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After Leaking Radiation In New York For DECADES, Indian Point “Ticking Time Bomb” To Finally Close

by Claire Bernish, Activist Post:

Buchanan, NY — Intensely controversial Indian Point nuclear power plant will completely cease operations by 2021, but the move to shutter operations on the facility — located just 25 miles north of New York City — has itself stirred contention.

Legal and environmental battles have raged for years over Indian Point, which supplies nearly one-third of the energy generation for the metropolis and has — in recent times, at least, officially — one of the best track records of any nuclear plant in the U.S.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has for years fought to shut down Indian Point — which he has called a “ticking time bomb” — both for its proximity to a sprawling urban populace and for the plant’s disputable safety record. Announcing the coming closure, Cuomo stated this week,

For 15 years, I have been deeply concerned by the continuing safety violations at Indian Point, especially given its location in the largest and most densely populated metropolitan region in the country. I am proud to have secured this agreement with Entergy to responsibly close the facility 14 years ahead of schedule to protect the safety of all New Yorkers. This administration has been aggressively pursuing and incentivizing the development of clean, reliable energy, and the state is fully prepared to replace the power generated by the plant at a negligible cost to ratepayers.

Wind power will be the governor’s primary focus, but that sufficient clean energy infrastructure to replace the two gigawatts of power produced at Indian Point isn’t yet in place has brought the eminent shuttering of the nuclear facility into question by both the industry and, surprisingly, even some environmental advocates.

Entergy, which operates Indian Point, will now be able to renew expired licenses to keep the plant functioning until the two remaining reactors — the original Unit 1 ceased operation in 1974 — go offline for good. Indian Point Unit 2 is slated to shut down as early as April 2020 and Unit 3, April 2021 — but Entergy plans to seek license renewals through 2024 and 2025, respectively, in case the electrical grid operator feels the system can’t handle the loss that soon.

In a press release concerning its agreement to shutter the facility, Entergy stated:

The two operating units at the Indian Point Energy Center will close in 2020-2021 after powering New York for more than four decades with clean, safe, and reliable electricity. The early and orderly shutdown is part of a settlement under which New York State has agreed to drop legal challenges and support renewal of the operating licenses for Indian Point, located in the Village of Buchanan in northern Westchester County. The shutdown will complete Entergy’s exit from its merchant power business because of sustained low wholesale energy prices.

Indian Point, despite claims the plant has one of the best operating records in the U.S., has had its share of mishaps and close calls — rattling the nerves of residents nearby and in the New York metroplex.

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2 comments to After Leaking Radiation In New York For DECADES, Indian Point “Ticking Time Bomb” To Finally Close

  • glitter 1

    How fitting,just like his Father before him who closed down the Brand New Shorehem NGS after allowing the 3 Billion Dollar Construction to complete then dumping that cost right down on all the NY/LI Rate Payers to shoulder the increased rate increases as a result.Now Jr is forcing the shut down of Indian Point NGS,which will result in Power Shortages/Brown Outs/Black Outs and a huge escalation in Electric Rates for NY/LI.
    These Morons think that Electrical Power grows on trees,is doesn’t. If every roof in NY installed solar panels and/or a Wind Farm built to cover Long Island,it still wouldn’t replace the power generated by these two 1,000+MW units.
    Cuomo is posturing for the 2020 election bid for the WH.Just like the Fake News on trump by the Liberal Industrial Complex for political reasons so to the exaggerated misinformation about this IPNGS and it’s “Safety Problems”.Wait until it closes and the local property taxes shoot up 20/30/40% to keep funding municipal and school budgets.There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth,just as in Vermont where the Libtards politically forced the closure of Vermont Yankee NGS(which is another Entergy NGS),which is of course the Libtard Bernie Sanders is from.Ask how the disappearance of Tax Revenue is working out for the state and local municipal governments is working out.They Vermont Libtard Politicians actually were arguing to force Entergy to continue paying the same taxes as they were under operation after the plant was shut down.Just show how Libtards think.They are for the most part Business Illiterates thinking that Money/Capital grows on trees,well some would so to some extent it does since the Federal Reserve Creates It Out Of Thin Air.

    And yes Nuclear Power is a serious technology that doesn’t just require special considerations,but demands technological respect.The trend in the North/Northeast is to close/retire these units,however the South is building new generation stations,why is that?Maybe it has to do with most of the North/Northeast is unregulated/deregulated and is driven by profit margin,where the South is still mostly a regulated utility environment.

  • Ed_B

    I find it interesting that none of these shutdown specialists ever have a viable alternative for producing LARGE scale energy to meet the needs of the citizens whom they supposedly represent. Maybe that’s because complaining is a LOT easier than actually creating something of real use and value.

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