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Ben Swann #Pizzagate Special – CBS News

from CBS, via

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2 comments to Ben Swann #Pizzagate Special – CBS News

  • pipes

    I thought it best to link to BEN’S REALITY CHECK Youtube so that the view count is better counted.

    Watch it THERE and leave a like and a comment for him to GO FORWARD with an in-depth piece

    He only gets 5 min. to do his “Reality Check” bit on the local CBS station, but maybe he can do it on his Truth In Media side.

  • Theravaida

    Concur with comment above.

    Sean, please replace above video with official one from Ben Swann’s channel. His viewcount needs to be boosted, not split into multiple fractions. Although I do sympathize with the multiple other youtubers who jumped ahead of him posting, regarding “as many eyes looking at the story thru whatever channel”, the better.

    Considering what has happened with this broadcast, I hope Ben Swann will reconsider his strategy of waiting for a long time to upload to youtube, after posting as Facebook video or twitter video. I never really understood why Ben does this. In the past, for certain stories he would wait 2 to 3 days to upload youtube video, after it had already been posted on Facebook & twitter.

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