piz**ga** is addressed they are all in together, one way or another……….

      • mike

        This is pretty good…

      • Ed_B

        “Successfully managing large human herds can be akin to watching a pendulum swing on a grandfather clock…”

        Yep… or sometimes like herding cats. Either way, it’s pretty much a mess.

        On the other hand, maybe Trump will take out some of the trash that has been piling up for the past 8 years. Who knows? Could happen. But don’t bet the farm on it.

    • mike

      Trump is neither just a complete Moron…How exactly is Mexico paying for the wall by a 20% import tax? They only need 10 billion so since Americans are going to be paying for the wall now with the import tax and the Mexican gubberment paying 0 how is that a win?
      The US Gub will be collecting far more than 10 billion a year by imposing an import tax on Mexican goods that Americans will be paying. Trump forgot about the other 300 billion in imports from Mexico. So the import tax that Americans will be paying only needs to be 2.8% to get 10 billion for the wall.

      So we can pay 20% or 2.8%. 2.8 gets us the wall..20% get us the wall.Either way the Mexican isnt paying 1 red peso.

      Here is sphincter talking avout the great plan to NOT have Mexico pay for the wall.

      I hope you Trump LEMMINGS can at least see Trump is an epic moron.
      Please dont try and defend him just break out of your delusion and open your eyes.

        • Millicent

          Eric has already lost but will be the last to figure it out… More pumper propaganda from SGT’s lapdog.

          • Eric

            Ignorant bullshit from the truck stop slut. Didn’t even listen to it.

            Did you spend that $6 on useless crap again or did you buy a store of value?

            Let me know when you figure it out.

            • mike

              the correct term for truck stop slut is “lot lizard”. Knew a guy who was a truck driver before going to med school told me all the lingo.

              BTW Trump is gaaayyyyy so that leaves you with an “in” at the white house.

              Just remember when you go all the training you received on the streets of Bangkok performing fellatio on the Farangs…..Dont get nervous because he is the president, he is just a man like the thousands of other men you have serviced.You’ll do a great job :0

              • Eric

                Hey dumbshit,

                Did you figure out how Trump is going to pay for the wall yet or does that make your head hurt too much?

                Maybe he can tax ignorance and stupidity. Then you’ll be paying for most of it.

                • mike

                  Imma Roll with the TRUMP PLAN…Makes a ton of sense..Make MEXICO pay for the wall by making AMERICAS pay for it! Pure genius from a mind hard at work for us. I can understand why you love him so much.You think exactly the same way, stupid.

                  On a different note are you preparing for your undercover rendezvous with Trump?
                  Not to add pressure but remember your representing all of us here at the sgt comment section. Work out those lips, you only get one chance to please the golden god.

                • Eric


                  I’m just glad you don’t know what money is.

                  Your 3 bitcoins should protect you in these times.

                • mike

                  I trust my btc more than my pms but who knows? Best to have them both.

  • Eric

    Pres Trump: “Flu Shots Are A Scam”

  • KRELL427

    Benevolent dictator or a guy making sure his campaign promises get fulfilled while not letting swamp creatures get in the way. They have been signed in broad daylight. When executive orders that are harmful to its citizens are signed in the middle of the night on holidays, that’s another story. One cannot sit back and expect this mess to get fixed on its own.

    • mike

      Glad to know you support Trump Krell…BTW thanks for taking the US bound Muslim refugees..Better in the wasteland than in civilization..Canada suffers from the same suicidal self destruction mindset as the rest of your subject European brothers.

      You know I wish the Germans gave up a little earlier in WW2..Then we would not have had to kill every last brave German…The Germans now are a disaster. That’s the German excuse, whats Canada’s excuse?

    • mike

      Krell, sincerely thanks for taking our unwanted refugees..Your gay prime guy has spoken for his peoples, meaning you specifically…I love constitutional Monarchy’s like yours. Its like having a large trash can right next door you can just toss stuff in, no recycling required.

      • KRELL427

        Next election he will be gone, this is all part of the process.I did not vote for him but I am not crying about something that is a done deal. One thing is for sure if the majority of American’s had a toxic attitude like yours the country would not be worth saving and would deserve what ever it had coming to it. You are still crying about Hillary’s loss and pumping your 3 Bitcoins. You are a pathetic joke.

        • mike

          Trump is doing a fine job sewing the seeds of discontent so in that regard I fully support him.I was wrong about Hillary, thought she would bring the financial collapse. Trump is going to cause a civil war which will be a lot more entertaining than a financial collapse.. Go eat some pancakes w/maple syrup and you’ll feel better. Calm down just kidding with you I like Canadians..PS the Canadian is back at the Marina so he didnt lose his boat.

        • Eric

          Not to worry Krell.

          The election was won by the farmers, miners, producers, workers, and soldiers.

          Mike is none of those so he will get eaten alive.

  • Theravaida

    This is a good cognitive dissonant picture, with all the Freemason & Zionist flag symbols, together with some of the other better things he’s doing, like destroying fascist TPP/NAFTA treaties, hopefully will do the same to NATO?

    My thoughts exactly about this matter. I have to feel good about TPP being destroyed etc, but his Netanyahu fetish & Jerusalem embassy & rest of the Zionist tripe from the Breitbart camp is sickening me out.

  • David

    Love the work of David Dees. Have one question… Is the illustration saying President Trump is a Mason (Luciferian Initiate)? I thought he was not.

    • I would keep an eye on whats going on with the Pope and the Knights of Malta..Remember Scalia was a Knight….Anyway word is the head Knight got axed and so did some Masons….Teutonic Knight, Freemason, Golden Dawn, Jesuit whatever, point is he’s an inside man…Maybe not the inside guy for the people that have been running the show for the last 8 years, but normally when people get too close they clean rinse repeat…The population got too close to the truth(pizzag***e) so they had to cough up Clinton and Soros, but the main players are still there and the seeds have been planted with Gen Y (snowflakes, micro-aggression, basically aversion to any negative stimulus with a implied expectation that “big brother” and “law enforcement” and “social justice” will/should be there to punish the transgressor, which can only be done with mass invasive spying….Facial recognition cameras go up soon in NYC bridges and tunnels…Hillary for NY!!!

  • AgShaman

    Please cancel our subscription to the North Atlantic Terra-rist Organization

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Hey everybody. I’m enjoying all the muck that Trump is stirring up.

    He’s a tornado in the swamp. He’s a 240v electric toilet bowl plunger set on turbo-mode (or should I say “Turdo-commode”)

    Even though there are some things about Trump’s viewpoints I do not like (such as his very pro Israel, and wanting to spend even more money for the military/security, and his view that a whistle blower who exposed cold blooded murder by military forces is a traitor-Chelsea Manning).. I still like how Trump is doing a lot of “promise keeping”.

    I just with that Trump would see Manning & Snowden as the heroes they really are. It takes massive courage and strong morals to blow the whistle on insider-evil.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to many more interesting, and helpful executive orders and many other Trump initiatives. Stir the pot, drain the swamp, rock the boat, seal the cracks, wipe the dog shit off the bottom of our shoes.

    Iranian government is upset at the banning order from travel to the USA…Hahahaha. Iran, the country where “Death to America” is a national slogan.

    And now, Trump’s opinions on vaccines, global warming, gold, and bring home our manufacturing. I love it.

  • tomche

    Across his tie should have read: “Israel, Israel, Israel”

  • tomche

    Oh, and Eric…regarding your post…I almost puked my lunch, thank you very much,

  • Guido

    Whenever a President depends upon the signing of Executive Orders to institute policy, it certainly brings with it the POTENTIAL to lead us down a very slippery slope, regardless of the person sitting in the Oval Office. Case in point? Look no further than the last eight years.

    In the case of Trump, it’s obvious that he not only feels Executive Orders are justified in righting the wrongs that have been put in place by previous administrations, but also in overturning laws and policies that are clearly unconstitutional.

    Take the case of Obamacare. Does any thinking person REALLY believe that just because Justice Roberts enabled Obamacare to become law in 2012, this makes it constitutional in actuality? This is absurd.

    Then there’s the TPP. I’m still asking the “free trade” pumpers (including fake libertarians like Gary Johnson) to explain to me how they could support a super-secretive trade agreement that Congress is not even allowed to read? Is this representative of what traditional American governance ought to be?

    Here’s another one where Trump is take plenty of unjustified criticism; a temporary ban on admitting refugees and residents who are from a list seven foreign nations.

    While the previous Pretender-In-Chief went out of his way to admit as many people from these nations as he could cram in prior to vacating his position for good, Trump is merely instituting a policy of SANITY until the vetting process (weakened and watered down by Obama) is tweaked and re-structured. Surely Trump is more than casually aware of the catastrophic results facing much of Europe due to a similarly lax immigration policy.

    So, while the pansies on the left, the traitorous MSM, and the status quo politicians on both sides of the political isle piss and moan about Trump the “dictator” because he dare attempt to roll back the encroaching fasco-communist Beast, the fact remains that the majority of ordinary Americans, while perhaps not fully on board the Trump train, nonetheless feel a sense of relief that a refreshing and long-overdue challenge to the evil and destructive cancer spreading throughout the nation is finally beginning.

    The only question now is, will this challenge have the strength and endurance to overcome the obstacles?

    • Ed_B


      Good post… unlike the many insulting gibberish posts allowed here.

      Yes, Trump IS different from what we have seen. He seems to be serving the American people and not one party or the other. Unlike Obaaaa-ma, Trump at least talks to both Repubs and Dems, as well as business and labor leaders. Those involved in those talks are amazed because it has rarely ever happened before.

      From my point of view, there has been entirely too much partying going on here. When the needs of the party supersede those of the American people, things have gone too far and need to be ratcheted bag a few notches, if not more.

      None of us are ever going to agree with 100% of what anyone says or does. Hell, we don’t even agree with ourselves 100% of the time. This is where the phrase “being of two minds” comes from. But, IMO, anyone who does things with which we agree 2/3 of the time has a shot at being an excellent leader.

      “The only question now is, will this challenge have the strength and endurance to overcome the obstacles?”

      That is a worthy question. Another question is, “Will Trump survive long in his current position?”. The entrenched and powerful very often resort to bribery to continue the corrupt status quo. When that fails, the fangs and claws come out and murder is their answer. Abe Lincoln, Andy Jackson, and Jack Kennedy know all about how that works. So do those of us who read history, incomplete as it is.

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